Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Squeezing Can Prevent Breast Cancer?

Breast cancer is one disease that women fear most. To detect early cancer cells are advised to perform breast self-examination. By palpating the breast alone is expected you would know whether or not a suspicious lump in the breast.

Put a little pressure when touching the breast even now a research suggests that squeezing may inhibit breast cancer growth.

Breast squeezing gently to prevent the growth of malignant cells in the breast become cancer cells. The results of laboratory tests found that these cells grow back to normal patterns after crushed.

This reinforces that it takes power to affect human growth. For example, lifting weights can make the muscles bigger, while the energy in the form of gravity can sometimes affect muscle strength.

A research leader, Gautham Venugopalan said for centuries been known that physical strength can affect the body.

Relation to cancer cells, while squeezing energy spent to rejuvenate the malignant cells. Without power from the outside, over time the growth of malignant cells will develop into a deadly cancer cells.

In this study, the scientists assuming that it actually was not malignant cells were full of forgotten how to grow up as healthy cells. Through the power when squeezed, then these cells seemed to be reminded to return to the right path.

However, squeezing breasts are not necessarily able to be breast cancer therapy because these findings are just a new hope for the study of cancer cell growth and are expected to be used as a method of healing.

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