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9 Inhibiting Factors That Cause Or Difficult Pregnancy Pregnancy

9 Inhibiting Factors That Cause Or Difficult Pregnancy Pregnancy - Not a few people are having problems getting difficult descent or difficult pregnancy , and even some ways and attempts have been made to get pregnant fast , in other cases not a few people are also very easy to get pregnant . But do you know what the real cause of the problem is difficult to get pregnant ? Difficult to conceive is a central problem for those who crave to have a baby / descent in a marriage . If perhaps you were experiencing the problem , let's find out what the real cause of the difficult pregnancy , because pregnancy is not only influenced by the fertility factor of course , but some lifestyle can prevent the occurrence of pregnancy .

Here below we inform 9 Factors That Can Inhibit Pregnancy as quoted from various sources on the internet , among others :

1 . Delaying Pregnancy Too Old
Most women delay pregnancy for the sake of pursuing a career . In fact , when you start at the age of 30-40 years , it would be difficult to conceive . Even when the 45 -year -old woman , it is almost impossible to conceive .

" The older a woman , the number of egg cells production will be reduced and the quality decline dramatically. Evolutionary Women's bodies are not designed to get pregnant as easily as when women are at the age of 20 years , " said Mousa Shamonki , MD , director of the fertility specialist in University of California .

If you have found a life partner and plan to have several children , you should not delay too long pregnancy for career or other reasons .

2 . Sexually Transmitted Diseases ( STDs )
Human papillomavirus or HPV , is a sexually transmitted infection is the most common . This can lead to cervical dysplasia , abnormal cell growth and cancer if not detected .

Removal procedures which abnormal cells due to HPV infection sometimes make it difficult to conceive or carry a baby to term . If not promptly treated , approximately 10 % -15 % of women with HPV-related disease chlamydia will develop pelvic inflammatory disease ( PID ) , which can damage the fallopian tubes and tissues in and near the uterus and ovaries .

As many as 93 % of women who had experienced problems in the fallopian tubes due to PID can not become pregnant afterwards .

3 . Little Sperm Count
Fertility does not depend only on women , but also the male sperm . Low sperm counts or less than 20 million sperm per milliliter of semen is very less to fertilize an egg . According to the Mayo Clinic , a normal ejaculate should contain at least 39 million sperm .

A woman can still get pregnant even though the number of sperm released by her husband too little , but it will take a long time . Talk about the problem of low sperm production to the doctor .

4 . You Too Skinny
Almost all women crave a slim body and beautiful way to exercise and a strict diet . People who would tend to lean too hard to get pregnant .

" The lack of fat can slow down the production of hormones necessary for ovulation , including the hormone estrogen . Estrogen and testosterone , which stimulates the production of sperm derived from cholesterol . Bit fat so good for pregnant women , " said John Norian , MD, a fertility specialist at Loma Linda University 's Center for Fertility , California .

Ask your doctor to determine the ideal weight for optimizing fertility .

5 . You Too Fat
Women who have weight problems may also be difficult to get pregnant . This is because fat cells too much causes excess production of estrogen , so that irregular ovulation . Also , obesity can increase the risk of miscarriage . " In overweight men , will make slow motion sperm and sperm count may go down because the testicles becomes too warm due to body fat , " said Norian .

Try to lose weight before trying to conceive .

6 . Exercising too Heavy
Exercise is very good for you , but too much exercise will actually make you hard to get pregnant .

" Women are too hard exercise to lose body fat that helps produce estrogen , which stimulate ovulation . Exercising is done 4-5 days per week for 30 minutes to keep the heart rate 120-130 beats per minute , " said Norian .

Men who exercise too much also can raise the internal temperature of the testicles that cause sperm to die . Sports are too over also can affect sperm shape , the main factor of infertility .

7 . consumption of Supplements
Sometimes good habits , such as taking vitamins , it turns out risk of pregnancy . Too much vitamin A is stored in the body can cause birth defects , heart abnormalities and other disorders .

Women 19 years and older should not take more than 5,000 IU per day , which is at least 50 % comes from beta - carotene , usually the number in a multivitamin . Be cautious about taking supplements . Make sure the supplements you consume does not inhibit several hormones that interfere with fertility .

8 . lubricants
Almost every lubricants can harm sperm , and risk of infertility . Check the label to make sure the liquid lubricant does not contain spermicide . If you have to use a lubricant , choose a water -based lubricant with the material , not petroleum-based because it can slow down sperm .

9 . Other factors
Several factors are mengahmbat pregnancy smoking habits , consumption of alcohol , and too much intake of caffeine in the body - Causes That Can Inhibit Pregnancy .

Thus 9 Inhibiting Factors That Cause Hard Pregnant Pregnancy Or we inform , hopefully can be a useful knowledge to you , to finally know what the cause of the trouble conceiving . Thank you ...


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