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Thursday, May 26, 2016

How to Take Care of Eyes To Stay Healthy And White

Do your eyes feel tired and sore at the end of the day? Modern life puts a lot of stress on our bodies and eyes are one of the first things to suffer. But it was not to be this way. Learn the simple things you can do for the health of your eyes and your eyes will feel and look better in a few days.

How to Take Care of Eyes To Stay Healthy And White - uncorrected vision problems can develop, and wearing corrective contact lenses or glasses that are no longer right for you can cause vision problems and severe headaches.

The good news is that no food will be harmful to your eyes. Most food does not affect your eyesight at all, although the right vitamins and minerals that are very helpful. Recent studies have shown that vitamins of the antioxidant group can prevent, or at least slow down, age-related conditions such as macular degeneration and cataract development. So a healthy diet will not restore vision already lost, but it can definitely slow down the process of eye diseases such as blurred vision, reduce eye minus and cylindrical, eye cataracts, etc. or prevent one from scratch.

Vitamins C, A and E, folic acid, selenium and zinc are definitely beneficial for the health of your eyes. The effects of other vitamins and minerals that have not been determined, but it seems likely that they affect your eyesight as well. Thousand-page books have been written on the topic of nutrition for eye health but, to summarize, it is known that whatever is good for your body is good for your eyes, too. So put a carrot and a bunch of grapes into your lunch box.

Carrots are very common in the United States that it is easy to overlook the benefits of their potentially powerful for your health.

Now the popular snack to eat with dips or add fresh vegetable juice, or as an addition to soups and stews, carrots have been valued since ancient times for their medicinal properties. According to the US Department of Agriculture: 1

"Considered native of central Asia or west (possibly Afghanistan), carrots cultivated first arrived in North America with early Virginia colonists. Carrots are an important member of the parsley family, which also includes celery, fennel, and dill.

vitamin found in carrots can help improve overall eye health. Carrots contain beta-carotene, a substance that the body converts into vitamin A, a nutrient essential for eye health.

The wine is pleasant fruit to eat. Not only the taste is sweet and refreshing, but the wine is also low in calories and high on the water-content, so the perfect fruit to munch on during your free time. As if these benefits are not enough to convince you to include grapes as an important part of your diet.

New research by the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute of the University of Miami highlights that eating grapes may play an important role in reducing the risk of eye health and to ensure that proper eye care.

The research was presented at a recent conference of the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO) - eye and vision research organization in the world with research members from more than 70 countries - in Orlando. This suggests that regular consumption of wine can play a role in protecting the retina from damage and help proper eye care. Degenerative diseases of the retina either retinal tear, retinal detachment or macular is one of the leading causes of blindness.

How to Take Care of Eyes To Stay Healthy And White - Therefore, in addition to eating fruits and a healthy diet is also good for your eyes, there are also some that must be done to keep your eyes stay healthy. When you read or work on the computer make sure that the right light

Your eyes are an important part of your health. There are many things you can do to maintain your health and make sure you look your best. Follow these simple steps to keep your eye health.

It is common knowledge that working with poor light can cause eyestrain, but light is too bright can cause a lot of damage.

Keep your curtains on top of sunny days and switch off half of the household lights, if possible. The best lighting for working on a computer is a desk lamp that is soft, coming from the side. Also, you can try to reduce the brightness of your monitor. The color will not be so obvious, but your eyes will feel much better at the end of the day

Give rest to the health of your eyes
Great invention of the 20th century - the computer - not so great from a health standpoint. Nearly everyone feels discomfort in their eyes after peeking computer screen all day. This is because people blink about 25% less often then usual, while working at the computer, which causes eye dryness.

If you follow these simple rules, your eyes should feel much better. They will look better too - you might notice that your eyes shine and white they are actually white.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

How to Care For a Healthy Eyes

How to Care For a Healthy Eyes ~ sometimes care of this one organ (eye) can be forgotten. Though the eyes are the most important things to support the livelihoods of a person's life, just imagine if our eyes are blind, color blindness (cataracts), surely this can not diminish the happiness of our lives?.

