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Benefits of Beef Liver

Benefits of Beef Liver - Among several other offal that is considered rich in health benefits are benefits Heart Cow. In some people, eating animal liver is quite advisable, because the content of beef liver does contain high iron. Iron is an essential element in the formation of red blood cells, because it's good hearts consumed by those who had higher levels of hemoglobin (Hb) is low.

The content of beef liver that also contains vitamin A, vitamin B12, folic acid, vitamin C, phosphorus, zinc, and iron, good consumed those recovering from illness, and pregnant women. Liver is also believed to contain substances that choline plays an important role for the development of brain function. Therefore, great for toddlers consumed.

Beef liver is rich in nutrients, especially the content of retinol which reached 13 303 ug/100 g. Another nutrient that is not less important is 19.7 g protein, 3.2 g fat, 7 mg calcium, 358 mg phosphorus and 6.6 mg iron. If you want a little creative, with simple processing, the beef can be processed into a delicious and healthy dishes

Eating liver also need to be careful, because the liver is the organ filters toxins in the digestive system of the body, hence vulnerable contaminated chemicals, pesticides or other toxins. That's why, if you want to eat the liver of cattle, you have to carefully choose. Heart be still in a state of fresh, gray, and must be washed repeatedly until clean, and boil until cooked before processing.

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Fruit abortion can

Various kinds of fruit to an abortion - In general the food is worth dipantangi or kind of fruit that an abortion could include the following
  • Fruits are less mature or young fruit
  • Fruits that contain alcohol
  • Fruits that are hot like pineapple, king fruit

Pineapple fruit young for abortion

Pineapple cause miscarriage - In medicine no one can explain that pineapple can be an abortion, but you should be cautious when eating pineapple fruit pineapple fruit especially the young, avoid for young pregnant women, because the myth of young pineapple fruit was able to abort content of your baby.

Side Effects of pineapple
Indeed, Side Effects of pineapple fruit for pregnant women potentially abortivum or a drug that can be used to launch a late period. Therefore pregnant women are prohibited to consume young pineapple.

Papaya fruit young for abortion
From various experiences, mostly eating papaya leaves can also trigger the fragility ari ari baby. It should also be avoided for pregnant women, so the cravings for pregnant women to eat papaya, better avoided, and papaya is not recommended for pregnant women because it is a uterine stimulant.

especially for young Papaya Fruit is useful to carry breast milk, but Young Papaya is dangerous for pregnant women, because papaya is half cooked or raw can an abortion in pregnant women. Effects of raw papaya is processed into contraception, for pregnant women should avoid eating papaya.

Durian fruit for abortion

Durian fruit in it contained two substances at certain levels to give effect to the pregnancy. Two of these substances are alcohol and acid arachidonat. As you know, alcohol can lead to impaired growth and development for the fetus. One is a low birth weight.

While arachidonat acid is a compound that is a precursor alias trigger the formation of prostaglandins. Prostaglandin itself is a compound that can stimulate uterine contractions resulting in miscarriage (the first trimester) or premature birth (at under 36 weeks gestation)

Durian fruit is also a danger to pregnant women who have impaired ulcer disease hazard when consumed fruit Durian, this is because the durian fruit can produce gas in the human stomach. In pregnant women who have ulcer disease, it sometimes can cause bloating and nausea. Because heartburn suffered so relapse.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Benefits of Olive Oil and Almond in Beauty Treatments

Natural herbs for herbal beauty is the chemical ingredients are minimal, the source comes from nature and not the result of a laboratory or factory made.

In fact many modern beauty care products that can be replaced by multiple role of natural ingredients for personal care.

Alternative herbal ingredients into today's society because in addition to more secure safe, as well as properties that are not less good than modern medicine pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry results.

In addition, there are some shortcomings compared with the use of chemical products of natural herbal extracts, namely quality chemical products, the cost tends to be more expensive and the percentage content of natural herbal extracts very little of the actual composition.

Well, this time discussing be more specific about the content and benefits of olive oil and almond in beauty treatments.

Olive oil and almond oil, known as essential oils, it is widely used in a variety of treatments and beauty treatments such as:

Treatment of Acne

Natural facial treatments for acne include the use of pure essential oils are astringent and antiseptic, skin lightening mixed with oil and applied minor skin problems. The content can be obtained from olive oil and almonds.

Treatment of Varicose

Herbal essential oils can constrict blood vessels, strengthens blood vessel walls, reduces inflammation and has a tonic effect on varicose veins and gradually improve overall health.

Cellulite Reduction

Using essential oils to help get rid of cellulite and improving overall skin tone. Use essential oils in the bath because the oil may work by osmosis.

Hair Care

Essential oils can also be used to stimulate hair growth and scalp health. Many products are made commercially leaving the remainder (residue) on the hair so the hair appears dull. Items are usually available over the counter may contain harmful toxins like phthalates hair health.

Facial Care

Natural oils make the skin shiny, glowing and healthy naturally. In addition, the use of essential oils without additives, chemicals or synthetic perfumes. Natural herbs can help slow down the appearance of wrinkles and frown lines on the skin.

Deodorant / Perfume

Hydrosols or a few drops of essential oil makes a good balance and provide a fragrant perfume. By using essential oils, you can avoid chemicals and no less effective than deodorants on the market.

Natural Skin Care

Vegetables, nuts and oil seeds have many uses which acts as a carrier for the application of aromatherapy essential oils, healthy menu, and as a base for making your homemade cosmetics.

Use of essential oils extracted from olives and almonds are kretif ideas at home. In addition, this course will replace utilization and reduce costs in purchasing modern cosmetic or medicinal chemistry at the drug store beauty.

Benefits of Beef Bone Marrow

  • Efficacy Beef marrow to increase the body's immunity and resistance
  • Benefits of Beef marrow may speed up the healing process of the patient injury / fracture, some doctors recommend to eat processed beef marrow
  • To improve brain function and intelligence of children
  • Can maintain bones and teeth
  • To prevent and treat osteoporosis

Ingredients Beef Bone Marrow also have a high enough nutrients, such as


Beef cattle are ruminants, meaning they chew the cud them to get the most nutritional value out of every bite of food they eat. Bone marrow contains 51 g of fat per 3 1/2-oz.

According to the study, metabolic in Health and Disease "fatty acid deficiency causes scaly skin, dermatitis, impaired wound healing and slow growth. Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids regulate blood clotting, immune system response and inflammation.


Bone marrow contains 7g of protein per 3 1/2-oz. Protein prevent osteoporosis when combined with calcium and D. low-protein diet decreases the efficiency of vitamin intestines and result in failure to absorb enough calcium. Bone marrow cows provide protein and calcium together, as long as you boil bones with acidified liquid, such as water mixed with lemon juice, wine or vinegar, to help release of calcium from the bone matrix.


Bone consists of 70 percent hydroxyapatite, formed of calcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, calcium fluoride, calcium hydroxide and citric, according to Fiona Petchey, coordinator of the Radiocarbon Dating Laboratory, University of Waikato in Hamilton, New Zealand. In addition to preventing osteoporosis, calcium work together with potassium, sodium and magnesium to control heart function and blood pressure.

Additionally Beef Bone Marrow also contains iron (480.7 mg) and fostor (3.1 mg). therefore, consume beef bone marrow in a certain amount of it efficacious for body

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Asthma Causes and Cures

Causes and Treat Asthma
- Asthma can affect anyone, both children and adults. Many things can cause Asthma. In this article will explain about the Causes and Treatment of Asthma. But before that, it would be better if we know in advance what is Asthma?

Asthma is a chronic disease (chronic) that attacks the respiratory tract (bronchiale) in the lungs where there is inflammation (inflammation) bronchiale cavity walls causing narrowing of the airways that ultimately makes a person experiences shortness of breath. Asthma is most prevalent in developed countries, especially the high level of air pollution both from fumes and dust desert, because it will be more trigger shortness of breath. The air is fresh and clean will surely make your lungs healthy, because the inhaled air is air that has not been contaminated or mixed pollution.

Causes and Treatment of Asthma

Causes of Asthma

Until now the cause of asthma is not known with certainty even after a lot of research by experts. Theories about the cause of a person suffering from asthma has not been agreed upon by experts in the health world. However, that can be concluded is that in asthmatics windpipe have distinctive properties that are very sensitive to various stimuli (bronchial hyperreactivity airway hyperreactivity =) like Pollution (smoke, dust, chemicals), pollen, cold air, food, furry animals, mental stress, odor / aroma (eg perfume) and exercise.

