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10 Benefits of Aloe Vera for Health

Aloe Vera
Benefits of aloe vera for this only we know is good for health and hair growth. But do you know if a plant that has been grown and used since the beginning of this AD has properties in addition to hair care. Plants that have a name other than aloe vera is good to be used as an ornamental plant, it turns out in the world of beauty has also developed a range of cosmetic ingredients.

Based on research conducted by health experts the world, in this plant there are a variety of enzymes and biologically important substances such as minerals, amino acids, and various kinds of vitamins. With the variety of substances makes it one of the aloe vera plant most well developed in the field of health and beauty.

 Efficacy of Aloe Vera

Talk more about plants commonly known as aloe vera, here are some of the benefits of aloe vera is good for health and beauty.
  1. Eliminating black spots on the face
  2. Protecting skin from sun exposure
  3. Treating minor burns
  4. Natural body lotion
  5. Make teeth stronger
  6. As a natural moisturizer
  7. Helps to eliminate acne
  8. Prevent digestive problems
  9. Prevent dandruff
  10. Boost immunity
Apparently quite a lot of benefits of aloe vera for both beauty and in health. Thus there is no reason you can not be interested in this one plant. Knowledge about the plants around us is very important to learn, so we can take advantage of everything around us to the fullest.

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Development of HIV Virus

Development of HIV Virus
Once HIV enters the human body so the virus will attack and destroy a large number of white blood cells and multiply rapidly. There are a number of stages of development of the HIV virus in the body:

The window period - Requires 3 to 6 months for those with HIV testing using standard HIV diagnostic tests. During this period, the person in his body had a virus and it can spread even though it will be laboratory tested positive.

Without symptoms stage - In this stage the body is still able to power Ahan overcome the attacks of various causes opportunistic disease. So although other bacteria enter but it can be destroyed by white blood cells, which are not sufficient, so that the individual is still healthy, and this stage can last for years. This is the stage of "clinically silent" that can last for 5 to 10 years depending on the immune status of each patient. The average stage lasted for 7 years.

Stages with symptoms - progressive destruction and the destruction of white blood cells by the HIV virus has crippled immune system. And at this time emerging opportunistic disease because the immune system has been greatly decreased.

Stages of AIDS is the final stage which is characterized by the presence of various types of opportunistic infections such as pneumonia, neurological disorders, fungus, skin cancer. In the end people will die from the disease opportunist.

How to prevent
  • A (Abstinence) = you stay away from sex
  • B (Be faithfull) = devoted to one sexual partner who is not infected with HIV
  • C (Condom) = Prevented by condoms. Using condoms correctly and consistently for every sexual intercourse so as to provide protection from HIV or other STIs
  • D (Drug) = Avoid the use of non-sterile needles and turns. Especially for injecting drug users.

How to tell if someone is infected with HIV / AIDS?

People who are infected with HIV still feel very healthy. The only way to know for sure if a person is infected or not is to perform a test. Before and after the test are encouraged to seek counseling with a counselor or health worker who is trained and experienced. It is the right person to decide whether he will undertake an HIV test or not (voluntarily).

Health workers can also perform confidential HIV testing. Because the test results are confidential, meaning the test results will only be known by those who are entitled to read a person's health records such as doctors, health workers or counselors. The test results can not be communicated to others without the permission of those on the test.

What to do when the test results indicate someone has HIV?

Although HIV is an infection that is very dangerous, many people have been infected with HIV undergoing a longer life and healthier with the new effective treatments. The important thing is to make sure that a person infected with HIV is in the handling of a doctor who knows how to deal with HIV. Counseling after the test is performed is very useful to deal with issues related to immunity, hygiene, physical health, psychological needs as well as financial problems.

There are many things one can do to maintain their health. Below are some things to do:

  • Improving Nutrition and live positively: All people infected with HIV / AIDS should be encouraged to fight against the disease by maintaining personal hygiene, exercise regularly, reduce mental stress with relaxation exercises, meditation or yoga, and follow the instructions regarding balanced nutrition / diet. If someone is smoking or using drugs is not recommended from, should be immediately stopped.
  • Anti-retroviral Therapy: Indications that shows a person with HIV in general is drastically reduced weight, chronic diarrhea, wasting, etc.. and the number of white blood cells (CD 4) the person fell to below 200 cells/mm3. Anti-retroviral therapy is a combination of at least three kinds of drugs given to stop the proliferation of the virus in the body and prevent opportunistic infections attack. Before starting therapy the patient should be counseled about a few things: HIV / AIDS can not be cured; healthy outlook on life and positive is important; treatment for life; side effects, cost of treatment, monitoring tests etc..
  • Prevention Therapy: Drugs given to people infected with HIV / AIDS with a white blood cell count below 200 - mm3 (normal is 500-1200 cells/mm3). Medication should be taken as directed to prevent opportunistic infections.

Treating opportunistic infections such as tuberculosis, pneumonia, fungal infections, etc.

