Saturday, April 13, 2013

Fish Oil Benefits and the Benefits of Fish Oil

Fish Oil Benefits and the Benefits of Fish Oil - Not only contain essential fatty acids that are beneficial to heart health, but also fish oil can be beneficial to mental health, that is, those who are depressed, people with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.

Example of a good source of fish oil are mackerel, sardines, swordfish, oysters, and tuna fish. The following are the benefits of fish oil for health

Fish oil may prevent cardiovascular disease

Not only lowers triglycerides, reduces hardening of the arteries, and lowering cholesterol, but fish oil also prevents abnormal heart rhythm.

Fish oil may prevent cancer

Fish oil is effective against some cancers, namely breast cancer, colon, and prostate. The content of fish oil containing Omega 3 which can help maintain healthy cells and normal cells mutate into cancer cells and restrain the growth of unwanted cells.

Fish oil for cholesterol
The main benefits of fish oil is that it helps regulate cholesterol levels. This is because of Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and Docosahexaenoic acid (DPA) which is found in most high-quality fish oil supplements help regulate cholesterol.

Fish oil can be slimming body

A study in Australia has found that a diet by consuming fish oil regularly can lose weight. Fish oil can be used to treat hypertension and obesity.

Fish oil for arthritis / joint

Long-term use of fish oil can effectively reduce and prevent joint pain

Fish Oil for Eye Health
Omega 3 may protect against macular degeneration / macular degeneration (AMD) eyes and reduce the risk of dry eye syndrome.

Fish oil for Mental Health
Fish oil helps reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease, dementia, and schizophrenia.

Fish oil for skin and hair health
Omega 3 helps maintain the moisture of skin cells, produce collagen, reduce skin blemishes, and make a person look younger. While the protein content of the fish oil helps in hair growth and maintain the health and strength of hair.

Fish oil for high blood pressure
Omega 3 has anti-inflammatory and anti-clotting content which helps in lowering blood pressure.

Fish Oil for Asthma

Fish oil is very effective for respiratory problems such as asthma. Fish oil also helps reduce asthma attacks and make breathing more smoothly.

Fish oil for memory, focus, and the power of thought

Fish oil also increases blood flow and can affect hormones and the immune system, also make the brain function better.

Fish oil can be overcome Acne

Effective fish oil to treat acne because its EPA content.

Fish oil for Pregnancy

Fish oil good for pregnant women because of the presence of DHA that helps the development of baby's brain and eyes. Fish oil also helps avoid premature birth, low birth weight and miscarriage.

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