Besides asthma attacks as a result of the impact of patients experienced upper respiratory infections (ARI) either flu or sinisitis. Asthma attacks can also be experienced by some women the days of the menstrual cycle, it is very rare. Increased rates of asthma associated with the presence of risk factors that support a person suffering from asthma, such as Factor Heredity. If a mother or father suffered from asthma, it is likely that the existence of people with asthma in the family members.

Symptoms of Asthma

The symptoms can be observed in patients with asthma are:

  • Breathing sounds (wheezing / wheezing / asthma), especially when breathing out (exhalation). Not all people with asthma have respiratory sounds, and not everyone who is breathing terdegar wheezing is asthma.
  • The existence of shortness of breath as a result of narrowing of the bronchi channel (bronchiale).
  • Persistent cough at night or in cold weather.
  • Complaints of patients who feel narrow chest ..
  • Severe asthma attack which led to people unable to speak because of difficulty in breathing.
  • In the age of the children, the early symptoms may include itching in the chest or neck. During an asthma attack, his excessive anxiety of patients can worsen the situation is. As a reaction to anxiety, patients will also be spending a lot of sweat.

Treating Asthma

Asthma (Asthma) has yet to be cured completely, this means that an asthma attack can occur later in life or relapse-recurrence. Handling and administration of medicines to patients with asthma is an act of the attacks that arise that are tailored to the severity of the signs and symptoms themselves. The basic principles of handling an asthma attack is the provision of drugs both injection Hydrocortisone, Ventolin Salbutamol syrup or nebulizer (gas salbutamol) to help loosen respiratory tract.

In mild cases where the perceived existence of complaints that lead to the symptoms of an asthma attack or to prevent further attacks, the medical team or doctor will prescribe such Aminophylin and Prednisolone tablets. For patients with asthma, it is suggested to them to provide / keep inhaled medications (Ventolin Inhaler) wherever they are can help loosen respiratory dikala attacks.

However, prevention is better than cure. So the proper steps can be taken to avoid an asthma attack is away from the causal factors that trigger asthma attacks itself. Each patient generally has its own characteristics to things that trigger asthma attacks. After the occurrence of asthma attacks, if the patient can feel relieved but it is advisable to continue the treatment and the appropriate dose of medication given by doctors.

Similarly info on Causes and Treatment of Asthma. Hopefully useful.

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Negative Impact Breasts Too Big

Most women want to look sexy by having large breasts. That is why many women choose plastic surgery to insert a silicone implant into the breast. Though surgery is not necessarily safe for your health. Moreover, the health problems that will result once you become more plump breasts.

Be thankful for those who are blessed with normal breast. According to one study, breasts that are too large can have a negative impact on health.

Not only women are at risk of health risk due to breast size is too big. Men can also experience even though this rarely happens.

Big breasts can affect physical and emotional health of patients who have an impact on quality of life. Following the impact caused by having large breasts:

1. Lack of activity

American Society of Plastic Surgeons explains that large breasts can limit one's activity or movement. People who have breasts that are too large may be difficult to carry out activities such as yoga, golf, or walking. Limitations in activity may cause a person not to enjoy life and hinder a healthy lifestyle.

2. Emotional Disturbance

In fact having large breasts do not always make people confident. Some people even feel inferior due to have a posture different from the others.

In addition, breast size can also affect women when choosing clothes, discomfort when sleeping, impaired social situations, and comfort.

3. Nerves

Breasts that are large and heavy and disproportionate size can lead to poor posture and can have an impact on chronic neurological disorders. Problems can arise such as nerve tingling and numbness in the hands and arms on the day or night.

4. Aches and pains arise

Someone who has large breasts often suffer from chronic or long-term impact on quality of life. Big breasts and weight can mengakibattkan back pain, shoulder, neck, and even headaches.

5. Skin Problems

The area under the breasts will be more difficult to keep moist and dry always consequently often appear irritation, yeast infections and rashes on the skin. Pressure bra straps that hold large breasts can also menyebabbkan indentations or scratches on the shoulder. In addition, another problem that arises is the stretching of the skin on the breast and enlarged areola (brown area surrounding the nipple)

Squeezing Can Prevent Breast Cancer?

Breast cancer is one disease that women fear most. To detect early cancer cells are advised to perform breast self-examination. By palpating the breast alone is expected you would know whether or not a suspicious lump in the breast.

Put a little pressure when touching the breast even now a research suggests that squeezing may inhibit breast cancer growth.

Breast squeezing gently to prevent the growth of malignant cells in the breast become cancer cells. The results of laboratory tests found that these cells grow back to normal patterns after crushed.

This reinforces that it takes power to affect human growth. For example, lifting weights can make the muscles bigger, while the energy in the form of gravity can sometimes affect muscle strength.

A research leader, Gautham Venugopalan said for centuries been known that physical strength can affect the body.

Relation to cancer cells, while squeezing energy spent to rejuvenate the malignant cells. Without power from the outside, over time the growth of malignant cells will develop into a deadly cancer cells.

In this study, the scientists assuming that it actually was not malignant cells were full of forgotten how to grow up as healthy cells. Through the power when squeezed, then these cells seemed to be reminded to return to the right path.

However, squeezing breasts are not necessarily able to be breast cancer therapy because these findings are just a new hope for the study of cancer cell growth and are expected to be used as a method of healing.

Can food staining your teeth

Healthy white teeth and surely adds to your confidence. Bleaching teeth is one quick way to whiten teeth. However, the teeth also need to be treated to avoid re-yellowing. One way to avoid these foods, told Everyday Health:

1. coffee

Pores present in the outer layer of the teeth can make a liquid such as coffee black with easily absorbed and cause stains on the teeth. For those of you who love to drink coffee are advised to consume milk in order to keep your teeth bright and strong.

2. tea

Dark tea can also make teeth yellow color. If you love to eat tea, you should choose herbal tea or green tea.

3. soda

Stains on the teeth can also be caused by dyes and acid content found in soft drinks. The content of artificial sweeteners and flavorings in the soda can mengeroposkan teeth. Then reduce consumption of soda and use a straw while drinking.

4. Soy Sauce

Dark sushi sauce can also change the color of the teeth. Sodium contained in this sauce can also make teeth brittle.

5. fruit Berry

Blackberry, cherry, blueberry, cranberry, pomegranate, fruit and other light-colored can also leave stains on teeth. Immediately brush your teeth and use floss after eating.

6. curry

The yellow color of curry can change the color to yellow teeth. In order for the color yellow does not stick longer, always brush your teeth after eating food berkari.

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Content of Vitamins In Bananas

Content of Vitamins In Bananas - Did you know bananas contain carbohydrates, protein, potassium, vitamin C and vitamin E. The content of potassium lowers blood pressure efficacious. Vitamin C can increase endurance. Vitamin E helps control the aging process, so we look younger

The content of bananas for anemia:
High iron content will saangat help the formation of red blood cells for patients with anemia or less blood. Simply eat 2 bananas per day is sufficient iron for people with anemia.

Benefits of bananas for the content of pregnant women:
Folic acid is found in bananas are very good for the development of the fetus. Folic acid will be very similar to what is readily absorbed through the womb of a fetus in the womb. However, it is advisable for pregnant women not to consume too many bananas because it has high calories so feared the fetus in the womb would be too active.

Banana benefits for patients with gastric disorders:

Banana mixed with milk is best eaten ulcer sufferers because it can neutralize the acid in the stomach so that the pain from injuries affected the stomach wall from acid reflux can be reduced. In addition, the high fiber content of bananas will also help facilitate digestion.

Banana benefits for patients with liver or Hepatitis:

Patients are advised to consume liver bananas mixed with honey to add energy. Due to the nature of the carbohydrate content of bananas that are easily digested and converted into energy will ease the task of the liver thereby allowing the liver to repair itself.

Benefits of banana leaves for burns patients:

The trick is to burn to ashes in banana leaves and then mixed with coconut oil and applied to broken skin burns. Insha Allah will give the effect of cold on the skin.

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Illness Myocarditis, Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

Myocarditis disease is a medical condition characterized by inflammation of the heart muscle which is located in the middle layer of the heart wall (myocardium). In the course of the disease, myocarditis disease may be acute, subacute, or chronic.

