Saturday, November 24, 2012

5 Feared Female Hair Problems

For women, hair is a crown of beauty that must be maintained. Not surprisingly, many people are likely bad mood all day when you're having a bad hair day.

In a study conducted by Unilever, shows that women do care for her hair was still not maximized. This is because, women perform improper hair care.

"Because, inevitably environment will greatly affect the condition of hair, for example, pollution and lifestyle. Therefore hair needs extra care is more than just washed it," beber Hernie Raharja, Hair Care Marketing Director of Unilever Indonesia at the time of discussion about hair St. Regis Resort and Spa, Bali, on Friday (30/02/2012) then.

He added that it was also evident from the study, 8 out of 10 women do not realize that their hair is damaged. In fact, there are several hair and scalp problems commonly experienced by women all over the world, including in Indonesia:

1. Hair loss

Basically, hair loss is normal, because every day is going to experience hair loss, and replaced by new hair growth and healthier. Hair loss is said to be normal if the collapse is less than 100 strands per day.

"The biggest cause of hair loss is due to stress," says Hernie. High levels of stress can interfere with the metabolism of hormones, so the effect on severe hair loss. However, usually after stress subside, hair loss will also be reduced. The problem of hair loss is experienced by about 56 per cent of women surveyed.

2. Dandruff

Dandruff is actually the epidermal cells of the scalp is dead and flaking. In normal conditions the scalp and healthy, flaking scalp usually runs once a month, and will be lost when the hair is washed. However, the condition of the scalp unhealthy or dirty, peeling it will go faster, ie every two weeks. Excessive flaking will make skin cells accumulate dead heads in large numbers, making it seem contaminate the hair in small flakes form on the skin.

This condition will be exacerbated by the process of scratching, because the pile of dead skin cells will be detached and attached to the hair. In addition, the scratch will make cuts to the scalp to allow any irritation. Well, dandruff occurs due to the scalp is not kept clean.

"To prevent the occurrence of dandruff, you should keep your scalp clean," he explained., Adding that dandruff problems experienced by about 55 per cent of women.

3. Itch
Itchy scalp is very disturbing event, because it makes us scratch frequently, allowing the wounds and irritations. Itchy scalp is caused by a dirty scalp. Usually itching is a sign of the beginning for dandruff attack. Problems itchy scalp makes around 54 percent of women are concerned.

4. Quick dirty

Pollution fumes and cigarette smoke are quite high in the major cities, making many women feel their hair becomes dirty quicker and odorless. This will make them have to wash your hair more often, to keep it dry (not mixed with sweat) and odorless. Dirty hair problem is experienced by about 41 per cent of women.

5. Dull hair

Black hair, soft, and radiant, is one of the dream of every woman. However, when living in big cities, pollution, and exposure to sunlight is too strong and often, can make the hair changes color a little redness and dry. This color change will also lead to hair becomes dull and not shiny. Proper hair care before and after exposure to sunlight will help improve and add a light sheen of your hair.

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