Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Getting clean and Glowing Skin

Getting clean and Glowing Skin must be a dream for every woman no exception the men of today, I too want the skin clean and naturally radiant when viewed by someone else, in fact I got this way by accident when I was in high school and lived in the dorm, at the time I attended my habit kakak2 force that is in my dorm and proved successful, and the tips are quite simple without much cost. The following tips Getting Clean and Glowing Skin I practice alone:

1. Avoid skin from the sun's heat as much as possible, when a lot of activities to be carried out under the sun to try to wear clothes that cover our members to keep skin protected from the sun.

2. at the time of going to bed, waking up and completes an activity outside the home try to wash the face, arms and legs to rid our bodies of the possibility of dirt.

3. hand while wearing body will carry out activities outside the home, I think it is effective to prevent it from drying out and menghitamnya our skin due to exposure to the sun's heat.

4. exercise regularly, with sports possibilities contained dirt under our skin will come out together with our sweat. and according to my knowledge who often sports a small chance of developing acne. (Friends can do your own research on the effects of exercise on the appearance of acne, hehehe)

5. the tips of the last is actually my only perfunctory, hehehe his name is also young but what's the harm if a try anyway will not have a negative effect, ie when going to bed at night and day, I always wear hand-front body, arm and neck. to the face rather copied and to the results you practice sendiri.ok (hand body I use is hand body image yam)

good luck and hopefully useful.

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