Sunday, October 21, 2012

Causes of Hypertension

Hypertension is a condition resulting from an increase in the persistence of the arterial pressure diastolic pressure above 95 mmHg, whereas normal blood pressure systolic pressure generally does not exceed 140 mmHg and diastolic did not exceed 90 mmHg.

Some of the causes of many cases of hypertension are not known with certainty and hypertension are likely to come suddenly without prior symptoms.

Here are a few things that cause hypertension or high blood pressure, among others:

1. Genetic or hereditary factors

Heredity has always played an important role from the onset of a disease brought by the family genes. If one member of the family or the parents have high blood pressure, then the child would have the same risk and the risks even greater than that derived by the parent gene.

2. Age
Age also affects a person's blood pressure, the increasing age of the blood pressure will increase. However, an increasingly older age were blood pressure can be controlled by maintaining food intake patterns, diligent exercise and routine blood pressure.

3. Salt

Salt has a tremendous opportunity in the rapid increase in blood pressure. Plus in those with a previous history of the disease diabetes, mild hypertension and those aged 45 years diataas.

4. Cholesterol

Cholesterol is identical to the accumulated excess fat in the blood vessel walls. The blood vessels are filled with cholesterol will be narrowed and cause blood pressure increases.

5. Obesity / overweight

Someone who has excess body weight or obesity is a big opportunity hypertensive disease.

6. Stress

Stress can trigger the body that controls homron pikirang seserang. If you experience stress that can lead to higher blood pressure and increased, not only was able to influence a person's mood or feelings toward an emotion.

7. Cigarette

The nicotine content and substance reasonably dangerous chemical compounds found in cigarettes also provide great opportunities a person has hypertension, especially in those in active smokers. Not only mengkibatkan hypertension, cigarette substances are inhaled into the body and increases the risk of diabetes mellitus, heart attack and stroke.

8. Caffeine
Much caffeine found in coffee, tea and soft drinks. Coffee and tea if taken beyond the normal range in the presentation will lead to hypertension. Coffee actually has benefits that are good for the body, especially for adult males in sexual hormones, as well as tea contains antioxidants that are good and needed by the body. For that limit the intake of coffee and tea drinking at least 1 cup = 100ml.

9. Aperitif
Alcoholic beverages such as beer, whiskey, a drink made from yeast, wine and so on. Alcoholic beverages can also cause high blood pressure.

10. Lack of exercise
Lack of physical activity such as exercise makes the body organs and blood supply and oxygen to be choked thereby increasing blood pressure. By doing regular exercise according to their ability to lower high blood pressure.

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