The cause of the disease myocarditis

The cause of the disease myocarditis is usually caused by a variety of bacterial, viral or fungal infections, rheumatic fever and tuberculosis, allergic reactions, chemicals. According to the specialist heart and blood vessels are many things that can cause disease myocarditis. Following review of the causes of myocarditis:

  • Parasites: The most common cause of congestive heart failure is Chagas disease. The cause of Chagas disease is someone toxoplasma and trypanosome cruzi is transmitted by insects.
  • Bacteria: tick-borne bacterium that causes Lyme disease, staphylococcus aureus, which can also cause infection of the heart valves, and people who suffer from bacterial infections diphtheria had myocarditis.
  • Fungi: fungal infections such as kandidda, aspergillus and other fungi such as Histoplasma myocarditis can cause disease.
  • Viruses: virus causing myocarditis is coxsackievirus B, the flu-like symptoms, parpovirus B19, mononucleosis caused by epstain-barr virus, measles caused by rubella, and adenovirus (causes of the flu).
  • Response hypersensitivity to drugs such as antibiotics and drugs such as cocaine.
  • Chemicals such as hydrocarbons and arsenic
  • Other diseases such as vascular inflammation, lupus, connective tissue disorders.

Symptoms of myocarditis that often arise:

  • Decreased urine output (oliguria)
  • Fatigue, fever
  • Suffering from arrhythmias or abnormal heart rate.
  • Swelling in the legs
  • Pain in the chest
  • Pain in the joints
  • Blown
  • Symptoms in infants and young children tend to be non-specific to general malaise, loss of appetite, abdominal pain, chronic cough.

Some things that can increase the risk of disease myocarditis:

  • Suffering from allergic reactions to medications or certain toxins
  • Is suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Is suffering from Sarcoidosis

Treatment of disease myocarditis

In the treatment of diseases such as myocarditis focuses on the cause of certain infections that may have caused inflammation of the heart. Here are some options in the treatment of myocarditis:

  • Antibiotics
  • Dieuretik
  • Rest Sleep
  • The Artificial Heart
  • Anti Inflammatory Drugs
  • Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation
  • Angiotensin-converting enzyme

Characteristics and Symptoms of Polio Virus Infection Due

Polio paralysis or poliomyelitis is a disease or paralysis caused by a virus. Polio disease is not foreign in the community. Typically most cases of polio in children, but it does not mean adults can be free from polio.

The cause of the disease polio

The cause is polio poliovirus (PV). These viruses enter through the mouth and nose, then multiply in the throat and digestive tract. The virus can enter the bloodstream and flows into the central nervous system causing muscle weakness and sometimes paralysis (paralysis).

The risk of poliomyelitis:

  • Yet polio immunization
  • Traveling to areas where polio is still a lot
  • Very advanced age or very young
  • Sores in the mouth, nose or throat
  • Stress and physical exhaustion extraordinary that weaken the immune system.

Characteristics and Symptoms of polio

The incubation period usually ranges poliovirus 3-35 days. Common symptoms of attack are people with sudden paralysis in one limb after a fever for 2-5 days. Polio can be divided into 3 types, then each - each of polio disease has symptoms / signs - a sign of its own.

  • Non-polio paralysis: Non-Polio paralysis causing fever, vomiting, abdominal pain, lethargy, and sensitive. Muscle cramps occur on the neck and back muscles feel soft to the touch.
  • Polio spinal paralysis: Strain poliovirus attacks the spinal cord, destroying the anterior horn cells that control movement of the trunk and limb muscles. In patients who have no immunity or have not been vaccinated, the virus will usually attack all parts of the trunk spinal cord and brain stem. However, patients who already have immune paralysis usually occurs in the legs.
  • Bulbar polio: Polio is caused by a lack of natural resistance that affected the brain stem involved. The brain stem contains motor neurons that regulate breathing and cranial nerve, which sends signals to the various nerves that control eye movement; trigeminal nerve and facial nerve associated with the cheeks, tear glands, gums, and muscles of the face; auditory nerve that regulates hearing; glossofaringeal nerves that help the process of swallowing and functions in the throat; movement of the tongue and taste, and the nerves that send signals to the heart, intestines, lungs, and nerves that regulate the movement of the neck added. It is imaginable type of polio caused the death.

Prevention of poliomyelitis

Poliovirus is highly contagious and incurable. This virus attacks the entire body (including the muscles and nervous system) and can cause permanent muscle weakness and paralysis in a matter of hours. Transmission of polio virus could spark the mouth of saliva, feces can also from polio. Some ways of preventing polio:

  • Polio immunization is usually done when the baby or child. Polio vaccine there are two types of vaccine Salk (polio virus vaccine inactivated), and sabin vaccine (polio virus vaccine is active). In patients with immune system disorders sabin vaccine can cause polio.
  • When the cooking water should be boiled to perfection. With high temperatures can quickly turn off the polio virus, otherwise if frozen or low temperature the virus can survive for years.
  • Get used to living a healthy lifestyle
  • Good sanitation and clean

3 Natural Healthy Diet

Healthy Diet - Why is your diet? Of course the answer is to lose weight. But in fact, people who diet tend to reduce diet every day, that day it shall be 2x 3x even some that eat only 1x per day. It certainly is not good for health, can even make your body become weak from lack of food and then sick. So, how to overcome it? There are many ways for it, you can also consume a variety of foods such as fruits, vegetables yag make your stomach remains full and not weak in carrying out your daily activities.

Healthy Diet

Here is a healthy diet that you can apply to your healthy diet program run:

  • Consuming avocado fruit. This fruit is a fruit that contains natural fats, unsaturated fats that can replace your daily fat needs without having to eat rice or meat. In addition, the avocado can also be filling the stomach even though we do not eat rice.
  • Nuts. Apparently, in addition to being a source of fat nuts are also able to burn fat in our bodies. In addition, nuts also contain protein and fiber which helps the body to control blood sugar and digestion.
  • Vegetable Borokoli. This vegetable is one of the vegetables that are full of fiber which helps satiate our stomach for a long time and also helps aid digestion in our bodies.

That 3-course meal to a healthy diet also helps you eat each day diet program. Try to consume 3 above menu every day to keep your body balance.

Healthy Diet Food

Above are 3 healthy diet that can help you in the diet so as not to get caught hungry belly diet because it is very difficult for those of you who are used to eating a lot every day. May be useful for those of you who are in a diet program to lose weight.

Cockroach Brains Containing Antibiotics Helpful

During this cockroach is known as a dangerous animal health, nasty, bias found in the damp and dirty. However, scientists believe that cockroaches appeared to have tremendous benefits for health.

According to the Daily Mail, testing has found the tissue of the brain and nervous system of insects can kill more than 90 percent of MRSA and E-coli without harming human cells. Simon Lee, a postgraduate researcher at the University of Nottingham said, the cockroach has strong antibiotic properties after discovering nine different molecules in cockroach tissues that are toxic to bacteria.

He said: "We hope molecules could eventually be developed into drugs for E-coli and MRSA infections are increasingly vulnerable to current drugs." These new antibiotics could potentially provide alternatives to currently available drugs, the drugs currently possible effective but have serious side effects and unwanted. "

He added: "Insects often live in unhealthy environments and unhygienic where they face different kinds of bacteria. Therefore logical ways memngembangkan insect defenses to protect themselves against micro-organisms." Mr Lee's research focuses on the study of specific properties of the antibacterial molecules are currently being tested in these super bugs.

According to the Society for General Microbiology, the pharmaceutical industry is generating fewer and fewer new antibiotics due to lack of financial incentives, so that high demand for alternative sources of new drugs. Tomorrow, Mr Lee will present his findings at a meeting of scientists friends before the fall at the University of Nottingham.

Dr. Naveed Khan oversees the work Lee. He said: "Insects super as MRSA have developed resistance to standard therapies and treatments that we do.

"They have demonstrated the ability to untreatable infections, and have become a major threat in our fight against bacterial diseases. Thus, there is a constant need to find additional sources of novel antimicrobials to confront this menace."

