Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Negative Impact Breasts Too Big

Most women want to look sexy by having large breasts. That is why many women choose plastic surgery to insert a silicone implant into the breast. Though surgery is not necessarily safe for your health. Moreover, the health problems that will result once you become more plump breasts.

Be thankful for those who are blessed with normal breast. According to one study, breasts that are too large can have a negative impact on health.

Not only women are at risk of health risk due to breast size is too big. Men can also experience even though this rarely happens.

Big breasts can affect physical and emotional health of patients who have an impact on quality of life. Following the impact caused by having large breasts:

1. Lack of activity

American Society of Plastic Surgeons explains that large breasts can limit one's activity or movement. People who have breasts that are too large may be difficult to carry out activities such as yoga, golf, or walking. Limitations in activity may cause a person not to enjoy life and hinder a healthy lifestyle.

2. Emotional Disturbance

In fact having large breasts do not always make people confident. Some people even feel inferior due to have a posture different from the others.

In addition, breast size can also affect women when choosing clothes, discomfort when sleeping, impaired social situations, and comfort.

3. Nerves

Breasts that are large and heavy and disproportionate size can lead to poor posture and can have an impact on chronic neurological disorders. Problems can arise such as nerve tingling and numbness in the hands and arms on the day or night.

4. Aches and pains arise

Someone who has large breasts often suffer from chronic or long-term impact on quality of life. Big breasts and weight can mengakibattkan back pain, shoulder, neck, and even headaches.

5. Skin Problems

The area under the breasts will be more difficult to keep moist and dry always consequently often appear irritation, yeast infections and rashes on the skin. Pressure bra straps that hold large breasts can also menyebabbkan indentations or scratches on the shoulder. In addition, another problem that arises is the stretching of the skin on the breast and enlarged areola (brown area surrounding the nipple)

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