Monday, April 15, 2013

Benefits of Walking Assist Calcium Absorption

It has long been known that calcium as one of the nutrients needed by the body and in particular to strengthen the bones. However, the absorption of calcium in the human body is not as easy absorption of other macronutrients. Because the calcium in the body requires in order to trigger maximum absorption.

So besides drinking milk, eating healthy foods such as calcium, and consume additional nutrients, then someone needs to do some activities that can help strengthen the bones. Such as exercise and activity are affected by exposure matahati morning.

Weight bearing exercise with a category called sports also have a beat, very good for strengthening bones. Due to bone can be absorbed, calcium requires a trigger such as buffeting.

The type of exercise that includes weight bearing include walking and running, but weight bearing exercise is not intended for people with overweight. This is because it can damage the joint tissue, resulting Osteoatritis or arthritis, "said Fiastuti.

While activity in the sun by Fiastuti be done at certain times. That morning, around 7-9 hours and the afternoon around 3-5 hours. At that time, the sun is not too hot and not cause damage or skin disease.

types of activities that are exposed to direct sunlight is not meant to be kept in the sun. But is not directly exposed to sunlight in a particular body part. "For example, simply by opening the windows of the room, then certain body parts such as arms and legs exposed to the morning sun exposure

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