HIV is not transmitted through:

  • Socializing or living with a person with HIV / AIDS
  • Hugging, touching or kissing a person with HIV / AIDS
  • Using the same clothes, the same eating utensils, drinking from the same glass, use the same small room, use the phone or computer the same as that used people with HIV / AIDS
  • Donate blood as a donor
  • Of sweat, saliva, tears, sneezing and coughing of an infected person
  • Bitten by a mosquito that has bitten a person with HIV / AIDS
  • Maintain and supervise people with HIV / AIDS
  • Working together with PLWHA

The association of sexually transmitted infections and HIV / AIDS
  • HIV and STI ditular sexually.
  • Action is needed to prevent the spread of HIV and other STIs.

STI facilitate HIV moves from person to person. Thus the effective diagnosis and treatment of STIs is an important strategy to prevent the spread of HIV.

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10 Harmful Chemicals Food

10 Harmful Chemicals Food

Illustration of food chemicals

Today, many of the chemicals used in food processing. Chemicals are added to foods for the purpose of improving the taste, add resistance, as well as an attractive color effect on the food made. In addition, chemicals are added to foods can also prevent food spoilage caused by bacteria and the like.

Food chemicals that are added to food, is partly a matter that is still tolerable to use, but some are really dangerous chemicals that should not be consumed.

10 Hazardous Chemicals for Food

We will remember that some time ago the commotion with the release of formaldehyde and borax which is a toxic chemical, used as a blend of food. Both of these materials are some of the health-damaging chemicals. There are still other food chemicals that have similar levels of danger, especially if taken continuously.

The effects of these materials can be quite horrific, ranging from lead to cancer, genetic disorders, congenital birth defects when consumed by pregnant women, the weak performance of the brain and nerves, and many other adverse effects. Here are 10 of the harmful chemicals that are often found in foods.

1. Food Chemicals - Saccharin (Saccharin)

Saccharin is known as an artificial sweetener that is able to produce the sensation of up to 550 times the sweetness of regular sugar. The shape of the white powder with no odor. Saccharin is widely used as a meal replacement mix sugar because it is much more economical. Typically used in industrial cakes and drinks.

Saccharin which settles in the kidneys trigger cancer growth bladder mucosa. Epidemiologists and health experts do not recommend panggunaan saccharin to food and beverage consumption due to proven health hazard.

Sad to see it if the author of children's snacks in the street or in front of the school, while no one can be sure that setiapa food they eat and drink has health insurance.

2. Food Chemicals - cyclamate (cyclamate)

Cyclamate was also used as a food-drink mix to give the sensation of sweetness. Levels lower than saccharin. Approximately, 30 times sweeter sugar. Use in greater amounts can cause bitterness. That's why less popular than saccharin cyclamate.

Reckless use of cyclamate in food-beverage industry, but cyclamate could lead to rupture of the cell chromosomes in the cell culture medium leukocytes. In some developed countries, have banned the use of cyclamate. In Indonesia, the use of this material are found to be illegal.

3. Food Chemicals - Nitrosamines

Nitrosamines are chemical used to give aroma sausage, cheese, corned beef, ham, and beef jerky processed. Sometimes it is also used to maintain the original color of the meat.

Shaped like salt, in the form of crystals or chunks odorless, slightly yellowish color. Nitrosamines are found to be a carcinogen, causing cancer by altering DNA and disrupt the body's metabolic processes. Carcinogenic also settles in the lungs and lead to cancer.

4. Food chemicals - Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)

Monosodium glutamate is more we know as MSG or flavor. Almost all of the food used this material to enhance its flavor. In fact, MSG has the effect nekrosi degeneration and neuronal cells, nerve cells in the layers of the retina, and even cause cell mutations and lead to cancers of the colon and liver.

MSG settles in the kidneys also increase the risk of kidney cancer, brain cancer, and damage the fatty tissue. For that reason, you should avoid the use of MSG in each food Ana made to reduce the negative impact caused.

5. Food chemicals - Rhodamine B

Rhodamine B in the form of crystalline powder purplish red, and when dissolved in water will turn red fluorescent appetizing. These substances are extremely harmful to the body if inhaled. Skin can become irritated. In fact, it can cause digestive disorders such as irritation of the stomach, and liver cancer.

Rhodamine B is a synthetic dyes in textiles and paper, which are illegal to use for food coloring. Meals using these ingredients can be recognized from the striking red color that is not fair, there are many points of color for not homogeneous. Typically used in industrial crackers, shrimp paste, and snacks for the kids.

6. Food Chemicals - Metanil Yellow

If Rhodamine B is giving a red color, then Metanil Yellow is yellow giver. Both synthetic dyes used for textiles and paint industries. It could be a powder, can also be solid.

Danger level with Rhodamine B. The chemical is commonly used in the industry illegally noodles, crackers and snacks striking yellow.

