Saturday, July 27, 2013

Natural Drug to Treat Eye Eye Hospital

Very common eye pain occurs at this time, eye disease can occur due to infection and irritation caused by a virus, can also be due to interference caused by air pollution. Eye pain is a disease that is very disturbing our daily activities, other than that if we're experiencing this problem in the eye as we often feel embarrassed to go out of the house because others must also be as away from us because everyone knows that the eyes could be sick transmitted through the eye alone. This is because the human eye is very sensitive.

Then how to treat sore eyes and is there a natural remedy to treat her eye? The answer is no!. On this occasion we will give you tips on health in accordance with the above title is a natural eye drug to treat sore eyes.

 Before discussing the Eye Drug naturally treat sore eyes, it helps if we understand what exactly it is an eye sore. Eye pain is a general term that we usually hear the term and used for eye disorders that occur due to inflammation of the lining covering the eyeball and eyelid caused by irritation due to pollution or dirty objects as well as virus infection. If the sore eyes caused by inveksi virus, then it is definitely eye disease can be transmitted to others. In essence, eye pain is not so easily transmitted simply by just looking at each other, but that is clearly evident transmit this disease is the direct contact with the liquid eyes of people affected eye pain or even the body fluids of a person who is experiencing eye pain caused by a virus.

Then her how to megobati sore eyes with natural eye medicine? His manner is very easy and relatively inexpensive. Namely by using betel leaf. As we have seen earlier that betel leaves have properties and benefits very much for human health, Read his review here. This time we will give you tips on natural eye medicine to treat sore eyes by using a betel leaf. How to use betel leaves to treat sore eyes? Treat an eye with betel leaf is very easy. All you need do is to set up about 5 pieces of betel leaf or more can also prepare the water about 4 cups of water and boil the water until boiling. When boiling water, do not always mix the betel leaf into the water, but it was cut into pieces of betel leaves by hand and put on a rather large-sized vessel. Or you can also use a large plate. Once the water is boiling immediately pour water on a stir plate was huge and betel leaves and water until evenly distributed. After flattening wait until the water turns into warm water and then strain it was to clean and use to soak and clean the eyes. You can do more or less it for about 2 minutes on each eye continues to repeat until you feel your eyes clean.

How to cure sore eyes do naturally this 2 times a day for your eyes still hurt, if done on a regular basis then it is not likely hurt your eyes will soon recover because betel leaf does have properties that are very much especially as antibiotics kill bacteria and viruses that can disrupt human health. If after a few days illness your eyes do not get well, it would be better you check with a specialist to be treated medically. However, most if using natural ways to cure this eye, yet up to 1 week hurt your eyes are healed.

Similarly, our health tips this time regarding Natural Eye Drug Treat Eye Hospital. Hopefully this article useful for you who are looking for references on how to cure sore eyes. A lot of mistakes and we apologize High temperatures remain health tips from our others. Natural Health greetings!