Friday, December 14, 2012

Several natural and traditional acne medications that you can try at home

  • Aloe vera has been known as a good material to absorb oil on the skin. Aloe vera contains anti-inflammatory ingredients that enhance fast recovery in cells inflamed skin. Wear extract or aloe vera gel on your face three times a day. Or can buy aloe vera products sold in pharmacies.
  • Combine rose water and lemon juice in equal measure and apply on the acne area. Allow to react for half an hour and then rinse with water until clean.
  • Peel the skin of a ripe papaya and mash in a small bowl. Papaya pulp and apply it to the acne affected area and wash off after 25-30 minutes. Then use sesame oil on the face. The combined effect of sesame oil and papaya is good to get rid of acne within 1-2 weeks.
  • Walnut leaves can also be used to treat acne because it contains astringent (a substance that is shrinking)
  • If acne is really severe and painful, apply ice on the area before going to bed. This method will reduce the swelling is extensive. You also can take a few tulsi leaves for cleansing the body from within.
  • Prescription acne medications most commonly used is effective by applying grated cucumber on areas of acne on your face. Effect of cucumber will give a sense of the natural cooling and reduce the heat in my face and get rid of acne quickly. Then proceed with smearing dough fresh tomatoes in the same acne treatment and do this with 3x daily routine.
  • Apply egg yolk on the face of the acne and let it react within 15 minutes, then rinse with clean water. This yellow herb can reduce the effects of oil on the skin glow.

It must be remembered that squeeze your acne is dangerous and not recommended. In general, acne lesions should not be gouged / massaged especially the kind of inflamed acne. Pemijitan can force the infected material to go deeper into the skin, causing additional inflammation and the likelihood of your facial acne scars.

Could Accelerate Pregnancy Sex Position?

Trying different styles more during sex is believed to arouse your partner. In fact there is a presumption that a certain style of lovemaking can increase the chances of pregnancy. Is this true?

Basically in a sex marriage has two functions, namely to reproduce or produce a child, and also useful as a recreation for fun and fulfillment. So naturally when any couple wanting to try a variety of styles to make love if you want to immediately produce offspring.

But in fact the sex style does not have much influence on the occurrence of pregnancy. According to gynecologist, dr. Ivan, the chance has nothing to do with sex positions.

Some couples even have put a pillow at the waist while making love in the hope that getting a baby soon. Though it had no effect at all on the process of fertilization.

An expert on sexology, dr. Andri Wanananda also expressed the same thing. "The position of sexual intercourse is not too influential for the pregnancy," said Dr Andri,

Dr. Andri revealed that pregnancy and fertilization influenced by factors. The first is the quality of women's ovary or ovaries that produce ova / eggs are good. Second, eustachii fallopian tubes or ovaries channels which deliver eggs to meet with male cells or spermatozoa. Third, where the lining of the uterus fetal life.

Factors male sperm quality also affects the chances of pregnancy. The number and shape of male cells and movement (motility) male cells clearly have an effect sooner or absence of fertilization.

How to Relieve Flu

Many people who rushed cure a cold with a variety of ways. But, according to the research actually coughs and colds can not be cured.

Colds can heal itself without the need for medication. All you can do is actually just ease or speed healing.

Taking vitamin C and chicken soup is proven to relieve the suffering that you experience when cold. In addition, zinc lozenges are also able to reduce the discomfort. However, it is not necessary because the inhalation of zinc can result in permanent damage to the sense of smell.

Here is an explanation of some of the things you can meengurangi suffering when stricken with a cold, as expressed by Dr. Mehmet C. Oz, MD

vitamin C

Immediately consumption of vitamin C if you start catching colds. Consume vitamin C as much as 2-3 grams after having a cold followed by 1-2 grams every few hours for 36 - 48 hours later. This can more quickly reduce infection.

Taking vitamin C after 24 - 36 hours after the first symptoms appear cold will not give any results. Therefore, the immediate consumption of vitamin C when cold symptoms have appeared. Thus you are suffering from a cold which can be shortened to 2-3 days compared to nine days if you do not take vitamin C.

chicken soup

Infection as a cold can be alleviated by eating chicken soup. Chicken soup is believed to enhance the immune sisitem to fight infection.


Zinc is one of the minerals that are proven to help shorten colds average.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Danger bacteria E. Coli for Health

We would never hear the bacterium E. coli, the bacteria E. coli is a rod-shaped bacterium with a length of about 2 micrometer and 0.5 micrometer diameter. E. cell volume coli ranged 0.6-0.7 cubic micrometer. Bacteria are commonly live in the range of 20-40 degrees C, optimum at 37 degrees.

A study published in the British Medical Journal found that people who consume contaminated water E. coli have an increased risk of developing high blood pressure, kidney problems and heart disease later in life.

The team of researchers from the Lawson Health Research Institute and The University of Western Ontario assessing the risk for high blood pressure, kidney disease and cardiovascular disease also occurs in 8 years since having gastroenteritis (digestive problems) from drinking water contaminated coli bacteria.

Approximately 54 percent of participants experienced acute gastroenteritis and some of them need medical attention. Given the participants who experienced acute gastroenteritis risk was 1.3 times more likely to have hypertension, 3.4 times more likely to develop renal impairment and 2.1 times more likely to experience cardiovascular disease such as heart attack or stroke.

Dr. Clark who is also a nephrologist at the London Health Sciences Centre said the importance of the community to ensure food and water consumed free of E.coli infection.

Pork Danger To Human Health

Take a look in the Video Below This worm or maggot out of the pork after pork poured water ie Cola-Cola soda, Tapeworm is very dangerous if ingested by humans, this worm will not die by any cooking process, baked, steamed, fried, would not make disappear tapeworms from pork.

Fact: one of the three people who often consume pork, in his many lives, especially in the intestinal parasites or tapeworms and it is very dangerous.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Experts Talk Food packaging Plastic Danger

The use of plastic bags in bulk in everyday life has brought environmental hazards, because plastic bags are not bio-degradable (decomposes naturally), said Ali Eshki, ecology professor at King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah.

He said that the use of plastic bags for hot foods can be harmful pengonsumsinya. He added further that the danger is increased if used the wrong type of plastic, because the chemical reaction between the plastic with food getting into the high temperature and food conditions were appropriate.

Eshki said plastic bags can contaminate food with certain chemicals. Chemicals that includes Styrene, Bisphenol A and Phthalates that can cause cancer, heart disease, kidney failure, and reproductive problems such as infertility.

Professor Eshki states that plastics are divided into two general categories: thermosets and thermoplastics. Thermosets are more durable and more powerful, and is used primarily in the automobile industry, construction, adhesives, inks, and protective coatings. Thermoplastic softer and weaker bonds, used for milk cartons, floor mats and carpet fiber manufacturer.

Eshki argued that according to the Food and Drug Administration United States (U.S. FDA) plastics that last type classified as "materials that have contact with food". Some toxins can migrate from the plastic into the food diwadahinya. The most common interactions with food ingredients is the migration of low molecular weight such as stabilizers, plasticizers, antioxidants, and monomer of plastic food wrap.

Bags and plastic packaging of food stores or vendors on the roadside does not contain any identification code indicating whether it is safe or not for a hot meal, and instead leave it to the consumer to determine if the food inside is safe or not for consumption.

He stated that a study showed a close relationship between the plastic chemical cargo with the rate of diabetes in the UK, given the residents there use plastic in the microwave for cooking and heating food. He warned that the water in the plastic packaging is also not fit for human consumption because the container was used exposed or exposed to direct sunlight when loaded onto the trucks.

Recognize the symptoms of lung cancer is early!

Lung cancer occurs when there is uncontrolled cell growth in tissues of the lung. If this is left unchecked, the growth of these cells will spread to all parts and stop the performance of the lungs. Even not rule out the possibility, also cancer will spread to other organs.

Often the symptoms of cancer have been seen in the early days. However, the early symptoms are often overlooked and only recently recognized when it reaches the next stage. In fact, knowing the symptoms of cancer early is crucial for treatment and chances of survival.

Recognize some early symptoms of cancer, as reported by the Health Me Up (14/10) below.

1. Severe cough that never healed.
2. Coughing up blood.
3. Increasingly short of breath.
4. Breath sounds.
5. Pain in the chest.
6. Loss of appetite.
7. Weight loss continues to fall.
8. Exposed to bronchitis or pneumonia.

When finding the signs above, you should immediately see a doctor. If lung cancer until the later stages, there will arise the following symptoms.

1. The body feels weak all day.
2. Difficulty swallowing food.
3. Discoloration of the fingernails.
4. Voice hoarse and raspy changed.
5. High fever
6. Some parts of the face to swell.

Typically, lung cancer will not show serious symptoms until middle stage. However it is important to observe early symptoms. Identifying lung cancer early will have better for your own healing.

