Sunday, November 11, 2012

Process of Fetal Development Human Pregnancy To Birth

The process of formation of the fetus or infant in humans begins with the process of intercourse (coitus) between men and women. According to Wikipedia, when dealing cekcual a man can expend 300-400 million sperm cells. But of the many sperm cells, only one sperm to fertilize an egg. The egg that has been fertilized zygote and will be attached to the uterine wall. After several hours, the zygote will undergo several phases following.
  • Phase morulla. In this phase, the zygote divides by mitosis in a row so to 2-4-8-16 and finally 32 pieces cell.
  • Phase blastulla. In phase blastulla tagged by the formation of the body cavity and networks.
  • Phase gastrulla. In this phase of the formation of the 3 layers of the uterine wall, the ectoderm, mesoderm, and endoderm.

Furthermore, the zygote formed embryos are enveloped by the yolk sac (this part does not develop in the human fetus), amnion, alantonis, and chorion. After all membranes and placenta is formed, the embryo can be called a fetus or fetuses. The fetus obtain food and oxygen from the blood parent (mother) and give the rest of metabolism of these substances into the maternal blood for disposal.

In the first month of human embryonic development is characterized by means of an important body has begun to take shape and have started functioning, although not perfect. The feet and hands have not been formed in the first month of pregnancy. Similarly, the fetal brain is still a blood clot. The length of the embryo in the gestational age of one month around 2.5 to 6 mm.

Next, in the second month of pregnancy the embryo has formed feet and hands, genitals inside, which still form the framework of cartilage, tools facades and a few other important tools. The length of the embryo in the womb two months of age is between 25 to 40 mm.

In the third month of age kehamilanan, almost all organs in full has been formed, including the external genitals. The length of the fetus at this stage about 70 to 100 mm and can be distinguished between the fetus male or female. Then in the fourth month of pregnancy a woman, the fetus begins to form skin, hair, sweat glands and eyelids. Fetal movement has been felt by the mother. The length of the fetus when it is about 145 mm.

Since the 12th week of pregnancy a woman, fetus growth only in the direction of enlarged and elongated until late birth. Normally, the length of human gestation is 9 months 10 days. At the time the baby was born, he immediately breathe with lungs so that blood flow from the placenta stops. Breathing is usually preceded by crying.

Hopefully this can be useful health information for you.

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