Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sports and Hypertension

Sports are not only useful to prevent hypertension but also be part of treatment of hypertension. Sports activities that prevent and reduce blood pressure is a kind of fitness training (endurance) moderate such as walking, jogging, cycling, and swimming.

Why moderate fitness exercise improve blood pressure?

Because fitness workout muscle mass mobilization resulting periodic contractions were mild and soothing. To realize this process, the muscles are actively pumping blood so the heart in pumping blood lighter. During exercise, blood pressure increased slightly but then the heart and blood vessels become accustomed to working with lower blood pressure. Those who work out regularly have a lower resting heart rate and stable.

The frequency and strength of the movement is very important to note. For example, pushing the load slowly with great power tends to exacerbate hypertension. Because of that, sports that require strong and prolonged contraction, such as weight training, should be avoided. Your goal opposite: make the contraction more often, but not strong. In this way, the blood flow through the muscles will be more smoothly and reduce the pressure. When cycling, reduce expenses and kayuhlah pedal a bit faster. You can ride tandem with a more senior to pedal faster without forcing myself.

Fitness exercises should be done according to their ability to benefit. You should still be able to breathe relatively easy. If you can not utter a sentence without intermittent short, you need to reduce the intensity of exercise or rest. Using a heart rate monitor, your heart rate should not exceed 75% of maximum heart rate. Maximum heart rate is (220 - age) you. If you were 40, your maximum heart rate is 180 (220-40). You should have no more than 135 beats per minute (180 x 0.75).
Rules in fitness training.

As a simple guideline, remember the 3-3-3 rule follows:
  1. Exercise at least 3 times per week (ideally once every 2 days).
  2. Do it for at least 30 minutes each session.
  3. To achieve real results on blood pressure, you need at least 3 months.
But keep in mind that with or without hypertension, exercise is still important for you!

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