Friday, November 23, 2012

Naturally beautiful face with papaya

Is it true that papaya could be acne medication? the answer is they can, and not even the fruit that made acne drug pepayanya but leaves. Then what pepayanya fruit itself? sedahsyat what is papaya fruit to be natural facial cosmetics? ...

Papaya fruit has even more elements of vitamin C than oranges though we often think of as a source of vitamin c. Papaya has 78 milligrams of vitamin C in each 100 grams, while the orange has only 49 milligrams of vitamin C in each 100 grams.

Papaya contains nutrients that are very abundant and very well taken the children to the elderly (elderly), to maintain a healthy body. In addition, the fruit that allegedly came from Costa Rica and Mexico, it could be obtained anywhere and anytime, because it does not recognize the fruit season, so they can continue to grow throughout the period.

Then what about his role in the matter of beauty?, Following 6 benefits of papaya for your natural facial beauty:

Papaya, who do not know this one fruit, papaya is one of the fruits that are beneficial to health. Papaya is rich in important vitamins and papain is a proteolytic enzyme found in raw papaya.

Papaya is very good for heart health and prevent macula degeneration. One of the great benefits of papaya are the health benefits for skin care. Vitamins and enzymes contained in papaya is very good for improving skin health and skin turnover

Papaya is an excellent source of antioxidant nutrients. Start of vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin K. Papaya is a source of folate, potassium and fiber. Speaking of benefits for skin care. Here are six health benefits of papaya in skin care:
  1. Papaya juice is very good for curing skin diseases. Prevent and treat acne, warts, and other skin disorders.
  2. Anti bacteria contained in papaya helps to heal wounds quickly. So good for healing skin ulcers and severe burns.
  3. Papaya is often used as a base for skin care products. Because it helps rejuvenate the skin, making the skin and make the skin a natural healthy glow.
  4. Papaya is very good to cure acne. Papaya meat either cooked or raw can be placed on areas of skin that are acne. The result is reduced acne and healthy skin always.
  5. Vitamin A, Vitamin E and papain contained in papaya is very good as an anti-aging skin. These nutrients help reduce wrinkles, tighten the skin and lift the dead cells.
  6. Antioxidants contained in papaya is especially Vitamin C helps protect skin from damage caused by excessive sunlight. Papaya juice is helpful to reduce brown spots due to exposure to sunlight for too long.

So many health benefits of papaya for skin and all natural. You can start to use papaya or beauty products and skin care made from papaya to make your skin healthy, beautiful and glowing.

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