Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Conditions It is forbidden to Facial

Facial provides many benefits for the face, for example, face relaxes, relieves stress, and clean the face of various impurities. Facials should be done routinely and regularly to obtain optimal results. Usually performed by a professional facial using beauty tools that optimize the end result. Facial is normally done every two weeks or at least once a month. However, if you have a number of special conditions, should avoid facial with a full stage using tools such beauty. We recommend that you do not do facials if you're under the following conditions:

Contraindications metal

Facial salons use a facial in 13 popular functions in two years should not be done by you that allows experienced metal contraindicated. That is, you are wearing stirrup, or have recently undergone surgery which requires the installation of certain equipment in the body after surgery.

"Although postoperative body installation tools are not placed on the face, while doing facials using tools, electric currents that may be convenient for you alone can cause effects on the body. It could affect your heart rate. For acute disease conditions, the effect of the metal may be contraindicated in the long-term impact, "said Rita.

Hypersensitive skin

If you have hypersensitive skin, should avoid facial. To identify whether your skin in this category, easy way. Note the response of your skin when applying cosmetics or skincare product specific. If the skin becomes red and itchy, mark your skin hypersensitive and likely constrained to receive a facial treatment.

The face had an open wound

If you have an open sore face due to certain skin care or cosmetic use causing injury, should avoid facial. Including when you have acne inflamed with redness conditions.

"Treat the problem face to the doctor first to recover, then do facials as skin back to normal," said Rita.


When pregnant, you should not need to use the tool in a salon facial. Because the use of a facial is a current is applied to the body. It is feared that the current flowing into your body will affect the growth of the fetus, and even stimulate contractions.

To avoid these risks, Rita suggested should do the diagnosis of skin and other conditions before facial. That's why you need to choose more carefully beauty salon that provides facial skin care.

"In addition to physicians, diagnostic skin types to determine the proper treatment can be done by a beautician, but certainly those who have medical knowledge," he explained.

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