Saturday, April 20, 2013

Why linger Chewing Food More recommended?

Often people get confused when their weight soared and unstable. Eventually they reduce eating like crazy. In fact, it could be all of that because we are impatient to chew. Well, how can that be?

Very useful when we chew linger. Chewing food until smooth in the mouth, can help digestion, appetite control and make us far from the glut. Quoted from Dailymail, Harbin Medical University in China states that chewing more can limit the calories that enter the body.

Those who chew a mouthful 40 times, will consume only 12% fewer calories than those who chewed just 15 times. Often, we briefly chew and swallow immediately. This makes more portions of food that enters the body.

According to scientists, cud recommended is about 25-50 times, especially when your mouth is full. Maybe you need more time to eat, but you will have a health investment is also quite long with good habits.

Well, from now on if you want to have a healthy body weight and awake, start from simple things. It can be started from chewing longer. Besides good for your health, you also can enjoy the food longer. So, avoid eating in a hurry, Ladies.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Benefits of Beef Bone Marrow

Benefits of Beef Bone Marrow
  • Beef Marrow efficacy to boost immunity and endurance
  • Beef Marrow benefits can accelerate the healing process of the patient injury / fracture, some doctors recommend to consume processed beef marrow
  • To improve brain function and intelligence of children
  • Can maintain bones and teeth
  • To prevent and treat osteoporosis

Ingredients Beef Bone Marrow also have a high enough nutrients, such as


Beef cattle are ruminants, meaning they chew their cud to get the most nutritional value out of every bite of food they eat. Bone marrow contains 51 g of fat per 3 1/2-oz.

According to the study, metabolic in Health and Disease "fatty acid deficiency causes scaly skin, dermatitis, impaired wound healing and slow growth. Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids regulate blood clotting, immune system response and inflammation.


Bone marrow contains 7g of protein per 3 1/2-oz. Protein prevent osteoporosis when combined with calcium and D. low protein diet decreases the efficiency of vitamin intestine and cause failure to absorb enough calcium. Beef bone marrow provides protein and calcium together, as long as you boil the bones with acidified liquid, such as water mixed with lemon juice, wine or vinegar, to help the release of calcium from the bone matrix.


Bone consists of 70 percent hydroxyapatite, formed of calcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, calcium fluoride, calcium hydroxide and citric, according to Fiona Petchey, coordinator of the Radiocarbon Dating Laboratory, University of Waikato in Hamilton, New Zealand. In addition to preventing osteoporosis, calcium work together with potassium, sodium and magnesium to control heart function and blood pressure.

Additionally Bone Marrow Beef also contains iron (480.7 mg) and fostor (3.1 mg). therefore, bone marrow cow consumes a certain amount of it efficacious for body

Monday, April 15, 2013

Benefits of Walking Assist Calcium Absorption

It has long been known that calcium as one of the nutrients needed by the body and in particular to strengthen the bones. However, the absorption of calcium in the human body is not as easy absorption of other macronutrients. Because the calcium in the body requires in order to trigger maximum absorption.

So besides drinking milk, eating healthy foods such as calcium, and consume additional nutrients, then someone needs to do some activities that can help strengthen the bones. Such as exercise and activity are affected by exposure matahati morning.

Weight bearing exercise with a category called sports also have a beat, very good for strengthening bones. Due to bone can be absorbed, calcium requires a trigger such as buffeting.

The type of exercise that includes weight bearing include walking and running, but weight bearing exercise is not intended for people with overweight. This is because it can damage the joint tissue, resulting Osteoatritis or arthritis, "said Fiastuti.

While activity in the sun by Fiastuti be done at certain times. That morning, around 7-9 hours and the afternoon around 3-5 hours. At that time, the sun is not too hot and not cause damage or skin disease.

types of activities that are exposed to direct sunlight is not meant to be kept in the sun. But is not directly exposed to sunlight in a particular body part. "For example, simply by opening the windows of the room, then certain body parts such as arms and legs exposed to the morning sun exposure

Processed Recipes Beef Black Pepper


     The beef has 300 grams, sliced ​​1/2 cm
     1 tablespoon minced garlic
     1 buan onions, thinly sliced
     Red bell pepper 1/2 fruit, cut lengthwise
     Green pepper 1/2 fruit, cut lengthwise
     2 tbsp vegetable oil
     2 tablespoons black peppercorns, toasted and roughly mash
     Oyster sauce 1 tbsp
     Soy sauce 1 tbsp
     Sesame oil 1/2 tbsp
     salt to taste
     200 ml water
     Sugar to taste
     1 tbsp cornstarch, dissolved in water

How to make Beef Processed

     Heat oil and saute onion and garlic until fragrant.
     Put the meat slices, stirring until it changes color.
     Pour water, cook until the water is low and the meat was overcooked.
     Add the sesame oil, black pepper, salt and oyster sauce, soy sauce, stir well. Enter paprikas red and green, stir well. Thicken with cornstarch.
     Raise, Serve, Serves 2

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Fire smallpox drug

Fire smallpox drug - Disease monkey pox or measles fire is a skin disease that in medicine known as Impetigo, Impetigo Disease there are 2 kinds of

  • Impetigo krustosa called smallpox honey (in some areas)
  • Krustosa impetigo or chickenpox fire / monkey pox

Differences chickenpox and measles fire

The second kind of this type (Honey and Fire) is not the same as chicken pox because chicken pox is caused by a virus, Smallpox honey is a disorder that occurs around the nose and mouth, measles fire / monkey pox cause is a bacterium, Staphylococcus precisely

Symptoms of measles fire and characteristic features of smallpox honey
  • experiencing skin redness and blisters that rapidly break down, to leave the scab (dead skin) is thick like honey yellow color.
  • When the scab is removed, abrasions visible underneath. While smallpox fire often occurs in the armpits, chest, and back.
  • His appearance is redness in the skin and bubbles (similar non kesundut skin - perhaps this is why so called smallpox fire).
  • Bubbles in the skin containing pus fragile.
  • Smallpox is highly contagious fire and move from one section to another section of skin.
  • If it occurs in newborns, the infection can spread throughout the body via the bloodstream.
  • This disease can be accompanied by fever and cause serious infections.
  • Due to different causes, treatment is also different.
  • trace if to burst, but the heavier chicken pox scars

Symptoms of measles fire / monkey pox and characteristic features of fire / monkey pox

  • Usually attacks the body in the chest, back, or armpit
  • Initial symptoms are not accompanied by fever, rash only, often accompanied by prickly heat
  • Then burst bubbles appear, then appear as scars cigarette tersundut
  • Appears sense gatel
  • Difficult to dry

Smallpox drug fire - how to treat smallpox fire

Immediately taken to the doctor to get treatment, to the advice of the doctors usually prescribe antibiotic ointment Bactroban ointment and patents, to light a fire with chickenpox usually takes up to three days to dry and then the wound healed

Benefits Avocado Seed

Avocado seeds benefits than fruit and leaves Seeds Benefits Avocado apparently also useful for some diseases, such as benefits for the avocado seed treatment can be used to treat toothache, Avocado Seed Benefits for ulcer and diabetes, here are some benefits of Avocado Seed

Benefits of Avocado Seeds for Ulcer

For you or your family member is suffering from ulcer disease and has been seeing anywhere but not yet healed try the following recipe

     Rinse and seed ripe avocado with water
     Grated avocado seed
     Combine 100 CC boiled water with grated avocado seed was
     then Filter
     then drink the avocado seed extract morning and evening until healed

Avocado Seed Benefits for Diabetes Mellitus
     Avocado seeds to taste
     2 cups water
     Take the avocado seeds and roasted on the fire
     After that cut into small pieces
     Then boiled until the water turns brown
     Once cool, strain and drink
     Perform routine until the healing began to be felt

or also can be in the following manner

     Sliced ​​avocado seed
     Slices of sun dried avocado seed
     Sliced ​​avocado seeds that have been dried roasted
     Sliced ​​avocado seeds that have been roasted blend until smooth
     Enter the avocado seed powder to the skin capsule that can be purchased at pharmacies
     Drinking an avocado seed capsules once daily

Sulfur benefits for facial and skin

That is useful to stimulate collagen, fibers that make the skin appear more toned, and can reduce wrinkles on the face. With sulfur supplement drink every day, then within 6 weeks will see the results.

