Friday, November 16, 2012

5 Tips to Stay Beautiful Perfect Women

This time posting articles about beauty. So these special women. The boy listened alone who benefit as well. He he he. Ya know who has a wife / partner should be given "beauty tutorial". Look beautiful for women is a dream.

One thing that should be remembered by the beauty of a woman is not just treating the skin to keep it bright. Fair skin is not the only measure of a person is beautiful appearance. There are some experts such as expert dermatologist from Los Angeles Dermatologist, Dr. Jessica Wu, M.D. suggest that we pay more attention to how to get healthy skin. But there are other things that are also important to note to look beautiful. Below I am sharing to you how to look beautiful. Enjoy.

- Reduce the use of moisturizer

Caring for the skin also have to adjust to the humidity. Especially during hot weather. In pnanas weather, change your cosmetics. Choose products that have a softer formula. Gentle formula does not lead to clogged pores, does not cause oily skin and does not cause acne. Pokokn yes is should look for moisturizers that contain a little oil. Hot air does not mean the atmosphere requires a lot of moisturizer that is applied to your face.

- Provide Protection to Your Hair

The main enemy of your hair is water containing salt, chlorine and sun. Should avoid direct contact or contaminated with 3 of these so that hair texture awake, not dry and not lose pigment color. Perform wash as soon as possible after you are done swimming. To melembabka your hair back hair rinse to clean and use conditioner. Do not forget to rub the cream SPF on your scalp. For those of you who have coarse hair types can choose oil formula. And for those of you who have curly hair types do not use the oil content in your hair care products.

- Green tea to cope sunburn
In a study says that green tea beneficial for skin beauty. Benefits of Green tea can also minimize inflammation in the skin sunburn and green tea can prevent cancer benefit carcinogens. An author of "Feed Your Face" that Dr. Wu advise using green tea for five to ten minutes to compress the skin. How many times? Do it two or three times each day. How 'dip tea bags in cold water, then place it on the burned skin. This will minimize redness and sores ".

Recommended for aloevera cream and painkillers, such as aspirin when convalescing. We recommend using alternatives such as tomatoes. A study in Newcastle and Manchester University says that the lycopene in tomatoes can solve problems sunburn.

- Give Attention to Health Nails

If you have some spare time do marry and pedicure. You should make sure the equipment used has been through the sterilization process to reduce bacteria if you do it at the salon. Because of this most potent beauty treatments spread the virus. Then ask the therapist not to cut your cuticles. Because the cuticle function is to provide protection for the nail from bacteria and fungi. Clean the nails of Kutek, choose a remover that does not contain formaldehyde. Formaldehyde content caused damage to the nail such as drought and cracks. Massage gently with almond oil containing emollients to nourish your nails.

- Prevent Excessive Sweat That

It can also ruin the appearance is excessive sweating. Apply deodorant after showering to reduce the excessive sweating. If you already use a hair dryer sweating with cold temperatures to create a dry armpit. In cases of extreme, if the amount of sweat has exceeded the limit, the doctor will usually give botox injections. This injection will block the signal from the nerve to regulate the production of sweat.

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