5 Things About Lung Cancer You Should Know

Lung cancer is often referred to as the invisible cancer that is mostly found in an advanced stage. Here are 5 things you should know about lung cancer.

One of the reasons that made the deadly lung cancer is a symptom that is often not seen or did not realize until the disease spread to other organs in the body and into stadiumlanjut.

Here are 5 things you should or should be known by the public about lung cancer, as quoted dariawomanshealth, namely:

1. Smoking is the number 1 cause of lung cancer, but not the only cause of

The biggest risk factor for lung cancer associated with smoking, while the second most common cause of cancer paruadalah radon (natural gas is colorless and odorless).

Meanwhile, other risk factors include scarring of the lung due to tuberculosis or a neighborhood filled with cigarette smoke, air pollution, radiation, asbestos and some chemicals.

2. About 1 in 5 women with lung cancer never smoked, compared with 1 out of 10 men

Women who had never smoked more at risk of lung cancer compared to men who do not smoke. The most frequent cause of lung cancer due to women exposed to cigarette smoke (secondhand smoke).

Some evidence suggests women are more sensitive to the effects of chemicals from cigarettes than men, and about 9 percent of women diagnosed with lung cancer were younger than men.

3. Symptoms of lung cancer differ between men and women

This is because the type of lung cancer in men and women tend to differ. Men are more often diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma tends to grow near the main air duct. Symptoms bluish blood phlegm, chronic cough and infection.

While women are more often diagnosed with adenocarcinoma that grows in the outer regions of the lung that does not show many symptoms, and little contact with squamous cell carcinoma of the symptoms such as shortness of breath, back pain, shoulder and fatigue.

4. There's no easy way of screening for lung cancer

Currently there is no better option for lung cancer screening with CT scan in addition to the cost is expensive. Even so the researchers are now studying the other tests include chest x-rays and spiral CTS.

5. Lung cancer risk can be reduced

One way to reduce risk is to stop smoking and reduce exposure to secondhand smoke, eat a balanced diet and exercise, and if it is or ever smoked in the past should consider talking to a doctor for urgent screening. This is because lung cancer is classified as a type of cancer that can be treated if detected early.

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Tips for feeding your pet rabbit

Fiber is very important digestive system in rabbits. Perhaps most of us think enough pellets as feed our pet rabbit, but it should not forget the intake of natural fibers in rabbits on a daily basis. Grass or vegetables should still be available to feed the rabbits in because the instant the rabbit feed pellet or Pur can cause obesity and increase the likelihood of gastrointestinal problems. This is because the fibers in the pellets is already in fine shape, so it will affect the digestive system as minimal, it can cause illness (diarrhea) in rabbits. And digestive problems one of the biggest problems is often the case fatality

Indeed When in need of instant fodder for rabbits, sometimes we forget fiber in it. Even in the absence of natural food for rabbits can increase the risk of death. Rabbits have sensitive digestive systems, pellet which can lead to obesity and disorders of the digestive system should be reduced in use, or be given a schedule of the day. As for some alternative natural fibers that are important for maintaining the health and survival of rabbit you have.

Feeding fresh grass diet can help reduce the rabbit pellets. Some rabbits may be unfamiliar with the fresh or dried grass. The tips is to reduce the intake of rabbit pellets and replaced with grass. So that eventually, when the rabbit was hungry, MKA will try to eat the grass that you provide. For those who have a baby rabbit, ranging from small grass should be introduced on a textured soft option and not wet and sticky .. grass is good and has a high nutritional intake for rabbits is Timothy grass and alfalfa. In some places the availability of grass is already sold in the form of seeds for planting

just like grass, vegetables are also important in providing fiber in rabbits. However, some specific vegetables dangerous because it increases the intensity of ammonia as final disposal rabbit .. intake should also be considered for the rabbit diet. Actually if ditakarkan relative to the number of rabbits eating, because it depends on the rabbit with a big body. to the size of a normal rabbit with a weight of 2.5 - 3 kg less than 2-4 cups fresh vegetables are provided daily. Varieties of vegetables that can be administered in rabbits, among others. Carrots, broccoli, turnips. But for kale, spinach and collards, have high levels of oxalate, so intake should be noted that 3 times a week. Beans, cauliflower, cabbage, and potatoes can cause problems and should be avoided. The lettuce has almost no nutritional value and should be avoided. Wash vegetables well in order to reduce the possibility of toxicity from pesticides before giving to your rabbit.


Pellets are basically designed for commercial rabbit production, and quite high in calories. As a result, many rabbits are obese and this can lead to other problems that interfere with health kelinci.Pelet have a place in rabbit nutrition, as they are rich and balanced in nutrients. However, experts recommend limiting the pellet meal, and replace with vegetables and grasses that have been described above
Feeding pellets should be set up well for the health of the rabbit that you provide. For adult rabbits, the amount should be carefully regulated, depending on the size (weight) of rabbits. As a rule, provide approximately ¼ (quarter) sized cup for rabbits 2-3 kg, ½ (half) cup for rabbits 4-5 kg ​​lb, and ¾ (three quarters) cup for 5.5 to 7 kg rabbit. And feed pellets for rabbit pups can but in limited quantities

Based on the exposure must have been a lover of rabbits we have to have all the best to feed our rabbits. Mudah2n your rabbit healthy and can breed well den gan

About High Blood Pressure and Hypertension Natural Medicines

Hypertension drug. What is hypertension? Hypertension is the term used to describe high blood pressure experienced by the NII someone medically. Blood pressure is a measure of the force that drives our artery walls when the heart pumps blood throughout the body. Measure of blood pressure is usually denoted by two numbers, for example 120/80 mmHg.

Either or both of these numbers may be too high. Many were overcome with hypertension natural cure for hypertension that tends idap period of time. Too many chemical drugs are not good for the body's metabolism, which is why people prefer to consume natural hypertension remedy to overcome the pain of high blood pressure. However, if hypertension is too high, then it is better to consult a doctor immediately.

The figure at the top shows the systolic blood pressure and the bottom is the diastolic blood pressure. If someone has symptoms of pre hypertension, it is possible develop into high blood pressure. If you have any problems with the liver or heart or if you have had a stroke, your doctor will advise people to have lower blood pressure than normal people.

Causes and Hypertension Drug

Many things that cause hypertension, including:

  • The number of levels of sugar and salt in the body
  • The health condition of the liver, nervous system and blood vessels
  • Levels of different body hormones

Increasing age maybe we will have a higher blood pressure. this is because the blood vessels in the body become more rigid than when younger. When that happens, your blood pressure goes up which causes an increased tendency had suffered a stroke, heart disease, heart failure, liver disease, and premature death. Hypertension drugs can be obtained by means of herbal or chemical.

Herbal medicine for hypertension more consumed by the people of Indonesia because they were cheaper than also made from natural ingredients sehngga not cause side effects on the body are too gruesome than chemical drugs. You have the risk of high blood pressure, if:
  • Afro American
  • Obesity
  • Often stress or nervousness
  • Too much alcohol
  • Consume too much salt
  • Got siabetes
  • Smoke

Mostly, it does not cause high blood pressure for sure, this is called essential hypertension. If you want to be healthy naturally, the only safe cure hypertension is to avoid the stress and running a healthy lifestyle according to the dose.

Symptoms and Hypertension Drug

Symptoms of hypertension actually can not be ascertained. Some patients know themselves developing hypertension when blood pressure checked by a doctor. Since there is no definite symptoms that can trigger heart attacks and liver problems without them knowing that he had high blood pressure.

If you experience severe headache, sudden confusion, changes in vision or nosebleeds, chances are we have symptoms of high blood pressure. Medicine for hypertension or high blood pressure is a common and safe to consume until now is to rest and discard all thoughts that invites stress.

Make checks blood pressure to the doctor several times to make sure your blood pressure normal blood pressure usually can be different every day. The doctor will give a series of tests to find out if you are affected by hypertension or not. This test can also be to determine:

  • The level of cholesterol in the body
  • Heart disease
  • Liver disease

Drug Treatment and Hypertension
The goal of treatment is to lower blood pressure in the body so that we will avoid the risk of severe complications. If exposed to hypertension, then the doctor will recommend lifestyle changes that can bring high blood pressure became normal. Hypertension drug like this is more recommended by experts. In addition, hypertension is good medicine is as follows:

  • A healthy diet and regular diet.
  • Regular exercise at least 30 minutes a day.
  • Stop the habit of smoking.
  • Do not consume alcohol or limit if consumed-Limit salt intake to less than 1500 mg per day.
  • Reduce stress, try to avoid things that will cause you stress.
  • Keeping the weight in the normal range.