Sulfur benefits for Disease scabies

Disease scabies is a disease that affects the skin, bumps, redness and small bumps quickly spread throughout the body if not treated immediately, scabies disease is caused by ticks that make small tunnel under the skin layer just below the epidermis and penetrates where. At the time of the scabies mite eggs eggs eggs spread throughout the body, though slow travels about 1 cm per 1 night, but because more and more of course can spread throughout the body. Scabies mite eggs will hatch within about 1 week to 10 days. Therefore during treatment must be repeated again after 1 week to 10 days.


Sulfur, yellow powder form, if you do not have to until finely ground powder first.
Baby powder is neutral, do not contain kinds of kinds, to avoid any reaction with sulfur. More secure longer uses starch.

Mix the powder with sulfur powder / flour with the composition of 1: 8, so if the 8 gram flour then need 1 gram of sulfur, not upside down. Mix until the mixture becomes flat with stirring stirring repeatedly. So deh traditional medicine scabies. After so can be directly massaged scabies sufferers throughout the body.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Fish Oil Benefits and the Benefits of Fish Oil

Fish Oil Benefits and the Benefits of Fish Oil - Not only contain essential fatty acids that are beneficial to heart health, but also fish oil can be beneficial to mental health, that is, those who are depressed, people with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.

Example of a good source of fish oil are mackerel, sardines, swordfish, oysters, and tuna fish. The following are the benefits of fish oil for health

Fish oil may prevent cardiovascular disease

Not only lowers triglycerides, reduces hardening of the arteries, and lowering cholesterol, but fish oil also prevents abnormal heart rhythm.

Fish oil may prevent cancer

Fish oil is effective against some cancers, namely breast cancer, colon, and prostate. The content of fish oil containing Omega 3 which can help maintain healthy cells and normal cells mutate into cancer cells and restrain the growth of unwanted cells.

Fish oil for cholesterol
The main benefits of fish oil is that it helps regulate cholesterol levels. This is because of Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and Docosahexaenoic acid (DPA) which is found in most high-quality fish oil supplements help regulate cholesterol.

Fish oil can be slimming body

A study in Australia has found that a diet by consuming fish oil regularly can lose weight. Fish oil can be used to treat hypertension and obesity.

Fish oil for arthritis / joint

Long-term use of fish oil can effectively reduce and prevent joint pain

Fish Oil for Eye Health
Omega 3 may protect against macular degeneration / macular degeneration (AMD) eyes and reduce the risk of dry eye syndrome.

Fish oil for Mental Health
Fish oil helps reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease, dementia, and schizophrenia.

Fish oil for skin and hair health
Omega 3 helps maintain the moisture of skin cells, produce collagen, reduce skin blemishes, and make a person look younger. While the protein content of the fish oil helps in hair growth and maintain the health and strength of hair.

Fish oil for high blood pressure
Omega 3 has anti-inflammatory and anti-clotting content which helps in lowering blood pressure.

Fish Oil for Asthma

Fish oil is very effective for respiratory problems such as asthma. Fish oil also helps reduce asthma attacks and make breathing more smoothly.

Fish oil for memory, focus, and the power of thought

Fish oil also increases blood flow and can affect hormones and the immune system, also make the brain function better.

Fish oil can be overcome Acne

Effective fish oil to treat acne because its EPA content.

Fish oil for Pregnancy

Fish oil good for pregnant women because of the presence of DHA that helps the development of baby's brain and eyes. Fish oil also helps avoid premature birth, low birth weight and miscarriage.

Benefits for pregnant women Salmon

Benefits for pregnant women Salmon - salmon is a fish that has an attractive flesh color, which is pink and orange. Salmon Fish Oil Benefits for pregnant women is also very high compared to other fish, salmon benefits for pregnant women because it is a higher content of unsaturated fat Omega-3 is quite high. Omega-3 fats are necessary for the growth of brain cells and infant intelligence.

Salmon benefits for pregnant women to consume was able to raise the health status of pregnant women and the fetus. Results of research scientists from the University of Granda shows that consumption of two servings of salmon a week to promote maternal and infant health as a whole. Salmon intake can increase the levels of omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidant defense in pregnant women and infants. Consumption of salmon are also known to not alter the level of oxidative stress, inflammatory response and homeostasis (resistance) vascular.

Benefits of salmon for baby's intelligence

According to the research that has been done, infants receiving supplemental food with levels of DHA and ARA (Omega 3 and Omega 6) in the proper dosage can prove to be more concentrated than those who lacked both the substance. It only takes about two to three times servings of salmon a week, or about 200 milligrams of DHA per day has been able to meet this requirement. with tercukupnya Omega-3 fats are necessary for the growth of brain cells and the intelligence of a baby can be met.

The experts also found that biomarkers for lipid oxidation and oxidative damage to DNA is not affected by the intake of salmon. Thus, the researchers concluded that eating two servings of salmon a week during pregnancy does not increase oxidative stress.

Salmon Fish Oil Benefits for pregnant women
Eating salmon oil is highly recommended, both for pregnant women and children under five. A little research by the University of Western Australia School of Pediatrics and Child Health proves his usefulness by taking supplements containing 4 grams of fish oil every day since the age of 20 weeks, Salmon Fish Benefits for pregnant women are compounds omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil This proved to be a good salmon in helping the development of the fetal brain and eye.

Benefits of Air Corn Stew


Air Corn Stew useful benefits to be efficacious for the cure of some diseases, such as

Benefits of Air Corn Stew To treat gallstones
  • Diperlukah material is corn on the cob 5 and 5 grams of fresh herbs cat's whiskers.
  • All material is boiled with 110ml water. Strain the cooking water, and drinking boiled water every day for 2 weeks.

Benefits of Air Corn Stew To treat high blood pressure

  • Diperlukah material is 5-7 baby corn cobs and corn 1 handful of hair
  • All material is boiled with 110ml water. Strain the cooking water, and drinking boiled water every day during 7hari.

Water Benefits for Diabetes Corn Stew
  • Boil the corn without removing part of the stem because it is believed this is where the usefulness
  • After cooking the stew drink water regularly two to three times a week
  • With perseverance, you will undoubtedly feel the results.