Perhaps unconsciously or consciously we neglect the care of our eyes, if our eyes are a little taste of scotch or less good we usually ignored me, and consider it trivial ahhh definitely will heal itself. Though of trivia that could make things very dangerous for the health of our eyes.

Therefore if you are one of those people who often overlook the little things that happen on the eyes, start now then change the way we think, our eye care as usual we treat the face regularly every bath / day.

Actually, what are the problems that can be caused by never make eye care? When we rarely make eye care side effects that we will get such vision loss (blindness), the view is not clear (hazy), frequent eye pain, headache, and the last color blindness or cataracts.

Of all the things that you do not want not, therefore rawtlah our eyes as you often do the treatment on your skin.

Well after the above described effect is what you get if you do not often care malakukan mat. Actually, what are the causes of your eyes get too tired? Here's a trivial thing and we seldom realize make our eyes become tired:

  1. Often Read Book While Lying 
  2. Reading in the dark or low light 
  3. Too often watching television (TV) with the distance is too close 
  4. Reading while driving a car or riding a motorcycle. 
  5. Sunlight is very hot, if the current is so hot hot (scorching) you try to leave the house use the help of an umbrella or sunglasses, it is useful to avoid eye fatigue. 
  6. Often driving a vehicle at night the day, this happens when you see the light (lamp) which is the opposite direction of the car with your vehicle so that the eyes will be dazzled by the light 
  7. therefore as much as possible you avoid or parse the above habits 
  8. To keep you or protect your eyes so you can not be too tired to do a bit of reading and tips on how to care for the eye to become more fresh and not tired anymore.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Natural Drug to Treat Eye Eye Hospital

Very common eye pain occurs at this time, eye disease can occur due to infection and irritation caused by a virus, can also be due to interference caused by air pollution. Eye pain is a disease that is very disturbing our daily activities, other than that if we're experiencing this problem in the eye as we often feel embarrassed to go out of the house because others must also be as away from us because everyone knows that the eyes could be sick transmitted through the eye alone. This is because the human eye is very sensitive.

Then how to treat sore eyes and is there a natural remedy to treat her eye? The answer is no!. On this occasion we will give you tips on health in accordance with the above title is a natural eye drug to treat sore eyes.

 Before discussing the Eye Drug naturally treat sore eyes, it helps if we understand what exactly it is an eye sore. Eye pain is a general term that we usually hear the term and used for eye disorders that occur due to inflammation of the lining covering the eyeball and eyelid caused by irritation due to pollution or dirty objects as well as virus infection. If the sore eyes caused by inveksi virus, then it is definitely eye disease can be transmitted to others. In essence, eye pain is not so easily transmitted simply by just looking at each other, but that is clearly evident transmit this disease is the direct contact with the liquid eyes of people affected eye pain or even the body fluids of a person who is experiencing eye pain caused by a virus.

Then her how to megobati sore eyes with natural eye medicine? His manner is very easy and relatively inexpensive. Namely by using betel leaf. As we have seen earlier that betel leaves have properties and benefits very much for human health, Read his review here. This time we will give you tips on natural eye medicine to treat sore eyes by using a betel leaf. How to use betel leaves to treat sore eyes? Treat an eye with betel leaf is very easy. All you need do is to set up about 5 pieces of betel leaf or more can also prepare the water about 4 cups of water and boil the water until boiling. When boiling water, do not always mix the betel leaf into the water, but it was cut into pieces of betel leaves by hand and put on a rather large-sized vessel. Or you can also use a large plate. Once the water is boiling immediately pour water on a stir plate was huge and betel leaves and water until evenly distributed. After flattening wait until the water turns into warm water and then strain it was to clean and use to soak and clean the eyes. You can do more or less it for about 2 minutes on each eye continues to repeat until you feel your eyes clean.

