Sunday, November 18, 2012

Vitamin D Supplements Good For Pregnant Women

The use of vitamin D supplements during pregnancy is safe and effective for healthy women, as quoted from a new study. Even at the highest dose, vitamin D is found to have no side effects in women or infants. The team, led by Bruce Hollis of the Medical University of South Carolina, using a randomized trial to healthy pregnant women to find out how many doses of daily supplements that are safe and the blood levels of vitamin D can keep it.
  • Vitamin D supplementation during pregnancy remains controversial largely due to severe misconceptions about the potential harm it may cause to the fetus,
  • Vitamin D supplementation during pregnancy is controversial mainly due to a misunderstanding of the potential hazard to the fetus,

Hollis said the report from the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research. Of debate and controversy has led researchers to continue to study and find a bit of progress since Dr. Gilbert Forbes made ​​the recommendation of 200 units per day in 1963, based on a hunch.

Tim Hollis monitoring study on 350 pregnant women between the ages of 12-16 weeks. According to a statement from the Medical University, 350 pregnant women were randomly made ​​into three groups. The first group received 400 units of vitamin D per day, the second group received 2000 units of vitamin D per day, and the third group received 4000 units of vitamin D per day. In our study subjects, daily doses of up to 4000 units of vitamin D per day when necessary to maintain normal metabolism in pregnant women, according to Hollis.

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