Benefits of Air Corn Stew To stop bed-wetting in children
  • Diperlukah material is 1 handful corn silk
  • Hair brewed drink 1 cup of corn and corn silk tea before bed.
  • Avoid excessive use of hair corn, because corn silk can lower blood pressure drastically in a short time.

Benefits of Air Corn Stew To treat kidney stones pressure

  • Diperlukah materials are 4 young corn cobs, corn hair and leaves 1 handful fresh Keji Beling 8 strands.
  • All material is boiled with 110ml water. Strain the cooking water, and drinking boiled water every day.
  • If the kidney stone is out, (in the form of foam, granules or gravel) discontinue treatment. Then continue with the herbs from the herb cat's whiskers and meniran.
  • How to make it, brewed leaf cat whiskers and 30 gr meniran leaves with hot water, then drink the water.

Benefits of Almonds / Almond

Benefits of Almonds / Almond - by eating nuts regularly can prevent coronary heart disease because of Benefits Almonds have a cholesterol lowering effect. Recent research has shown that the addition of almonds on a number of different food turned out to donate a positive effect on heart health.

This is because the benefits of Almonds can lower the glycemic response to food and reduce oxidative damage of food. This is because almonds contain monounsaturated fats and are antioxidants. In addition, the skin of almonds also contain about 30 different antioxidant compounds that give many different health benefits.

Almonds benefits for Lowering Cholesterol

Almonds content contained calcium can reduce cramps and stomach cramps just before menstruation. than that of calcium is very important to maintain bone health and prevent Osteoporosis. calcium so it's important for women. Various studies show that walnuts can significantly reduce blood cholesterol.

Nuts contain many polyunsaturated fatty acids (polyunsaturated fatty acids) that can keep blood vessels healthy and elastic. Almonds also have a benefit that is not too different, where the decrease in cholesterol can you feel after about four weeks.

Benefits of Almonds to Increase blood flow
many studies that almonds contain vitamin E, unsaturated fats, magnesium, and antioxidants which help in increasing the blood flow. Regularly consume almonds also help the health of your liver.

Almonds benefits for body slimming
International Journal of Obesity reveals eating a handful of almonds a day, along with a healthy diet, can help burn fat as much as 18 percent compared to those who only restrict the daily menu.

Almonds benefits for a natural moisturizer
The resulting pure almond oil is a natural moisturizer that keeps the skin from dryness. This almond oil naturally provides food and restore the dead skin cells.

Almonds benefits for hair Amplifiers
almond oil also contained the potent role in treating hair loss and promote hair growth.

Almonds benefits for heart disease
study conducted by the Mayo Clinik, commonly used as a nut chocolate dishes friend is believed to lower LDL cholesterol levels by 12 percent.

Ingredients Almonds
rich in magnesium, niacin, thiamin, zinc, iron, folic acid, fiber, riboflavin, selenium (which required brain), and potassium. Its calcium content is also healthy for your height.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Melon Fruit Benefits for pregnant women

Melon Fruit Benefits for pregnant women

Benefits of Melon Fruit is very good for pregnant women to consume because the content of melon fruit is rich in essential nutrients needed for pregnant women, the following are some of the nutrients contained in fruits melons

  • Calcium 15.00 mg
  • Phosphorus 0.5 mg
  • 34 mg iron
  • Vitamin C 640 mg
  • Vitamin A 0.03 mg
  • vitamin B1
  • anticoagulants
  • carotenoids

Here are some Melon Fruit Benefits for pregnant women

  • Can relieve the symptoms of heartburn in the stomach
  • Can reduce feelings of nausea for pregnant women
  • Can help reduce morning sickness in the first trimester of pregnancy
  • As an addition to body fluids because Watermelon has a water content of about 90%
  • Help brain development, eyesight, muscles, and immune system in the fetus

For pregnant women who want to be healthy and fresh, Melon Fruit consume every day. In order not to get bored you can also make a Melon juice for pregnant mothers.

Urine benefits for the face

Urine benefits for the face
Urine benefits for the face - Benefit for the face turns urine can also be useful for the healing of facial acne, benefits of water in the urine to the face in practice the so-called urotherapy. Using his own urine as a healing therapy has long been recognized, the practice of using urine both internally and externally to help cure diseases, including skin complaints such as acne, can be traced to many countries and many cultures, from the Indians of Peru and the ancient Egyptians.

The scientific community and the community has been explored and outlined an alternative to the theory behind urine therapy. One such community organizing world conferences on this, in Urotherapy World Congress - held in 2009 in Mexico, where more than 600 people gathered to discuss the positive outcomes of the practitioner and the patient to use urine therapy.

The most important fact about urine is that contrary to what you might suspect, the urine is not a waste product. In fact, it is free of toxins and contain resources that are unique to each individual when re-introduced into the body, both internally and externally. Urine is 95 to 98% water. The rest is, as the laboratory can ensure, biochemical compounds in minute amounts to have curative properties.

Increased dermatologist treatment for acne scars, dull and sagging

One practitioner who attended the Third World Congress on Urotherapy, Coen van der Kroon, also author of the book "The Fountain gold: Complete Guide to Urine Therapy," suggests that washing your face with fresh urine can cure acne, it has been tested by collecting data on success of urine as a treatment for many diseases, including acne. He has garnered the affirmation of the established medical community and testimonials from patients, and he has used his own urine therapy.

Urine benefits for face
There are some suggested ways to use urine therapy, most "extreme" probably drinking his own urine in an amount up to two liters. Some have published personal testimonials proving the success urotherapy. As a topical treatment for acne and other skin complaints, diluted approach works well. A homeopathic method type is one such type of urine therapy for acne treatment. External topical application is quite another.
Homeopathic URINE

Water Benefits urine to the face
Perhaps the easiest method to use urine therapy for acne treatment is to use an external application. Dampen a clean cloth moistened with urine in the morning and apply it on the face, leaving it on like a mask or compress for half an hour. As Martha Christy wrote in his book, "Acne, rashes, athlete's foot and fungal skin problems respond dramatically to urine soaks and compresses."

Coconut Oil Benefits For Dentistry

Coconut Oil Benefits For Dentistry

Coconut Oil Benefits For Dentistry - Scientists have tested some effects of coconut oil against Streptococcus mutans bacteria that is like sugar on the teeth and produce acids that cause tooth decay and loss. When oil is bound with digestive enzymes it will become the number one killer for the germs.

These findings pave the way for the manufacture of toothpastes and mouthwashes that contain palm oil as an active ingredient.

Doctoral research conducted by Damien Brady from Athlone Institute of Technology in Ireland, said that during the dental caries is a health problem that is often overlooked. As many as 60 to 90 percent of children and most adults in industrialized countries often experience this problem.

"Combining enzymes and modified coconut oil into dental hygiene products would be an attractive alternative to chemical additives, particularly since this material works at relatively low concentrations," he said.

He added that the findings could be important because now a lot of germs that are resistant to antibiotics.

Brady experiments inspired by previous research showing that partially digested milk made S. mutans less likely to remain attached to the tooth enamel.

The data show that the products of human digestion show antimicrobial activity. This shows how bacteria colonize the cells lining the digestive tract and overall intestinal health.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Efficacy of Ginseng -

Efficacy of Ginseng
Ginseng Benefits Ginseng and Gynecology is one of the plants from Korea which is known throughout the world. Today many herbal manufacturers incorporate a number of elements in the content of ginseng products. Of the health benefits of ginseng for this is that much in demand by the public.