How to cure sore eyes do naturally this 2 times a day for your eyes still hurt, if done on a regular basis then it is not likely hurt your eyes will soon recover because betel leaf does have properties that are very much especially as antibiotics kill bacteria and viruses that can disrupt human health. If after a few days illness your eyes do not get well, it would be better you check with a specialist to be treated medically. However, most if using natural ways to cure this eye, yet up to 1 week hurt your eyes are healed.

Similarly, our health tips this time regarding Natural Eye Drug Treat Eye Hospital. Hopefully this article useful for you who are looking for references on how to cure sore eyes. A lot of mistakes and we apologize High temperatures remain health tips from our others. Natural Health greetings!

Monday, November 12, 2012

How to Prevent Eye Disease

How to Prevent Eye Disease
Vision often decline with age. But some nutrition as a way to prevent someone from Eye Disease eye disease threats. What are the list of nutrients from food?

Research on nutrition can be How to Prevent Eye Disease continues. Scientists are studying the foods that can help prevent macular degeneration and cataracts.

Eye disease is one of the most common causes of disability in the United States. More than 20 million Americans aged 40 years or older suffer from cataracts, and 10 million Americans age 60 and over suffer from age related macular degeneration (AMD). AMD can occur with age.

How to Prevent Eye Disease with proper nutrition. Cataracts develop in the eye lens protein in the lens when damaged. Protein is responsible for maintaining lens. When the lens is damaged, the lens becomes cloudy or opaque, and vision will be blurred.

Someone may have diminished as night vision or double vision with cataract. Surgery is often necessary to remove the cataract and replace the damaged lens with an artificial lens.

AMD occurs when cells in the macula dead eyes. The macula is located in the center of the retina at the back of the eye, and is responsible for visual acuity.

"Nutrition-related eye health are vitamins C and E, carotenoids, beta-carotene, lutein, zeaxanthin, omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, vitamin B6, B9 (folic acid or folic acid), and B12," said Jennifer K. Nelson, MS, RD, director of clinical dietetics and an associate professor of nutrition at the Mayo School of Health Sciences, Rochester, Minn.

How to Prevent Eye Disease
with antioxidants, particularly lutein, can help prevent the build up of waste products in the retina, which in turn helps reduce the risk of AMD. Folate and vitamin B6 may reduce the presence of blood chemical homocysteine, which lowers the risk of AMD. Antioxidants also help prevent the proteins in the lens that can lead to cataracts, "

Here's a list of foods that contain nutrients that can nourish and How to Prevent Eye Disease:

1. Fruits and vegetables are sources of vitamins C and E.
2. Dark green vegetables like kale and spinach are sources of lutein and vitamin E, which can be How To Prevent Eye Disease
3. Fruits and vegetables that dang yellow orange beta carotene and zeaxanthin.
4. How to Prevent Eye Disease by eating Teri, herring, mackerel, salmon, sardines, trout, tuna, and white fish is a source of omega-3 fatty acids.
5. How to Prevent Eye Disease by eating beef, eggs, lamb, milk, peanuts, pork, and seeds contain zinc.
6. How to Prevent Eye Disease by eating bananas, chicken, dried beans, fish, liver, pork, and potatoes are good sources of vitamin B6.
7. How to Prevent Eye Disease by eating oranges, cereals, dried beans, green leafy vegetables, liver, mushrooms, nuts, and legumes are a source of folic acid.
8. How to Prevent Eye Disease by drinking milk, eggs, meat, poultry, and shellfish contain vitamin B12.

Diets high in refined carbohydrates, such as white rice, white bread, and pasta, may actually increase the risk of AMD.

These foods have a high glycemic index, which means it will be broken down into blood glucose rapidly. Pililah bread and pasta made from whole grains and brown rice to get complex carbohydrates.