Make healthy lifestyle as a natural hypertension remedy for you. By contacting a doctor or nutritionist, making diet and diet for the better. In addition, there are many drugs that can be consumed hypertension course recommended by your doctor. Do not take hypertension drugs at random because the impact can be fatal for you.

Hypertension drugs often are not enough to control blood pressure, so you may need to consume up to two or three at a time. When uncontrolled hypertension being the possible complications that will arise are as follows:

  • Bleeding from the aorta, the blood vessels that mensupplai blood to the abdomen, pelvis and legs.
  • Chronic liver disease. Having a liver disease as well as hypertension is a very uncomfortable combination for us.
  • Heart attacks and heart failure, the disease most feared by all healthy human on this earth. A heart attack can result in premature death and can happen at any time even when people are exercising can be affected as well.
  • Lack of blood supply to the foot. Lack of blood supply to the legs make the legs become stiff and sore, making it hard movement.
  • Stroke. Many adults who suffered a stroke at a young age. One possible cause is hypertension. Modern lifestyles lead to higher stress and uncontrolled diet so they do not realize that they get a high enough blood pressure. Hypertension medication is to reduce the partying lifestyle and change the bad habits of unhealthy food consumption.
  • Problems with vision. The rise in blood pressure causes impaired visual function. Here cirri can be considered directly by us.

When hypertensive drugs are urgently needed, time for you to contact your doctor. Even if it has not been diagnosed with hypertension, it is imperative we check blood pressure every time ata in a regular frequency, especially if there is a family who suffer from hypertension. Chances are we can develop the same disease.

To prevent the occurrence of hypertension, there are some things that can be considered are as follows:

  • Adults aged over 18 years have had their blood pressure checked on a regular basis to the doctor. When you have hypertension requiring medication will be harder to overcome than prevention.
  • Changing lifestyles will ikutmengendalikan blood pressure in the body. A healthy lifestyle and a lot of stress makes us an advanced happier in your daily activities. A healthy diet and do not contain much cholesterol would be the most convenient hypertension medications.
  • Follow the advice of a nutritionist or doctor to modify, treat or control possible causes of high blood pressure in the body.

Know Cancer Drugs

Along with the development of technology and human knowledge, at this time has been increasingly found a cure for cancer. Neither the form nor the modern medicine as a remedy including natural or herbal remedies.

The existence of a wide range of cancer drugs increase the chances of cure hope for cancer patients. So the cancer no longer a frightening specter in the absence of a cure for the disease.

In the past, cancer is considered as one of the causes of death in the world other than a heart attack. This is because cancer is a type of disease that elusive cure. So for those who are sentenced to suffer the cancer, the life expectancy is very thin.

To treat cancer, widely used multiple ways such as surgery, radiation or chemotherapy. Techniques chemotherapy is intended to cure cancer by slowing or stopping the growth of cancer cells causing oncogenes.

The working principle of this chemotherapy treatment through the system by irradiating the area where the cancer cells to grow. So at a certain phase or all phases when the mitotic process can be inhibited so as not to create new cancer cells.

Unfortunately, treatment with chemotherapy system also has adverse implications. One is the treatment process is not only impacted kill harmful cancer cells only. But it is also risky to kill cells that are still good and useful for the development of the human body.

That is why, this chemotherapy treatment system at the present time is getting a bit used. This is in line with the finding of various alternative cancer drugs have a lower risk than chemotherapy can kill beneficial cells in the body.

Herbal Medicine

In addition to using the system of modern medicine, many people are choosing natural system as a cancer drug. This system is known as herbal medicine, which utilizes the potential of the various plants that exist in nature. Therefore, many types of plants that if treated properly can produce a variety of substances that can cure diseases that exist in the human body.

In addition, herbal medicine has been chosen by the people because it is believed not to cause harmful side effects. This is in contrast to the modern type of treatment that often have a negative effect. In addition, treatment with a modern system requires no small cost.

Under these conditions, making people who come from the middle and lower economic, difficult to reach the cost of such treatment. This resulted in an increase in the number of people who died from cancer and did not receive adequate treatment.

Herbal treatment is then chosen way to cure cancer with a cheap and small side effects. One way is to utilize kasiat contained in soursop fruit. The fruit is believed to have several advantages and beneficial not just to enjoy the freshness alone.

Discovery of the benefits of soursop fruit is considered as one of the greatest inventions of this century. It is associated with studies showing that the soursop fruit is a natural remedy that is considered to be effective, especially for treating one of the world's diseases, namely cancer and tumors.

Before you discovered the benefits of soursop fruit, cancer and tumors is one of the biggest causes of death in the world. Therefore, there is no drug that is considered effective against a disease that attacks the cells of the human body. Consequently, every human being who gets the doctor's diagnosis with the disease, seemed to have received a death sentence.

However, when the research is done by researchers at the Health Science Institute, they find an awesome mafaat soursop fruit. Since the fleshy fruit is soft and white and the anti-tumor effect of cancer is very powerful and has been proven through medical research. And in this study, it is found that soursop fruit can cure all types of cancer.

Benefits of Soursop Fruit

Aside from being a healer cancer, other benefits of soursop fruit is as antibacterial anti fungal. Soursop is very effective against various types of parasites / worms that damage the health of the human body. In addition, the soursop is very suitable for people with high blood pressure and also improve the nervous system that are less good.

In his research, a team from the Health Sciences Institute based on the custom of the Indians who live in the Amazon jungle. This tribe has a habit of using all parts of the soursop tree, from the wood, leaves, fruits and seeds sisrsak as media treatment. Indian tribes believe that the benefits of soursop fruit can be used to cure heart disease

Cure for Cancer

Soursop as a cancer cure discovery occurred in 1976. this case after trial involving 20 independent labroratorium working under the coordination and supervision of the National Cancer Institute.

From this research, a fact that was found in one of the chemical elements contained in soursop fruit that can kill cancer cells. In contrast to systems that are widely used chemotherapy as a killer of cancer cells, soursop fruit to work smarter. Therefore, the elements contained in soursop fruit is able to differentiate between bad cells that are destructive and which cells are still healthy.

Soursop would choose to kill the bad cells and leave the healthy cells. His ability to kill the bad cells, too, 10,000 more powerful than the chemo therapy that uses laser light technology assistance.

In addition, the chemo therapy was not able to distinguish between cells that are still healthy and damaged cells. All cells will be turned off if using chemo therapy. This is what distinguishes soursop treatment with chemo therapy.

Treatment with chemo therapy will cause hair loss as well as result in the emergence of cancer patients with nausea. While treatment using soursop, it will not happen. This is because only the evil that will be turned off by the chemical elements contained in the soursop fruit. This is why, soursop many alternatives used in the healing process of cancer and tumors in the present.

Other Plants

Besides soursop, apparently there are many more plants and fruits that are known to have anti-cancer effects, such as: 1. Tomatoes are known to treat prostate cancer, by eating tomatoes that have been boiled.
2. Red pepper known to prevent colon cancer if consumed in the long term.
3. Grape seed is also known to have anti-cancer compounds, so if wine consuming search that has seeds and eat with the skin.
4. A red betel leaf is known as an anti-breast cancer by boiling.
5. Ginger is known to have an active substance cursil that is as anti-inflammatory, anti-liver and anti-cancer.

For the people of Indonesia, all the plants mentioned above are not the kinds of plants that are hard to find. Therefore, plants are easily found in various places and sold in all markets or vendors of traditional herbs.

Plants include antioxidants which cancer killer. Therefore, when consumed will kill and detecting cells that grow abnormally.

What is depression?

During this time, many mentioned the danger of depression to physical health. But what exactly is the meaning of this condition? Is depression just a feeling anxious or sad?

According to psychiatrist Dr Kersi Chavda of PD Hinduja Hospital in India, the classic signs of depression is a psychological disorder experienced by a person. For example, have no desire to do anything in a long time or even think to kill yourself.