Trend taking ginseng has been started since the first until the consumption of ginseng was continued up to the present, but in between the various types of ginseng in the world, Panax ginseng which is Korean ginseng that has the best quality. No wonder then that Korea is said to be the best place to grow ginseng. It could be because Korea has four seasons, the temperature is right, good soil, and just get annual rainfall, so ginseng planted there to give good quality.

For health benefits of Panax ginseng was said to be more than the ginseng grown in the U.S., Japan, or China as Korean Ginseng contains saponins that much more.

Content of Ginseng

Containing ginsenoside
Saponin in ginseng ginsenoside referring to, references to distinguish it from the usual saponins found in seasoning such as garlic and onions. Saponins can reach a maximum level in the sixth year after planting ginseng, but the quality will drop after the seventh year.

Ginsenoside is what can help boost immunity, lower stress levels, and increase blood circulation. Many studies have shown that ginseng also helps fight cancer, improve heart function, and slow the aging process.

Taking ginseng benefits in the form of tea is one effective way to supplement the diet with a potent herb. Ginseng tea can improve the health and performance of the body.

Benefits of ginseng tea also helps reduce fatigue due to glycogen conserve and encourage the body to use fatty acids for energy. Only it is advisable to consult first before taking them.

Food Containing Folic Acid

Sources of Folic acid is a water-soluble Vitamin B9 which is essential to many bodily functions ranging from synthesis to remetilasi nukleotid homocysteine. This vitamin is especially important in cell division and growth period. Children and adults require folic acid to produce red blood cells and prevent anemia.

Needs folic acid for pregnant women is also very important to have sufficient intake of folic acid before and during pregnancy to prevent neural tube defects (Neural Tube Defects) NTDs in babies, which is spina bifida (abnormalities in the spine) and anencephaly (where the brain abnormalities not formed). With adequate folic acid intake in the period before and during pregnancy is about 0.4 - 0.8 mg per day, the risk of NTDs in infants can be reduced by up to 80%.

Women who plan to become pregnant should consume folic acid is enough, at least 4 months before pregnancy because folic acid deficiency-risk babies born with defects in the nervous system (brain) or a neural tube defect (Neural Tube deffect).

Folic acid in foods

Folic acid is found in leafy vegetables such as spinach, Chinese radish, dried beans and peas, cereals, sunflower seeds, and fruits and certain vegetables such as potatoes, tomatoes, oranges, are rich sources of folate. Eggs, liver, and whole grain products also includes foods that contain lots of folic acid.

Folic acid is very sensitive to light, oxygen and high temperature. For he also quickly dissolves in water, if the ingredient foods containing folic acid washed, the folic acid often carried away by the water will be lost. Then it's also often the lack of Vitamin B9. Because it is recommended to consume sayur2 containing folic acid to be consumed in its raw form as salad.

Pretty easy to find foods that naturally contain folic acid. Most of the food we consume is already normal day-to-day

1. Vegetables

Vegetables containing folic acid include spinach, kale, broccoli, leeks and potatoes.

2. Fruits

Fruits that contain folic acid which is bananas, oranges, tomatoes, fruit bits, etc..

3. Nuts

Almost all types of nuts contain folic acid. Soybeans, beans, peas, peanuts, and other nuts contain folic acid which is quite a lot.

Additionally nutrient folic acid is also found in other foods such as cereals and breads. Food that has been mentioned contains folic acid which is needed to maintain a healthy body.

Do not forget that the vitamin folic acid is very sensitive to light, oxygen and high temperature. It is recommended to consume foods that contain folic acid in the raw state as a salad. And if need be cooked, do not cook too long to prevent the reduction of folic acid content.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Benefits Chicory

Benefits Chicory - it turns out there are a lot of benefits such as Chicory for Caring Eyes, Against Cholesterol and Avoiding Heart Attacks.

Basically Usefulness Chicory is a restorer of food energy. This is because Chicory has a high iron levels + contains magnesium, not like flesh that holds the potential for harm if eaten excessively.

Chicory Benefits to Prevent Osteoporosis
From the content of Chicory are vitamin K in cabbage may regulate bone protein and calcium in the bones.

Benefits Chicory for Preventing heart disease
Vitamin E, beta-carotene and vitamin C in cabbage, very good for cholesterol and prevent heart disease. All three of these substances are very beneficial for preventing oxidation of LDL cholesterol. Sawi also contains niacin which serves minimize ateroskerosis process, and ultimately decrease the likelihood of heart attacks.

Benefits Chicory for Cornea Eye To Maintain Healthy
With the presence of vitamin A will make epithelial cells secrete keratin, a protein that is insoluble in the epidermis and not mucus.

Chicory Benefits to Prevent Anemia
Containing folic acid in the synthesis of nucleoprotein function is the key formation and grain production of red blood in the bone marrow.

Benefits Chicory for Smooth Skin
The content of vitamin E in the mustard can serve as a major antioxidant in cells. The George Mateljan Foundation (2006) classifies the category of excellent mustard as a source of vitamin E.

Benefits of Chicory to heal wounds, and Endurance Body
Because it contains vitamin C in cabbage is almost equivalent to orange. Composition 1 cup mustard enough to meet 59 percent of the body's need for vitamin C per day.

Chicory Benefits to Prevent Diabetes Mellitus
Calcium is one of the most important mineral needed by the body that can lower cholesterol and sugar.

Chicory benefits to counteract various cancer
The existence of Indole and isothiocyanate serves to reduce the potential for cancer, because the ability of the two components that regulate enzymes that detoxify the liver function. From some of the results of epidemiological studies, Park and Pezzuto (2002) reported that the consumption of the genus Brassica vegetables (including cabbage) may reduce the risk of various cancers, namely breast, prostate, kidney, colon, bladder and lungs. While sulforan which of publication in the Journal of Nutrition in 2004 showed that the content of sulforan are abundant in Brassica group is very effective at preventing the growth of breast cancer cells.

Understanding Calcium

Understanding Calcium is a chemical element with the symbol Ca and atomic number 20. Having an atomic mass of 40 078 amu. Calcium is one of the alkaline earth metal, and is the fifth most neglected element in the earth. Calcium is also the fifth most neglected ions in sea water in terms of molarity and mass, after sodium, chloride, magnesium, and sulfate.

Calcium is a mineral that is essential for humans, such as the metabolism of the body, connecting the nerves, heart, and muscle movement.

The benefit of calcium for men

     Enabling nerve
     flex its muscles
     Normalize blood pressure
     Balancing blood acidity
     Keeping the body's water balance
     Preventing osteoporosis (brittle bones)
     Preventing heart disease
     Reduce the risk of colon cancer
     Overcoming cramps, back pain, hemorrhoids, and rheumatic
     Addressing complaints during menstruation and menopause
     Minimizing bone shrinkage during pregnancy and lactation
     Mineralization of teeth and helps prevent tooth root bleeding
     Overcoming dry and cracked skin hands and feet
     Restoring a decreased sex drive / down
     Overcoming diabetes (pancreatic activate)

After age 20, the human body will begin to experience a calcium deficiency by 1% per year. And after age 50, the amount of calcium in the body will shrink as much as 30%. Losing would reach 50% when reaching the age of 70 years onwards calcium deficiency problems.

