Saturday, April 20, 2013

Why linger Chewing Food More recommended?

Often people get confused when their weight soared and unstable. Eventually they reduce eating like crazy. In fact, it could be all of that because we are impatient to chew. Well, how can that be?

Very useful when we chew linger. Chewing food until smooth in the mouth, can help digestion, appetite control and make us far from the glut. Quoted from Dailymail, Harbin Medical University in China states that chewing more can limit the calories that enter the body.

Those who chew a mouthful 40 times, will consume only 12% fewer calories than those who chewed just 15 times. Often, we briefly chew and swallow immediately. This makes more portions of food that enters the body.

According to scientists, cud recommended is about 25-50 times, especially when your mouth is full. Maybe you need more time to eat, but you will have a health investment is also quite long with good habits.

Well, from now on if you want to have a healthy body weight and awake, start from simple things. It can be started from chewing longer. Besides good for your health, you also can enjoy the food longer. So, avoid eating in a hurry, Ladies.

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