Monday, May 27, 2013

Examples Vegetable Side Dishes

Examples Vegetable Side Dishes - Some sources of protein can be divided into two sources of animal protein and vegetable protein sources
  1. Source of animal protein is obtained through meat, eggs, and all that comes from animals
  2. Products derived from plant sources such as nuts vegetables, soy milk

Collection of vegetable side dishes
1. Tempe
2. know
3. Soy Milk
4. cereals
5. Nuts
6. Green leaf Vegetables (kedondong, papaya, spinach, kale, cassava, cabbage, etc.)
7. Cereals
8. broccoli
9. Fruits (young papaya, young jackfruit, salak bali, oranges, raisins, etc.)
10. cowpeas

We should consume more vegetable protein because according to research, Animal protein tends to further increase body weight pengkonsumsinya. Indeed, most of the animal products also contain a lot of cholesterol or bad fats that are not good for the body if consumed in excess.

Whereas vegetable protein can extend the life even more who consume it regularly.

Protein deficiency can lead to several problems ranging from mild masalh ie hair loss, up to and merasmus kwasiokor problems that can lead to death in young children. So that the intake of protein in the body should be enough but do not overdo it because it will cause problems of obesity and genetic changes.

So we should be more selective in choosing a protein source is really needed by our body.

The conclusion is a more secure source of vegetable protein consumed in large quantities than animal protein.

Friday, May 24, 2013

3 Ways to Get Pregnant Fast If You Want

"Got Faster Son" is the biggest dream for couples, especially for newlyweds. Is a demerit if couples married more than a year, but had no children. There are actually many ways to get pregnant fast. Here I only wrote three surefire ways to get pregnant fast. Easy job that is often overlooked by couples, it is ok to the point ...

  1. In the present era a lot of people having sex with his wife the above position. It can slow the pregnancy or even none at all. With an analysis that sperm entry into the uterus of the wife going out again. Or if you really want a position like that, then when going to orgasm, then the husband should change his position from the bottom up.
  2. Also becomes a habit, after intercourse wife got up and went directly to the bathroom to wash it, or if not showering, after his wife's orgasm typically leans right. It can also slow the pregnancy, the solution is after the wife oragasme do not immediately get up once or tilting the body, but the wife suggested that her back for a minute to be absolutely sure if the sperm were no longer out there despite the womb up.
  3. Prayer, the most important thing that is often overlooked by most people.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

6 Ways to Strengthen Weak Heart

Weak heart condition where the heart is abnormal due to decreased function of the heart in pumping blood. Usually weak heart suffered after someone is sick or there are certain conditions that damage the heart organ.

This weak heart condition must be addressed in order not to worsen and that obviously will be more dangerous condition of the sufferers.

How do I? That's certainly a question that comes to your mind. There is no other way except a healthy lifestyle. Some ways and tips to strengthen a weak heart can be used as a guide to help restore an abnormal heart condition.
Light Exercise 30 Minutes
Diligent exercise is a great way to restore a weak heart. Like doing aerobics will increase the heart rate and lowers blood pressure or other easy exercise such as walking, gardening, bike riding, and swimming.

Routinely do at least 30 minutes five times a week will strengthen your weak heart. Exercising is also very good for strengthening your mental condition.

Beneficial aerobic exercise strengthens the heart is weak. This is evidenced by a study conducted by Columbia University Medical Center in 2007. Aerobic shown to reduce excessive response in the body and reduce the likelihood of atherosclerosis.

Of 46 adult blood samples were studied before and after doing aerobics, it was found that the exaggerated response in the body tend to be more manageable in people who regularly do aerobics. It is very good for heart health due to excessive response in the body can be the base of a heart attack.

Quit Smoking

Smoking is the biggest enemy of heart. Smoking cigarettes continuously just like to put poison into his own body. Work slowdown or weakening the heart is one result of cigarette smoke continuously into the body.

Substance carbon monoxide in cigarettes can trigger atherosclerosis, hardening of the coronary arteries. CO2 substances and nicotine in cigarettes will also make a weak heart causes blood vessels to constrict and reduces the ability of red blood cells to supply oxygen.

Another ugliness of cigarettes is increased blood pressure. To strengthen a weak heart, you should avoid smoking for ever.

Lose Weight

Have normal body weight also helps strengthen a weak heart. Excess weight makes the body organs will work extra hard. In addition to potentially lead to a heart attack, being overweight will also trigger stroke, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

Losing weight to normal conditions will not only help strengthen a weak heart, but also accelerate blood circulation and lowers blood pressure.
Reduce Fat

Be careful when eating meat is high in fat. It will raise cholesterol levels in the body and lead to accumulation of fat. As a result, blood flow is not smooth and endanger the health of the heart.

To overcome the weak of heart, reducing meat consumption should be done. Limit your intake of high-fat meat no more than 10 percent of daily calorie intake you. Weak heart so that you suffered no worse.

Beware of Heart Disease Associated with
Diabetes and high cholesterol is excess risk factor for heart attack. For that, you must be aware of the occurrence of such adverse conditions. Always maintain a healthy body and consult with a doctor is a way to anticipate the undesirable conditions.

Limit Consumption Consumption Food Factory and Herbal Supplements

Food from plants such as canned foods usually contain fats that can affect the heart of good health. Avoid the factory-made food is highly recommended to make you weak heart from getting worse.