Early symptoms of calcium deficiency is like lethargy, a lot of sweat, anxiety, shortness of breath, decreased endurance, poor appetite, constipation, defecation-stools, insomnia, cramps, and so on.

Swollen feet after giving birth

Swollen feet after giving birth
How to cope with swollen feet after childbirth - For new mothers after childbirth causes of leg swelling is normal, and will certainly seek remedy swollen feet after giving birth

Nearly all the women will also experience swelling throughout the body in the foot. Here are some tips on leg swelling after giving birth

  • For the mother should keep drinking water at least 2 liters / day
  • swollen legs give birth should never hold urine, mostly a lot of new mothers who gave birth to normal especially often hold pee, fear not kering2 seams and sore, but it is not at all
  • Never hang a leg. klo sit well propped his feet a little, it's also easier for breastfeeding moms
  • Try to smear bobokan leg with rice, kencur, sour and a little salt.
  • If a week has not kempesn swelling immediately consult with your doctor in order to be given the right medicine, and do not use herbs

Friday, April 5, 2013

Healthy diet food to lose weight

Healthy diet food to lose weight

For adults who ate 2 eggs for breakfast menu can eliminate 65% of body weight and feel more energetic than those who ate bread with the same calories. Eggs help balance blood sugar levels, providing support protein energy, and full of nutrients. eat eggs every day lower calorie intake 300 cal (if in total, equal to 1.5 pounds per month) than those who do not eat eggs. '

Potatoes are a good food to lose weight because it has a mix of nutrients, fiber, and protein, but low in calories. A baked potato with skin medium has 6 grams of protein, more than 1,500 mg of potassium, and under 300 calories.

Plain yogurt
Yoghurt with a fat content of 2 percent will give a sense of fullness for longer, high calcium, protein, and bacteria that are good for the stomach.

Artichoke is busting food weight was good and had a lot of fiber. One artichoke stew has 150 calories with 10 grams of protein, calcium, and folic acid. For snacks, eat artichokes with additional flavorings, mayonnaise, hummus, or Italian dressing.

Canned tomato paste is a food that can help you lose weight. Canned tomato paste has 5 grams of fiber per half cup, canned tomato paste can be used to flavor spaghetti sauce or tortillas.

One of the food is safe to lose weight and eat is almonds. At least 10 items almonds at certain hours, in between large meals, can help fulfill the desire to chew, but do not ruin your diet. Almonds contains fibers that can make a full and easy to carry.

The Food Can Burn Fat

The Food Can Burn Fat

The food can burn fat - the Benefits of exercise is one of the most effective ways to burn fat, but in addition to exercise, food intake can also help the fat burning process. These foods can burn fat by site

Ingredients Eggs contain 78 calories per item

The content of eggs would meet the protein needs, to eat them at breakfast will reduce your appetite during the day.

Ingredients Chocolate contains 170 calories per ounce

When you eat in the morning will make you eat less at the next meal session.

Ingredients Almonds contains 95 calories per ounce

Fatty acids in almonds increased satiety hormone that the stomach will feel full for a long time.

Ingredients Cheese contains 76 calories per ounce

Makes you feel full and burn more fat.

Ingredients Skim Milk contains 86 calories per cup

Most of us think of milk just for kids. Though milk protein can make you feel more satisfied than sugary drinks. CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) in milk fat burning as well.

Content of Oranges contain 59 calories per fruit

Citrus fruits are at the rank of major in terms of filling your stomach. Fiber in grapefruit will burn body fat. According to Australian researchers, people who eat more fiber have less flab.

The content of potato contains 161 calories per fruit

Carbohydrates that are high on potatoes sounds bad, but the starch in potatoes help your body burn fat as well.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Black Wine Benefits

Black Wine Benefits

Benefits of the famous Black Grapes contain fiber and high antioxidant so it is beneficial for the body as an energy source and prevent free radicals from air pollution, but it also benefits the Black Grapes can prevent premature aging.

Grape type has many varieties, among others

  • Vitis vinifera, grapes for wine ingredients Europe
  • Vitis labrusca, North American grapes to make grape juice, sometimes for wine
  • Vitis riparia, wild grapes of North America, sometimes for wine-making
  • Vitis rotundifolia, muscadine, sometimes used for jelly and wine
  • Vitis aestivalis, Norton varieties used for making wine
  • Vitis lincecumii (also called Vitis aestivalis or Vitis lincecumii), Vitis berlandieri (also called Vitis cinerea var. Helleri), Vitis cinerea, Vitis rupestris used to make wine hybrids and "rootstock" pest-resistant.

Vitamins on Grape wine and Gynecology

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin A
  • vitamin B (thiamin)
  • vitamin K (potassium)
  • 100gram black grapes contains just 30 calories
  • Black grapes have vitamin, mineral, antioxidant ingredients is higher versus 20 units that have been tested
  • All vitamins are very large for human immune function

Benefits of Fruit Wine for Organ and Uric Acid Kidney
Healthy food for kidneys will also help reduce uric acid. So wine is also beneficial to the health of patients with kidney disease, gout, and arthritis.

Benefits of Fruit Wine for Organ Pancreas and Diabetes
Healthy food for the pancreas will also help reduce high blood sugar levels. So the black grapes are also beneficial for the health of diabetics.

Fruit Wine Benefits for Heart Disease.
Fruit wines are very good, for people with heart disease, since nitric oxide levels in the blood will increase when you eat grapes, which is beneficial to prevent clots and reduce the risk of heart disease. Antioxidants can also stop the oxidation of LDL cholesterol that block blood vessels.

Benefits of Fruit Wine for Kidney Disorders
Benefit of grapes may help get rid of excess acid in your kidney function. Thus can reduce the disruption of the kidney-pressure system.

Benefits of Grapefruit for Digestion
During this time you may often experience digestive disorders such as bloating, constipation, frequent bowel movements, by eating grapes stomach and digestive problems will be solved, because grapefruit contains organic acids, sugars, cellulose is known as a good laxative.

Benefits of Fruit Wine for Fatigue
Like many activities, fatigue is an end of an activity, fatigue can be treated with rest, grape juice will help you eliminate fatigue, because the juice as a beverage at any instant can be made and purchased, effectively repel tired because grape juice it is very rich in iron.

Benefits of Fruit Wine for Migraine
Migraine is a disease that occurs and often attack the head of the door (the headaches). Well if you have such things by drinking grape juice or water added alias pure juice every morning will help the healing migraines naturally.

Benefits of Fruit Wine for Asthma
Cold weather, dust allergy be an factor that often occurs and as a trigger for asthma attacks. Equally often attacked because tenjadinya narrowing of the airways. Soluli grapes are best to address asthma or shortness of breath, why? because wine has assimilatory force that works to increase the water content in the lungs.

Benefits of Fruit Wine of breast cancer
In one study showed that unggu colored grapes can prevent breast cancer significantly reduces the breast tumor jugabisa.

Benefits of Fruit Wine for Antibacterials
Fruit turns red wine contains antibacterial and antiviral quite strong, so if you often eat this fruit can protect the body from harmful infections.

