Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tongue Cancer Symptoms

Tongue cancer is a type of oral cancer is the most common, making up about 31-39% of oral cancers, and its incidence is increasing slowly. Understanding the symptoms of tongue cancer may help to early diagnosing and treatment early.


1. Physical factors - long-term friction tongue can cause canker sores which later can lead to prolonged tongue cancer. Factors of poor oral hygiene can lead to chronic inflammation which can be one cause of cancer of the tongue. It may also be a factor causing cancer of the tongue, such as radiotherapy treatment.

2. Chemical factors
- tobacco and alcohol; habit of smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages can lead to cancer of the tongue. Cigarettes contain nicotine which contain carcinogenic substances. Alcohol does not contain a carcinogenic substance but contains ethanol that can 'help' the absorption of carcinogenic substances.

3. Biological factors
- there are some reports of research that papillomavirus can cause tongue cancer

4. Other factors - nutritional and metabolic disorders

5. precancerous lesions / lesions - tongue cancer can coexist with precancerous lesions.


Most of tongue cancer, occurs in the mucosa. Early symptoms of tongue cancer is on the tongue discomfort, pain, lesions on the tongue with a size of 1-2cm. Tongue cancer symptoms divided by 3, ie, thrush, exogenous and infiltration. Symptoms such as boils exogenous is shaped like cauliflower, accompanied by pain, and pain in the ear and temporal. Lesions also complicated when infected; possible bleeding, foul smelling, the limitations of using functions tongue, difficulty eating, difficulty speaking, airliur difficult to control.


At this stage, the cancer has extended beyond the middle of the tongue, and it is the spread to the lymph nodes. Route is usually spread to the cervical lymph nodes, which are then followed to the submental lymph nodes and lymph nodes in the other group. Diffusion rate is quite fast, so you should immediately undergo treatment before severe.

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