Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Carrots benefits for skin

Carrots are one type of vegetable that has many health benefits for the body and skin. Carrots contain beta-carotene are believed to help the body's immune system, helps the digestive system, respiratory tract, and help the growth of the teeth, bones and hair. Benefits of carrots that we know is to improve the health of the eye, but it turns out carrots can also be useful as a beauty treatment and skin care face and body.

Carrots also have a very good oil content are used as facial and skin beauty treatments. Oil on carrots is made through a process of steam distillation contained in the root. Not only that, apparently by eating fresh carrots every day we will get beautiful and healthy skin.

That glimpse wotel and benefits of carrots. To find out more about the benefits of carrots for the skin, let us look at the following article:

- Prevent Aging

As mentioned above, carrots are rich in beta-carotene are useful as anti-oxidants that fight the signs of aging. Just by eating fresh carrots regularly, skin will be protected from premature aging. For that multiply to consume fresh carrot and get a fresh skin and beautiful.

- Prevent Acne

Detoxification contained in carrots beneficial to prevent skin causes acne. Besides carrots can also be used as a therapy for the skin. Just by eating fresh carrot skin will be protected from acne.

- Smooth Skin

Useful addition to preventing aging and acne, it turns out carrots can also be used to smooth the skin. The trick is also very easy to take a 2-3 carrots that have been peeled clean, then wash and grate. After that, apply to the face as a mask. Wait a few minutes until dry. Rinse with warm water. 2 times a week you should use to get maximum results.

- Preventing Spots

The content of beta-carotene and sun protector contained in carrots can be useful as an extra umbrella against the sun so avoid skin black spots.

- Reduce Dark Spot On Skin
In addition to preventing acne, it turns out carrots can also serve to reduce the black spot on the skin. With diligent regularly consuming carrot juice every day will make your skin soft, smooth and free of black spots.

That's the carrot for skin benefits, hopefully this article can be useful for friends. Thank you for reading this article and I'll see you again next diartikel.

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