Benefits of Egg Yolk

Benefits of Egg Yolk

Benefits of Egg Yolk has many uses for humans, but for many women who avoid foods that one. Perhaps because animal protein is very high, so they are afraid of the disease cholesterol. Though the value of nutrients contained in the egg yolk is very useful for the body as long as the attention to dose limits. So do not be afraid to consume as long as not excessive.

Content of Egg Yolk
Each raw egg yolk contains 355 calories, in addition to adding healthy blood and perfect, the content of vitamin A on egg yolk can also treat sore throat, cough, lung injury, kidney and diabetes. It could also soften the food debris and reduce obstacles ditenggorokan.

Another benefit of egg yolks can be used as a beauty product for women, removing blemishes and acne scars can be useful in the manufacture of masks for oily skin.

Protein content in eggs so rich. So for those who consume it, the yolk is very good for your health. Be diligent to consume the eggs so that the body healthy and fit always.

Benefits of Egg Yolk to face
Egg Yolk efficacy to prevent wrinkles, dull skin, and can be used as a mask

  • 1 egg yolk
  • 2 tablespoons of fresh milk
  • Beat the egg yolks and milk enter into the beaten eggs
  • Whisk until evenly and apply on your face by using a special brush to mask
  • Let stand for 5 minutes then rinse with warm water

Benefits of Egg Yolk for Hair

  • Prepare egg yolk 2 pieces for short hair, long hair to prepare 4 pieces egg yolks
  • Add three teaspoons of almond oil or seeds and mix with lemon
  • Whisk until well blended quickly
  • Rinse your hair with shampoo to hair cling
  • When the hair is still wet you can directly use the mixture to the scalp

Gambir Benefits

Gambir benefits

Benefits Gambir is a kind of dried sap from the leaves and twigs extracts squeeze namesake plant (Uncaria gambier Roxb). Benefits Gambir in Indonesia are generally used in menyirih. Usability is more important as a tanner and dyes. Gambir also contains catechins (catechin), a natural material that are antioxidants. India imports 68% of the Indonesian gambier, and use it as a compound menyirih.

Benefits and efficacy of Gambir
The primary use is as a component menyirih, who had known the archipelago, from Sumatra to Papua since at least 2500 years ago. Known, gambier stimulates lymph bile which helps smooth the process in the stomach and intestines. Another function is as a mixture of drugs, such as burns, migraine headaches, diarrhea, dysentery medication, mouthwash-gargle, mouth ulcer medications, and skin pain medication (smeared), tanneries, and textile dyes.

Functions are also being developed as a glue plywood or particle board. This product still has to compete with other sources of wood adhesives, such as Acacia mearnsii bark, wood Schinopsis balansa, as well as leather pod Caesalpinia spinosa produced in other countries.

Gambir Ingredients
The main ingredient, and also contained many other Uncaria members are flavonoids (especially gambiriin), catechins (up 51%), tanning agents (22-50%), as well as a number of alkaloids (such gambirtannin and dihydro-and oxo derivatives him. [2] In addition, gambier used modern medicines produced German states, as well as paint dye, clothes.

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Efficacy snake oil

Efficacy snake oil

Efficacy snake oil since ancient times our ancestors have known that the product is believed to snake oil is very effective for treating bodily injury, cobra snake oil properties among which

  • Eliminate heartburn in taxable knalpon burns or insect sting
  • Eliminate sores in cuts, circumcision, cut, hit, falling
  • Relieve itching and heal skin diseases such as scab, scabies, ulcers, Sprue, Itchy
  • Eliminate irritation of acne
  • Protect the wound from bacteria and acne
  • Stop the bleeding in the wound immediately
  • Relaxes the injured area during healing and prevent blisters on scar
  • Accelerate wound healing and stimulate new skin growth
  • Heal wounds with minimal scars
  • To accelerate wound healing for patients with diabetes (dry faster)
  • Addressing the wounds caused by insect bites
  • Skin irritation with itching and reddened skin
  • Overcoming initial herpes attacks before widening

Efficacy of Noni Leaf

Efficacy of Noni Leaf

Efficacy of Noni Leaf - Noni fruit or in Java called Pace is more famous properties, from the leaves. efficacy of noni fruit has even made many noni extract and made capsule / drug efficacy noni leaf so that need not have to bother to mix their own, without reducing the efficacy of the original noni fruit. Especially for those who are not happy with the smell of ripe noni fruit that stung, noni capsules into plihan right.

Efficacy of Noni Leaves
In addition to the benefits of noni fruit turned out to have the Latin name Morinda citrifolia also have properties that no less intense than the men, one of them according to the ancients was the content of leaves of Morinda citrifolia as a cure for slimming body after combined with other ingredients in a way made drinks. Drinks are of course better than cure as natural as without involving chemicals. Of course the natural way of treatment therapies are not as fast as the chemical treatment, and therefore required patience and get rid of boredom for natural drugs.

For those who want to have a slim body does not hurt to try a recipe natural heritage of our ancestors

Handful of leaves of Morinda citrifolia
Handful of yellow leaves Java
Intersection dribbles half the little finger
Lemon juice 1/2 point
How to make:

Mash all ingredients together until smooth
Materials that have been pounded then given a glass of lukewarm water (200 cc), stirring until smooth
Wring the cloth to separate the waste water
Drink the potion every morning before eating. If you do not like the taste sepatnya may add a little honey.

In addition to drinking the potion of course supported by proper diet, such as avoiding fatty foods, high carbohydrate, snacking habits, eating before bed, drinking sweet drinks, drinking alcohol.

Expand eat vegetables and fruit, if necessary, reduce high carbohydrate foods, such as rice replacing corn or potatoes or sweet potatoes, enough sleep, and do not forget to exercise regularly. Good luck, hopefully you will get a slim body and ideal with a recipe of our own ancestors.

Health benefits of cabbage

Health benefits of cabbage

Health benefits of cabbage or cabbage for our bodies and Cabbage and Gynecology. This plant is one of the oldest vegetables and is believed to have originated in Asia and the Mediterranean. Currently, the cabbage is probably one of the most widely cultivated plants in the world both in the tropics and semi-tropics.

Benefits and efficacy of Cabbage - Cabbage sickness benefits to health

  • Lowering bad cholesterol (LDL) in the body
  • Treat skin diseases (crushed and then smeared into cuts or oral / edible)
  • Anti cancer
  • Reduce the risk of contracting the disorder stroke and heart disease
  • Cleaning the influence of alcohol in the blood
  • Reduce the risk of cataracts
  • Helps digestive health
  • Prevent anal cancer, gastric cancer and cancer of the large intestine (colon)
  • Accelerate healing ulcer pain
  • Skin care, antioxidants in cabbage help protect the skin from free radical damage known to cause signs of aging

The content of cabbage or cabbage

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin B complex
  • Vitamin C
  • Chlorophyll
  • Flavanoid
  • Idole
  • Dithiolthione
  • Coffeic
  • Isothiochyanate
  • Ferulic acid
  • Asetaminophen
  • Iron
  • Sodium
  • Potassium
  • Calcium

Tips on cooking cabbage or cabbage

To get the maximum health benefits of cabbage, cooked cabbage avoid overcooking it can reduce the nutritional value of cabbage, especially vitamin C and nutrients are left will be more difficult to digest. Cabbage can be eaten in many ways such as boiled, steamed, pan-fried, pan-fried or even baked. But cabbage is the most nutritious when eaten raw. Add raw leaves are sliced ​​or shredded vegetables in a salad to taste more delicious.