National Eye Institute's Age-Related Eye Disease Study (AREDS) found that taking a specific high-dose supplements of vitamin E, beta carotene, zinc, and copper can prevent progression to advanced AMD.

AREDS found no evidence that supplements are beneficial for those who do not show signs of AMD or for those with early stage AMD. For those with intermediate AMD who want to try supplements, should discuss it with your doctor. To avoid fatal in How To Prevent Eye Disease

"We also need to look at long-term effects of supplementation tersebu. For example, the AREDS formula has very high levels of beta carotene, which may increase the risk of lung cancer in smokers. Diet lots of green leafy vegetables, fish and fortified cereals can be a safer alternative than taking supplements.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Seven Powerful Functions Our Eyes Water

Here are 7 Function Air Strikes Our Eyes:

1. Assist Vision
Tears turned out to help one's vision. Discharge from the eyes to prevent dehydration in the eye membrane that can make the vision becomes blurred. So the antidote to myopic way that cries?

2. Killing Bacteria

No need eye drops, enough tears that serves as a natural antibacterial. Contained in the tear fluid called lisozom to kill about 90% - 95% of the bacteria that is left of the computer keyboard, railings, sneezing and places that contain bacteria, in just 5 minutes. so if your eyes again ato smarting pain, mild crying deh.

3. Improve Mood
Someone who can cry because of lower levels of depression with crying, mood will be lifted again. Tears resulting from the type of cry because the emotion it contains 24% protein albumin are useful in regulating the body's metabolic system than tears resulting from irritation of the eyes. Well, so if mao cry, cry aja, do not be detained because of "embarrassment.

4. Removing Toxins

A biochemist William Frey has conducted several studies about tears and found that the tears that came out of the emotional crying because it turned out to contain poison. But make no mistake, the poisoned tears it signifies that it carries toxins from the body and release it through the eyes .. So it was a healthy sign gan cry.

5. Reduce Stress

How crying can reduce stress? Tears were also secrete stress hormones contained in the body of the endorphin leucine-enkaphalin and prolactin. In addition to lowering levels of stress, tears also help fight diseases caused by stress such as high blood pressure.

6. Community Building
In addition to good physical health, crying can also help a person to build a community. Usually someone in tears after telling the problem in front of his friends or someone who can provide support, and it can improve the ability to communicate and socialize.

7. Everyone feels

comforting feeling to feel that way. Although you suffered a variety of problems and trials, but after crying usually appears relieved. After crying, the limbic system, the brain and the heart will be smooth, and it makes a person feel better and relieved. Take out the problem in your mind through the tears, not buried because agan could burst at any moment explode.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Eye Care

Best Advice in Eye Care

Eyes are a very important organ. Without eyes, then we will be difficult to do many things. Walking, working, enjoying nature, look away, and many more.

Imagine if one day we could not see. Or, in a few minutes. Surely life is difficult to live. Therefore, make eye care is a necessity to do. Not only healthy, but also beautiful of course.

Here are some suggestions that you can do for your eye care:

  1. Every morning after waking up, fill your mouth with water, close your eyes and expose it or flush your eyes about 10 - 15 minutes. Do not wash the eyes with hot water.
  2. Do not wash your eyes and face when the body is sweating, especially after hard physical exercise or after a bronzed sun and heat.
  3. In doing eye care, as much as possible, avoid staring at something on a continuous basis, particularly on objects with long distances. Occasionally kejapkan or rest your eyes if you feel heavy or tired. Avoid saw an object under bright sunlight for a long time. Avoid reading, writing or working with eyes in improper light, or when the light is not enough.
  4. Wake up before sunrise. Did not sleep at all at night and sleeping after sunrise would membayakan eyes. If begadag unavoidable, drink a cup of water every half hour.
  5. Protect your eyes from dust, smoke, scorching sun and strong winds. If you can not avoid, eye care you can do is to blink your eyes and gently massage your closed eyes with your palms.
  6. Perform eye exercises by moving the eyeball in all directions ie, right and left, up and down, and rotate clockwise and counter-clockwise. Regular eye exercises help maintain perfect eyesight.
  7. Constipation can weaken your eyesight. So, do the chapter regularly and clean including the proper way to care of your eyes. Avoid too much desire or anxiety, sadness, anger, mental stress, because it can harm the eyes.
  8. Rub the palms of your hands for 30 seconds and gently place the warm palms on the eyes closed.
  9. One teaspoon of Triphala powder in a glass of water enter and let stand overnight. In the morning, strain the water and wash the eyes with water.
  10. Putting one drop of honey in each eye once a week, it is beneficial for your eye care, especially in the function of cleaning the eye.
  11. Drink plenty of water will help eliminate fatigue. When dehydrated, especially in air-conditioned, the body starts storing water as a defense. This adds kelebaman around the eyes.

Eat foods that contain vitamin A, C, and E every day; eating sour fruit, green vegetables, tomatoes, spinach, chicken and milk. You can eat cabbage and carrots raw or juice, it is very beneficial for your eye care.

Hopefully the above tips useful eye care for you. Good luck

Eye Care Tips For More Sustainable

The eyes are the window to see the beauty of the world, the beauty of the colors of the rainbow, the beauty of the smile people we love, the beauty of the sky adorned with stars and a full moon. It is true that we treat the eye? Have we keep eye to avoid injury? Here are some tips on caring for your eyes to eyes more durable.

Importance pair of eyes

Have you ever imagined a day goes by without using your eyes? Of course you feel it is only darkness everywhere. Eyes are the windows were breathtaking. These terms are found to be excessive. Because of a pair of eyes, able to voice your true heart's content. Sedihkah, grief, gembria ria, or disappointment, even anger that ignited. All radiates from your eyes.

So can you conclude that a pair of tiny eyes belong to you, it is an important thing that you should keep the rest of your life. As much as possible do not get injured. So you can continue to enjoy the beauty of nature, to see the baby smile, watching loved ones and see a variety of other virtues in life.

The eye is a pretty little thing, and also important. Therefore in order to maintain the beauty of it, it does not hurt if you're always looking for tips on caring for eyes. In order for your eyes to an old preserved.

Part of the Eye

Your eyes as part of the five senses that complements your body needs. Among the other five senses. Eyes occupy the functions and duties as a seer. That is one of the overall function of the other senses. Namely auditory, olfactory senses, the sense of taste, sense of smell and sight senses.

Eyes are the senses of sight and the function to see. See everything, all of which are creation of God. Be on guard for your eyes as well as possible, and use it to see the fine.

Eyes also called organ. That is the organ of vision, the duty to detect the light. Actually that was done by eye as the simplest task, namely to identify dark or light conditions in the surrounding environment.

While the eyes of the more serious tasks and complex is, to recognize an object and give a visual sense. In three-dimensional and four-dimensional.

Therefore, a diligent search for eye care tips is very good, to maintain the health of your eyes. The most important is the natural eye care. That is by eating carrots or drinking carrot juice, and diligent eating vegetables and fruits that contain vitamin A.

The following are the parts of the eye, consisting of two:
  • Part of the eye (eye organ) outside.
  1. Your eyebrows, which have the function to keep sweat. So that sweat does not slide into the eyeball.
  2. Your lashes, being able to filter out the light from the light received.
  3. Eyelid function and protective cover for the eyes.
  • Part of the eye (eye organ) deep.

Organ or part of the eye in the eye is a collection of organs working together to deliver the light. From the light source to the brain, to be digested by the human nervous system.

Parts or organs of the eye are:

White eye wall, which is the part of the eye with a thickness of about 1 millimeter. And on irensi muscles, increased to 3 millimeters thick.


Functioning as a receiver of light coming from the light source.

It is the outermost part of the eye that receives light. Coming from the light source.