To better understand what is depression, see descriptions such as those reported by the Health Me Up follows.
  • Feel there is something wrong within yourself and experience in at least two weeks.
  • Having a sense of hopelessness to hinder yourself to socialize with the outside world.
  • Often feel hopeless, worthless, and constantly blame themselves.
  • Thoughts of suicide or even attempt to do so.
  • Often numb and unable to expect anything else.
  • Biological functions such as eating, sleeping, bowel, and sexual activity are affected.
  • There are periodic sadness, for example, is easy to cry because it was too sensitive to things that are heard or seen.
  • Concentration difficult and almost impossible to do a good job.
  • In depressed patients who are young, there are also complaints of aches and pains that can not be explained physically.
Depression could be cured through therapy and medication consumption. Unfortunately there is always a fear that the depression may recur sometime in the future. So the treatment of depression should be done properly in accordance with the patient's condition.

"At least one in four people will suffer from depression once in their lifetime and most cases are usually experienced by women. Consequently, everyone should understand properly what is depression and what the warning signs," said Dr Kersi.

Pineapples for pregnant women, good or bad?

When a woman is pregnant, she should know what foods are good or bad for consumption. For example, pineapple, is the fruit of this one was bad as a lot of people talking about? Consider descriptions as reported by Boldsky (07/12) below.

early contractions
In the first month of pregnancy should be monitored properly and do not eat fruit or pineapple juice to excess. Because pineapple contains bromelain compounds that are weakening the cervix (neck of the womb). So that excessive consumption would trigger early contractions of the uterus.

For young pineapple, especially the color of his skin is green, contains bromelain in it very much and not just make a weak cervix, but also miscarriage. Therefore, women in early pregnancy should limit or even avoid entirely consume young pineapple.

another problem
Eating too much pineapple is also capable of causing diarrhea and ulcer disease. Because the acid content of tropical fruit is indeed quite disturbing sensitive stomach. Pregnant women who suffer from gastritis clearly endanger yourself and the condition of the fetus.

Although pineapple contains a lot of vitamin C and other nutrients the body needs, it is recommended pregnant women not to consume it in large quantities.

To further determine whether you are a pregnant women should enjoy pineapple or not, you should consult with your doctor. Because the condition from one person to another is usually different.

Recognize Cancer Symptoms in Children

Perhaps you wonder why cancer can occur in children? What are the causes, symptoms and characteristics of childhood cancers?

According to dr. Edi Setiawan Tehuteru, Sp.A (K) MHA IBCLC, at the 'Care For Our Children', childhood cancer can not be prevented. Cancer that affects infants from birth, for example, allegedly due to irregularities in cell growth for genetic defects.

And, the cancer most commonly affects children is a blood cancer (leukemia), which is about 25-30% of all pediatric cancer patients. Followed by cancer of the retina of the eye, lymph nodes, nerves, kidneys, muscles, and bones.

Dr. Edi adds, is still difficult to make early detection of cancer in children. Most can only be detected after a lump or tumor. Well, you may begin to be alert when it finds a lump in the following areas and complete with the characteristics:

Eyes: Looks like the cat's eyes, red eyes, or squint.

Neck: A lump grew in a short time. The child does not complain of pain when pressed or held bumps.

Stomach: bulge and when pressed will palpable lump.

Hands or feet: Swelling and is usually accompanied by fever or pain.

Brain: Accompanied symptoms of dizziness, vomiting spraying, paralysis, and impaired balance.

Cancer In Children

Did you know?

Official statistical data from IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer) states that 1 in 600 children will develop cancer before the age of 16 years.

Cancer in children requires handling with expertise, specialized facilities and infrastructure.
If the cancer impinge on the child, it will be a complex burden not only for parents but also siblings, doctors, nurses, school and society and the environment.

Cancer in children is estimated at 1% of the overall number of cancers, but childhood cancers can be cured if detected early and treatment and maintenance carried out by facilities / infrastructure.

Type of Cancer in Children

Leukemia is a cancer in children most often found in children. Leukaemia has hope for recovery with appropriate treatment and correct. Symptoms to watch and often found in leukemia include pale, fever or unexplained bleeding, bone pain and abdominal swelling.

Brain Tumor
Tumors in the brain can disrupt and damage the structure fungsu arrangement of the central nervous, because it lies within a finite cavity (cranial cavity).

Symptoms to watch out for the brain tumor is pain accompanied by nausea to vomiting. Can also be accompanied by the power of vision is reduced, decreased consciousness or behavior changes.

In infants are usually large crown menonjpol. Another thing that should be suspected when there is a speech disorder and body balance, weakened limbs or seizures.

Retinablastoma is eye cancer that is often found in children. Symptoms to duawasi is a white spot in the middle of the eyes that seemed to shine when the light hit like a cat's. Another thing to note is the vision impaired, the eyes became crossed, and when it has advanced the protruding eyeballs.

Maglia Lymphoma is a cancer of the lymph nodes, the cancer is usually characterized by enlargement and swelling of the lymph nodes quickly without the pain. Enlarged lymph nodes were rapidly without the pain. Enlarged lymph nodes in the neck, armpit or groin and bowel and without the pain.

When the onset of the lymph nodes in the intestines, it can cause blockage of the intestine with symptoms of abdominal pain, vomiting, unable to defecate and fever. When grown in the chest area, it can stimulate or depress the respiratory tract. Causing shortness of breath and blue face.

Neuroblastoma is a type of cancer neurological symptoms that can show many symptoms, depending on their location. Neuroblastoma can occur in the neck or chest cavity and eyes. If there is in the eye area can cause bulging eyeballs, eyelids down and dilated pupils.

If there is in the spine can compress the spinal cord and result in paralysis of the fast. Tumors in the abdomen will be palpated been great. The spread of the bones can cause fractures without cause, without pain so sufferers suddenly limp.

Wilms Tumor
Wilms tumor is a kidney cancer most often found in anak.Kanker can be characterized by kecing bleeding, discomfort in the stomach and when old enough palpable hard, usually known when the child is bathed.

Cancer is found in muscles everywhere, usually in children in the head, neck, bladder, prostate (male sex glands) and the vagina. Symptoms depend on the location of the cancer.

In the eye socket causing the eyes to bulge out. In the ear causing pain or bleeding from the ear hole. In the throat causing airway obstruction, inflammation of the sinuses (cavities around the nose), bleeding from the nose (nosebleeds) or difficulty swallowing. In the bladder cause urination or bloody urine. When the digestive tract can be impaired defecation. When the limb muscles will swell.

Osteosarcoma is a cancer of the bone. Rapid swelling when the pain needs to be wary as the possibility of bone cancer. Bone cancer can strike any part of the bone, but most are found in the legs and arms pinggul.Kadang sometimes preceded by a hard impact such as falls and so on.

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Lack of concentration or a Brain Disease Symptoms?

Some days I really made my stress by the nature of this one, the effect is not only a waste of time and energy (to look for), as well as material which cost quite a bit.


Yes, sure is a condition where people suddenly lose memory (can not remember) about an event that has been seen / heard / done. Forgot caused by lack of concentration on the details of the events that we have experienced, it could also be a symptom of a brain disease. Therefore, when we often have forgotten the frequency of frequent and disturbing effectiveness, need to be checked further any cause. Gratitude when only a lack of concentration, it could be overcome by consuming fish oil, exercise, and utilize time planner / notes properly. But if you forget that you are experiencing is a symptom of brain disease, do not wait any longer. Immediately check to the hospital.

5 Dangers Spicy Food

In addition to challenging, various chips or spicy ramen providing certain levels to indicate the level of kepedasannya also make a person feel proud if he successfully devoured The Spicy Crisps. Indeed, hell, the source of spicy chilli has many benefits.

Call it a high content of vitamin C, contain capsaicin can kill cancer cells, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, and controlling microbial contamination in food. However, as the old saying goes, all that will not cause excessive kindness. Likewise, when you eat too much spicy food.

Spicy foods can accelerate bowel movements that facilitate the occurrence of diarrhea. When spicy food had reached the colon, irritating effects of spicy food will be immediately felt. Then the body will send more water into the bowel to relieve symptoms of irritation. Be aware, everyone has a different sensitivity intestine so that resistance to spicy foods will be different. If you are sensitive to spicy food, you should limit your consumption of spicy foods.


Consumption of spicy foods too often can cause the hull surface to become brittle and susceptible to injury. The disease is called gastritis aka mag, which is due to inflammation of the stomach lining. Because the stomach is often overwritten spicy foods cause the layers thin and prone to infection.