Cabbage is one that is no less a green vegetable with broccoli before. With 10 existing benefits such as the cabbage prevent cancer, constipation, muscle pain, the risk of cataracts, skin and can also help you lose weight. Avoid cooking too mature, and add the cabbage into your salads as much as possible because the cabbage was one of the recommended foods.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

White Water Benefits for health

White Water Benefits for health

White Water Benefits for health, to diet and drink plenty of water benefits

White Water Benefits for Streamlining the digestive system

If the fluid in our body needs are met, then we will avoid constipation because of fluid in the digestive process and to help the absorption of nutrients also serve to form a mass of human waste.

White Water Benefits for Diet and Stay Slim

Water increases your metabolism and helps you feel full. Replace calorie-laden beverages with water, and drink a glass before meals to help you feel more full. Drinking more water also helps increase metabolism amps - especially if your glass is cold. Your body must work to warm the water, in the process of burning a few extra calories.

White Water Benefits to Increase Energy

If you feel tired and exhausted, drink water. Dehydration makes you feel tired. Water helps the blood in transporting oxygen and other essential nutrients to the cells. If you are getting enough water, your heart also does not need to work harder to pump blood throughout your body.

White Water Benefits to Reduce Stress

85% of your brain tissue is water. If you're dehydrated, both your body and your mind will be stressed. If you feel thirsty, you are already slightly dehydrated. To keep stress levels down, cadangkanlah glass of water on your desk or carry a drink bottle and little by little on a regular basis.

Benefits of White Water to Form Muscle Tone

Drinking water helps prevent muscle cramping and lubricates joints in the body. When you are well hydrated, you can exercise longer and stronger without "hitting the wall."

White Water Benefits for Keeping Skin

Fine lines and wrinkles deeper when you're dehydrated. Water is your natural beauty cream. Drinking water hydrates skin cells and pick-up their back, making your face look younger. He also remove dirt and increases circulation and blood flow, making your face clean, clear and glowing.

Benefits of Permanent White Water Regularly

Along with fiber, water is essential for good digestion. Water helps dissolve particles Limba and graduating them smoothly through your digestive tract. If you're dehydrated, your body absorbs all the water, leaving your colon dry and making it more difficult to pass feces.

Benefits of White Water to Prevent wrinkles

One factor is the occurrence of premature wrinkles because the skin is too dry. By drinking enough water, your skin moisture will be maintained. Humidity can maintain the elasticity of the skin so that you will avoid premature wrinkles.

Benefits of Black Cumin

Benefits of Black Cumin

There are so many benefits of black cumin are already known to the public, such as Black Cumin Benefits for fertility, benefits of olive oil for the health benefits of black cumin, black cumin benefits for pregnant women, the content of black cumin, black cumin benefits.

Benefits of Black Cumin to Strengthen the immune system
Black Cumin (Black Seed) may increase as the number of T cells, which is good for improving natural killer cells. Evektifitasnya up to 72% when compared with placebo only 7%. Thus to consume Black Seed can boost immunity. Thus Seed can be used for a disease that attacks the immune system such as cancer and AIDS.

Black Cumin Efficacy to Improve memory concentration
With the content of linoleic acid (omega 6 and linoleic acid (Omega 3), Black Cumin is a useful nutrient for the brain cells to improve memory and intellect, Black Seed also improve micro (blood circulation) to the brain and it is suitable given the growth of the elderly aged children .

Black Cumin Benefits to Improve hormone bioactivity
Hormones are substances produced by glands active endoktrin, which enter the bloodstream. Seed is one of the sterol content of the functioning hormone synthesis and bioactivity.

Black Cumin efficacy to neutralize the toxin in the Body
Toxins may interfere with the metabolism and reduce the function of vital organs such as the liver, lungs and brain. Mild symptoms of toxicity may include diarrhea, dizziness, respiratory problems and reduce the power of concentration. Black cumin contains saponins that can neutralize and clean up toxins in the body.

Benefits of Black Cumin to Overcome Sleep disorders and Stress
Saponin contained in Black Cumin has functions such as corticosteroids that can influence carbohydrate, protein and fat as well as affect the functioning of the heart, kidney, muscle and nerve. Sapion serves to defend against environmental changes, sleep disorders, and can relieve stress.

Black Cumin Efficacy for Anti Histamine
Histamine is a substance released by bodily tissues, giving allergic reactions such as bronchial asthma. Black Seed Oil is made and can isolate ditymoquinone, oil is often called volatile nigellone from nigella. Giving these oils have a positive impact on people with bronchial asthma.

Black Cumin Benefits to Improve the digestive tract and anti-bacterial
Black seed contains essential oils and volatif known benefits to improve digestion. Essential oils traditionally used to cure diarrhea. In 1992, Pakistan Pharmaceutical journal contains research results that prove more potent volatile oils kill strainbakteri V Colera and E. coli compared with antibiotics such as Ampicillin and Tetracillin.

Efficacy for Smooth Black Cumin Mother's Milk
The combination of unsaturated fatty portion and hormonal structures found in Black Seed Oil can launch breast milk. The research was later published in the research literature at the University Potchestroom 1989.

Benefits of Black Cumin for Nutritional Supplement In Pregnant Women and Young Children
On the growth of children need nutrients to boost the immune system naturally, especially during the rainy season children will be susceptible to flu and colds. The content of Omega 3, 6, 9 contained in Black Seed is a nutrient that helps the development of infants and fetal brain tissue.

Black Cumin Efficacy for Anti-Tumor
In cancer International Congress in New Delhi, Seed oil introduced cancer scientists Immonobiologi Laboratory of Southern California, Black Seed stimulates bone marrow and immune cells, inferonnya produce normal cells against destructive viruses at once destroys tumor cells and increases antibody

Black Cumin Benefits for Nutrition for humans
Seed is rich in nutrition as an additional energy is ideal for the elderly, especially to keep the immune system and brain cells revitalitas being senile. Black Seed contains 15 kinds of amino acids making up the protein content including didalmnya 9 essential amino acids. Amino acids can not be manufactured by the body in sufficient quantities so it needs additional supplements, Seed can be inadequate.

The benefits for the body and the amount of beans beans for health

Beans Benefits for Diabetes
Based on the research of beans contain a substance called B-sitosterol and stigma sterol, which works to increase the production of insulin in the body. Both of these substances can stimulate the pancreas increases insulin production.

Insulin is a hormone produced naturally by the pancreas, but for people with diabetes, the pancreas is only able to produce less insulin, or even not at all. By eating beans as fresh vegetables in a raw state, is expected to diabetic pancreas to produce insulin to control blood sugar levels.

  • Prepare Fruit Beans 250 grams
  • then steamed
  • Eaten as a salad three times a day
  • Every meal 250 grams

Alkaloids, flavonoids, saponins, triterpenoida, steroida, stigmasterin, trigonelin, arginine, an amino acid, asparagine, kholina, tannins, fasin (toksalbumin), starch, vitamins and minerals.