Function as a regulator of focus light, so right jatiuh in retinal yellow spots. The lens also forward light paa retina of the pupil. When looking at distant objects automatic eye lens thinning. And when looking at near objects, eye lenses thicken automatically.

Pupil and iris

Pupils measure the quantity of light, which passed from the cornea into the pupil of the eye. Automatic pupils dilated in a dark room, and narrows in bright room conditions. Then the width of the iris surrounding the pupil affected. Which serve as the diaphragm. Iris is seen as part of the color on your eyes.

Light onto the retina forward optic nerve. And is the organ terpeka eyes to light. Especially the so-called yellow spots.

Optic nerve

Nerve connections between the ropes with cone cells in the retina, to the brain.

Eye Care Tips
  • Lack of vitamin A can lead to night blindness. When a blind eye can be ignored. Blindness can be prevented by eating vegetables and fruits that contain lots of vitamin A, in addition to prevent it by consuming lots of fish.
  • Read distance of at least 30 cm, with a 60 Watt light, comes from behind. Reading with the lights dim and done while lying down can change the eye axis.
  • Learning to be disciplined within viewing distance of the television set, which is five times the diagonal size of the screen.
  • Protect your eyes from dust and sand splash. Luka by sand on the black sphere eyes (cornea) can be ulcers, and blind. So do not be rubbing your eyelids if smth sand, so that the cornea is not scratched and become injured.
  • Pink eye infection contracted when a red eye disease was endemic. Things you can do is keep the patient as an outbreak of red eye, do not swim in public pools. Almost all contagious eye infection.
  • To avoid bintit, do not hold or touch the eyeball.
  • Do not carelessly holding or rubbing-ngucek eyeball. Use a handkerchief or tissue to wipe my eyes.
  • Protect your eyes from exposure to chemical liquids (soap) when showering.
  • Do not let your eyes are exposed to the sun is too strong, the radiation computer, staring at the sun directly, and so forth.
  • Be careful about using eye drops.
  • Do not use eye drops without instructions from your doctor.
  • Eye drops for an eye infection should be immediately discarded (as eye drops that have great potential to be used to contain the disease.
  • When the eye after exposure to dust, rain, eyes should be cleaned with a solution of Airin (boorwater)
  • Eyes need to rest after a long work. Concentrate on reading a book, riding a bike or driving a car, menontot television, staring at a computer screen for hours, take pause. During the pause, seek more of the all-green look to repel the eye fatigue.
  • Eating lots of carrots as a source of vitamin A, it does not cure nearsightedness. Visual acuity can not be addressed by it. The most efficacious drugs is glasses.

Enjoy and appreciate the beauty of the world through the eyes of the Lord loans. Keep and eye care is easier than cure after the disease. Praktekanlah some tips on caring for your eyes, so your eyes remain preserved until you close your eyes later.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Eye Cancer Symptoms

Eye cancer is a malignant growth on the eye, is a rare eye disease. Classification of the site, can be divided into the eyelid tumor, intraocular tumors. The incidence of cancer of the eye is often the first occurrence of one eye, and then spreads to the eyes, the incidence of all ages, usually genetic or because of mutations in their genes.

Symptoms of eye cancer

1. Eye Cancer of the eyelids, eyelid tumors often evident, affecting vision, severe if the lump is broken.

2. Located in the eyes of the tumor internal bits, mostly for retinoblastoma, choroidal melanoma, especially for increased intraocular pressure, loss of eye pain, headaches, vision.

3.Orbital tumors, such as lacrimal gland tumors, optic nerve glioma, more performance as eye pain is often accompanied by tears, proptosis or eye movement disorders, vision loss, and other issues.

Other symptoms of eye cancer

1. eye symptoms appear asymmetrical or esotropia.

2. the eye color is different from the other eye.

3. in the general lighting will look white.

4. Cancer eye in flash photography will find a spot.