Ever feel like your tongue is divided into certain patterns that lead to food tasted so bland? It is believed to be a result of allergies on the tongue. As with any food or drink that is too hot, spicy foods can also lead to some parts of the tongue allergy so your appetite is reduced because of the inconvenience.

Sensitivity tongue reduced
Pengonsumsian excessive spicy foods can reduce the sensation permanently so the tongue is no longer responsive to savor the flavor. If you feel more and more powerful eating spicy foods, you should be careful. Not that you're getting used to it, it could be the sensitivity of taste buds gradually wear out. Most fatal, tongue no longer function optimally to determine the portion of spicy food that we can tolerate.

Spicy foods can also disrupt sleep patterns. Indeed, your body needs to relax when you want to sleep, especially in the first cycle during sleep due towards spicy foods can also increase body temperature and heart rate trigger faster. So avoid spicy foods before you go to sleep, yeah!

Danger alert Snack

As the name suggests, this snack is not a staple food. Snacks are not filling and consumed as a distraction or just a snack.

However, behind the ease of getting and the price of light, the danger was not a little snack. Ready to threaten the health of consumers. This snack danger could come from the materials used, the composition, or how to make it.

Danger Snack

Dangers snacks, among others arises because:

Low fiber

Snacks are generally low in fiber, but the body needs fiber to facilitate digestion and prevent constipation.

In the long run, the lack of fiber can even cause diseases such as cholesterol, heart disease, and colon cancer. But though the body needs fiber, consuming artificial fibers, powder or tablet is also not recommended.

High salt

The high salt in packaged snacks and junk food has the potential to cause hypertension (high blood pressure) and aggravate the kidneys.

High sugar

Frequently consuming foods that are high in sugar can lead to diseases such as obesity and diabetes

High fat

Although fat serves as a source of energy and helps the metabolic processes in the body, excessive fat consumption can cause not only obesity but also cause hypertension, heart disease, and cancer.

Contain preservatives

Preservatives may be used is a special food preservative, it was in a certain dose.

The use of high-dose, continuous, or even using non-food preservatives can cause diseases such as diarrhea, food poisoning, liver damage, kidney dysfunction, cancer and even death.

Contain dyes

Food coloring is used in order to look more beautiful food can attract consumers to buy.

Excessive use of dyes or even use dye in the long term, can cause various diseases, including cancer.

Hazards Due Snack Processing

For small industries or cottage industries, snacks hazard can also occur due to:

  1. The raw material is not clean
  2. Not good quality raw materials, such as rotten.
  3. Unhygienic food processing or health standards. For example, repeated use of cooking oil, even cooking oil until the color changed to black, can cause cholesterol, harm the heart, and lead to cancer.
  4. The presentation of the food is not clean. Snacks like moist cakes that are not packaged separately and are not covered by either very easily overcome by dust, flies, and bacterial contamination.

There is no prohibition to eat a snack. But remember not a few dangers that lurk snacks, better to be a smart consumer: carefully before buying and health come first.

Tips on Dealing with Pain Flu

Pain often occurs when the flu is the transition season. In addition to erratic weather, seasonal changes may occasionally make the condition of the body did not fit so easily attacked by diseases.

Flu Causes Pain

Flu is a disease caused by a viral infection of the respiratory tract. This virus directly attacks the body when the power is on the decline, especially in the winter or rainy. The disease is very contagious flu to others. Transmission can occur through air that has been contaminated by the flu virus, which originated from a sneeze or cough flu patients. The incubation period for the flu usually only one to four days.

Sick Flu Symptoms

Patients with flu or colds usually exhibit some of the symptoms below, include:

  • Nasal congestion and difficulty breathing
  • fever or body temperature rises, sometimes the body also feels chills
  • Headache and feel dizzy
  • Sore throat with cough
  • Pain in the joints or sore muscles
  • Frequent sneezing
  • Dehydration

Tips on Dealing with Pain Flu

Although the flu is not considered a dangerous disease, but must quickly overcome the flu, because it can degrade your performance. Here are some tips that you can do when the flu attack:

  • Drink plenty of water, because water is very useful to replace fluids lost due to the amount of mucus from the nose. In addition, water is also beneficial to lower the body temperature rises.
  • Stop eating ice or foods like that can lead to increased severity of strep throat.
  • Rest at home to recover the body.
  • Adequate sleep, especially after taking cold medicine. Because the drugs will work quickly when you are in a resting state and not a lot of activity.
  • Inhale steam to reduce congestion so as to ease breathing.
  • Gargle with salt water. Salt solution can help relieve inflammation of the throat.
  • Strengthen the immune system. One of them is by eating nutritious foods, especially those containing vitamin C and antioxidants that works to help the body fight a variety of germs.

Friday, December 7, 2012

The benefits of goat milk for health and skin

Benefits and goat milk for health effects in general:

Goat milk proteins (goatein) is a naturally balanced combination between milk protein with other nutritional compounds which produce a high and rapid absorption in the digestive system. Protein is then converted into energy, fat burning are thus able to build body tissue cells.

Balanced and natural nutrient that is in the goat's milk is the main base and an important reason why goat milk safely administered to newborns though, and for the elderly (seniors) who experience chronic digestive disorders with complications / complications. For patients with malnutrition, goat milk can be easy to adjust, so did not experience the reactions of the body.

Goat milk proteins suppress excessive cell response that can suppress allergic reactions.

As a supplement / food additives to suppress the main side effects of radiation and treatment with chemotherapy drugs (such as cancer treatment). The amino acid L-tryptophane effective for various cases of insomnia and mental stress / stress. Glutamine, an amino acid important for shaping the body and endurance.

Therefore, either to restore external wounds and injuries.

Improve the digestive system, including the absorption disorders that often lead to malnutrition. Increases endurance-immunity against various infectious diseases.

As an anti-toxin (poison antidote) including anti against various cancer-causing substances Limiting the formation of LDL cholesterol that can lead to various heart diseases, stroke, and other degenerative illnesses that are often deadly.

Good for if ragawan active, goat milk proteins can inhibit immune deficiencies caused by strenuous exercise.

Goat's milk for beauty, caprilik acidic useful to shed dead skin cells, eliminate black spots and prevents premature wrinkles. With a diameter of only 2 microns finer than cow's milk, are able to stay longer on the surface of the skin that makes the skin smoother and whiter.

Secret beauty and softness of Egyptian queen Cleopatra was bathing in goat milk. Lately proven that goat milk is able to clean up the cell as well as moisturize the skin.

The pH level of the skin together.
Goat milk soap greatly benefit our skin because it has the same pH level similar to our skin. Making goat milk soft on the skin for this reason.

Remove Acne. Other benefits of goat milk soap is containing natural alpha hydroxy acid, which is an element of a natural exfoliant that removes dead skin cells from your skin. Therefore, indirectly also able to improve the condition of acne. Goat's milk also contains protein, fat, iron, vitamin C and vitamin D, vitamin B, and vitamin A is high. These nutrients make the skin soft menejadi. Vitamins are contained in goat milk has some anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce the redness of acne.

Brighten skin. Besides softening effect, goat's milk is also widely used to lighten the skin.

Suitable for dry, sensitive, eczema, psoriasis. Goat milk soap is suitable for people who have dry or sensitive skin types, or also have skin problems such as eczema and psoriasis. Also suitable for healthy skin who want to keep it that way.

Alpha Hydroxy Acids. Goat milk contains alpha-hydroxy acids such as lactic acid which helps remove dead skin cells from the surface of your skin. This makes new cells on the surface of your skin look smoother and younger. Alpha-hydroxy acids are very effective because it breaks the bond of dead skin cells. Removing dead skin cells will help to address the condition of the skin irritation.

Vitamin. Goat's milk contains many vitamins, especially Vitamin A, which is needed to repair damaged skin tissue and maintain healthy skin. There are several medical studies show that creams made with Vitamin A reduces fine lines and wrinkles, acne control, and provide some relief of psoriasis.

Fat molecule is an important part of making a good soap. Creams are present in goat's milk helps improve the quality moisturizing goat milk soap. Because many people suffer from dry skin, especially in winter, it is important for the quality of the soap. Goat milk soap will not dry out your skin like other soaps. This is important because it keeps the skin's natural moisturizer that helps keep skin healthy.

Mineral. Goat milk contains essential minerals to the skin such as selenium. Selenium is believed by scientists have an important role in preventing skin cancer. Selenium can also help prevent skin damage from excessive time in the sun.