Sunday, October 21, 2012

Coffee Causes High Blood Disease (Chronic Hypertension), Really?

Almost everyone would recognize this one kind of drink. Yes, the drinks were often accompany your morning and friends while lounging it was delicious, our concentration will increase while drinking. But there are some people that coffee is a villain who is ready to prey on the audience. Wow, once eerie, is not excessive? Why would they think that?

Most people assume that drinking lots of coffee is one of the causes of high blood pressure or cause, by which I mean that chronic high blood pressure or chronic. Let's review the terms of science.

Caffeine is an alkaloid that is naturally present in coffee beans, tea leaves, cashew leaves, kola nuts, cocoa beans, and some refreshments. Caffeine has a molecular weight of 194.19 with the chemical formula C8H10N8O2 and pH 6.9 (1% solution of caffeine in water). Scientifically, the direct effect of caffeine on health was not there, but there are indirect effects such as stimulating the respiratory and heart, as well as side effects such as anxiety (neuroses), can not sleep (insomnia), and heart rate did not berarturan ( tachycardia).

Caffeine binds to receptors on the surface of heart muscle cells, which causes an increase in cAMP levels in cells (by blocking an enzyme that degrades cAMP), mimicking the effects of epinephrine (which binds to receptors on the cell that activate cAMP production). cAMP acts as a "second messenger," and activates a large number of protein kinase A (PKA; cAMP-dependent protein kinase). This has the overall effect of increasing the rate of glycolysis and increases the amount of ATP available for muscle contraction and relaxation. According to one study, caffeine in the form of coffee, significantly reduces the risk of heart disease in epidemiological studies. However, the protective effect was found only in participants who were not severely hypertensive (ie, patients who did not suffer from very high blood pressure).

With the increase in muscle activity including heart muscle causes the heart to pump blood faster and blood from the heart to the rest of the body will have a high pressure. But what if the caffeine in the body has depleted levels in the body will return to normal heart.

While the pressure of hypertensive disease will occur continuously and very sensitive with a higher increase. The high pressure caused by the blockage of blood vessels by fat that hardens or atherosclerosis, disorders of the kidney, heart problems etc.. So for those of you who do not have high blood pressure is not a problem with the regular intake of coffee because caffeine's effects are only temporary for caffeine in the body. Although the effects of caffeine just a moment but for those of you who have high blood pressure for the haram Coffee Taster because peningatan blood pressure sufferers could be very dangerous and even cause stroke and death due to rupture of blood vessels that have been previously disturbed.

So for those of you who want to try the coffee but do not be afraid to drink it all would be better if you drink appropriately and do not overdo it. Precisely kopiadalah healthful beverage if unchecked consumption.

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