Some of the benefits and efficacy of beans for other health

  • Launching the digestive system, preventing constipation
  • Stimulates the immune system naturally
  • Neutralize the blood sugar
  • Treat gastric ulcer
  • Preventing colon cancer
  • Minimize the risk of malignant cancer

The content is beneficial from beans

  • lignin
  • Enzymes Protease Inhibitor
  • potassium
  • phosphorus
  • fiber
  • calcium

This long green vegetables in 100 grams of the carbohydrate composition having 7.81%, 0.28% fat, 1.77% protein, 2.07% crude fiber, and ash content of 0.32%.

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Benefits of Broccoli

Benefits of Broccoli

Benefits of Broccoli rarely any vegetables such as broccoli have benefited from anti-cancer, lowering blood pressure, preventing stroke, osteoporosis and even help you lose weight. Benefits of broccoli can be obtained by optimally consume raw or steamed.

The nutritional value of broccoli can be considered as a power such as iron, protein, calcium, chromium, carbohydrates, vitamin A and vitamin C. Broccoli also contains important phytochemicals and antioxidants, which fight various diseases and infections.

Some of the health benefits of broccoli are as the following:

Broccoli Benefits for Anti-cancer
The American Cancer Society recommends eating broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables because they contain anti-cancer phytochemicals. Epidemiological studies indicate that a diet rich in broccoli can reduce the risk of some types of cancer such as breast cancer, colon cancer and lung cancer.

Broccoli Efficacy for Anti aging
Broccoli also has anti-aging properties that can reverse the effects of aging.

Broccoli Benefits to aid digestion
Broccoli is rich in fiber, which aids digestion and helps prevent constipation.

Efficacy Broccoli to Prevent toxins that enter
The presence of vitamin C, sulfur amino acids make broccoli a very good antidote. Broccoli helps eliminate free radicals and toxins like uric acid from the body.

Broccoli Benefits to Help control diabetes
Broccoli is rich in chromium, which is known to help regulate insulin and diabetes control.

Broccoli Efficacy to Boost the immune system
Broccoli is a good source of vitamin C, an essential nutrient that helps maintain the immune system.

Benefits of Broccoli for Keeping healthy vision
Studies have shown that beta-carotene in broccoli can protect the eyes against macular degeneration and prevent cataracts.

Efficacy Broccoli to protect against ultraviolet radiation
Researchers found that the compound sulforaphane in broccoli helps reduce skin damage and inflammation caused by exposure to UV radiation.

Benefits of Broccoli for strengthening bones and preventing osteoporosis
Because it is rich in calcium, magnesium, zinc, and phosphorus, broccoli helps maintain strong bones and keep the bones strong. Eating broccoli is very beneficial to the elderly and pregnant women, because people are more susceptible to osteoporosis.

Efficacy Broccoli to Prevent anemia
Anemia is usually directly related to iron deficiency. Iron and folatyang acid found in broccoli can help prevent iron deficiency anemia.

Benefits of Broccoli for a healthy pregnancy Help
Broccoli is a good source of folate which helps prevent neural defects such as spina bifida in the fetus. All women need a source of folate during pregnancy.

Broccoli Efficacy for Reducing the risk of Alzheimer's disease
A study showed that a diet high in folate may reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease and broccoli is one of the foods that contain this substance.

Lowering cholesterol and high blood pressure
Broccoli is rich in cholesterol-lowering fiber, chromium and potassium fiber that can help lower cholesterol and control blood pressure.

Reducing the risk of heart disease
Lutein is a carotenoid contained in broccoli can prevent thickening of the arteries in the heart, thus reducing the risk of heart disease, especially stroke.

Weight loss when dieting
Broccoli is very low in calorie content. Approximately 146 grams of broccoli contains less than 50 calories and therefore broccoli is very good for people who want to lose weight. Therefore, it would be better if you could eat broccoli every day as a healthy food.

Content of Soil

Content of Soil

Content of Soil and Soil Characteristics

Land's body is decaying rocks and experience the process of formation continued. Minimum soil found at this time nothing is older than Tertiary and most established period of the Pleistocene.

The body is formed from a mixture of soil organic matter and minerals. Non-organic soil or mineral soil is formed from rocks that it contains minerals. In contrast, organic soil (Organosol / humosol) formed from the solidification of the organic material is degraded.

Organic soil is black and is a major shaper of peatlands and later can be coal. Organic soils tend to have high acidity because it contains several organic acids (humic substances) results in decomposition of various organic materials. The group is usually poor soil mineral, mineral supply comes from the flow of water or tissue decomposition of living things.

Organic soils can be planted because it has physical properties friable (nest) so that they can store enough water, but because it has high acidity most crops will yield limited and under optimum performance.
Non-organic soil is dominated by minerals. These minerals form the soil-forming particles.

Soil texture is determined by the composition of the three thus forming soil particles: sand, silt (dust), and clay. Sandy soil is dominated by sand, soil lempungan dominated by clay. Soil composition of sand, silt, and clay loam known as balanced (loam).

Ground color is a characteristic that is most remembered. Ground color varies from dark black, brown, brick red, orange, yellow, to white. In addition, the soil can have layers with different colors that contrast as a result of chemical processes (acidification) or washing (leaching).

Black or dark-colored soil often indicates the presence of organic matter is high, either due to weathering of vegetation and deposition processes in a swamp. Dark colors can also be caused by the presence of manganese, sulfur, and nitrogen. Reddish or yellowish ground color is usually caused by a high content of oxidized iron; different colors occur because of the formation of chemical process conditions. Atmosphere aerobic / oxidative produces a uniform color or gradual color changes, while anaerobic atmosphere / reductive take on the color patterns or colors Popcorn concentrated.

Soil structure is the physical characteristics of the soil that is formed from the composition of the aggregate (grain) of land and space antaragregat. Soil is composed of three phases: solid phase, liquid phase and gas phase. Liquid phase and the gas filling the space antaragregat. Soil structure depends on three factors making up this balance. Antaragregat space called porous (pore plural).

Good soil structure for root if large pores (macropore) filled with air and a small pore (micropore) filled with water. Loose soil (nest) have an aggregate large enough to macropore and micropore are balanced. Land is becoming increasingly tough in excess clay so lack macropore.

Content of Beef Brain

Content of Beef Brain

The content of cow brains containing cholesterol increases when you consume foods that contain lots of good cholesterol or saturated fats from vegetable or animal sources. Increased cholesterol also occur due to decreased spending on cholesterol into the intestine through the bile acids or cholesterol in the liver increased due to genetic factors.

Cow Brain cuisine is one of the foods that contain high levels of cholesterol and high saturated fatty acids. Cholesterol content of cow brains in 10 grams is 2100 mg and saturated fatty acid content of 1.8 g / ounces (Hardjono, 2009).

Ideally the consumption of foods containing

  • fat 30%
  • carbohydrate 50%
  • 20% protein.

For food, try not to consume more than 300 mg of cholesterol per day. The addition of 200 mg of cholesterol per 100 grams of feed may increase serum cholesterol levels before treatment even reached hiperkolesterolimia.

Excess cholesterol in the blood can increase the risk of various diseases. Excessive cholesterol in the body will be buried in the walls of blood vessels and cause a condition called atherosclerosis, which is narrowing or hardening of the arteries.

This condition is a precursor of heart disease and stroke. According to (Apriyanti, 2006) giving 10% of the bovine brain standard feed for 13 days affects the increase in total cholesterol levels in rats.