7. Food Chemicals - Formalin

Formalin is a chemical in the plywood industry, and is used as a disinfectant in hospitals. Formalin is used illegally for preservatives. Formalin wet noodles can be preserved for days without being stored in the refrigerator. Know formalin is not broken up to 4-5 days. Fish and meat rotting in 3 days.

This substance is very dangerous if it gets swallowed. The skin is exposed to formaldehyde will burn, even cause bleeding. In the body, formaldehyde can cause damage to the liver, heart, brain, spleen, and central nervous system.

8. Food Chemicals - Borax

Borax is a wood preservative and antiseptic cockroach control. Its function is similar to pesticides. Borax form a white crystalline powder with no odor and easily soluble in water.

Borax is used in the food industry illegally meatballs and crackers, because it can give a good effect on the texture of the food. Meatballs with borax being chewy, crunchy, and durable. Crackers with borax is more crisp and tender.

In fact, borax are cleaning materials and wood preservative, antiseptic functions. Borax can cause brain, liver, fat, and kidney. In large quantities, borax can be deadly, coma, depression, kidney damage, and death.

9. Food Chemicals - Acrylamide

Acrylamide is a chemical found in grilled foods such as cereals, bread crackers, and so on, and is a byproduct of processed carbohydrates with a high temperature. This substance is also not good for health because it has a close relationship with cholesterol.

10. Food Chemicals - Bisphenol A (BPA)

Bisphenol A is a chemical found in plastic food storage. These substances can leak and seep into the food, and then consumed by humans. These substances increase the risk of breast cancer.
Chemical Development of Food Consumption

In addition to 10 chemicals hazardous foods, nowadays more and more concerns caused by parties who are not only responsible for the profit alone. Many traders are not concerned with what snacks that consumers can be, they are only thinking about how to sell snacks and generate profits doubled.

As an example, recently-discovered street food snacks, such nuggets are made from materials tiren chicken or fish carcasses. It's uncivilized act, is not it? For that, we should be alert to a variety of snacks that we eat.

Sales of food chemicals that are relatively inexpensive, making the food vendors did not hesitate to buy the chemicals. Most of them do not understand the dosage and the dangers of these chemicals when used not in accordance with the dose.

They are only concerned with the durability or beauty foods, so the demand in the market and get a huge profit. They do not know the result of the use of chemicals that are not in accordance with the dose.

As explained above, a lot of consequences caused by the use of chemicals that are not in accordance with the dose. For that, hawker food sold on the street, especially in schools, need to be considered.

You who have children who are still in school, keep in mind the food she bought. Because if your child often buy foods that contain these chemicals, disease will result described above.

Surely you do not expect that, instead. For that, you have to anticipate that your child is not just any snack foods. You can equip your child with food or snacks that you make at home, so that your child is not at school snack.

Additionally, you can give meaning to your child about the dangers snack at random and always be vigilant when buying food.

Thus the explanation of the food chemicals. Hopefully the information provided can add your insight and beneficial to your health and your family. Good luck.


In the modern world can not be separated from the contacts of all kinds of chemical substances. Giving antioxidants is through multiple clinical trials to picogram level by investigating the movement of drugs in the body, and involves such things as absorption, distribution, redistribution, biotransformation and excretion of drugs. Knowledge on this is essential for interpreting the effects and toxicity of a drug therapy.


Every human being in his body can contain substances like lead, insecticides and other harmful without suffering from clinical symptoms. Slowly we have to tolerate the toxic substances and have accepted the concept of "tolerable limits" and "maximal allowable Concentrations", because in the modern world can not be separated from the contacts of all kinds of chemical substances.

Giving antioxidants is through multiple clinical trials to picogram level by investigating the movement of drugs in the body, and involves such things as absorption, distribution, redistribution, biotransformation and excretion of drugs.

Knowledge on this is essential for interpreting the effects and toxicity of a drug therapy. Everything related to the pharmacokinetics requires quantitative analysis of drugs in biological fluids or organs. Absorption characteristics are important to know, the chemical nature of the partition coefficient of the left and the degree of ionization is low and is easily absorbed through the cell walls. Instead, the group alkaloids that cause ionization of molecules that either would be difficult to absorb. There are so many factors that affect absorption, so it will affect the dosing and tokisisitasnya.

The way the absorption to be learned should be in accordance with that used in the clinic. A local drug that will be used on the skin to be learned, especially how much absorption through the skin. The difference in the blood concentration of oral and parerental can give an idea of ​​the degree of oral absorption. Once absorbed, all drugs will be distributed throughout the body via the blood circulation. This distribution may not be evenly distributed and cumulative often seen in certain tools. Drug effects may depend on cumulative and toxic effect.

Binding of drugs by blood proteins may reduce its effectiveness. Each drug will be considered by the body as an impurity in the environment. The consequence is a body overhaul drug in a form that can be excreted (more soluble in water, more Poler). Metabolite formed is usually no longer active and the toxicity is usually reduced. If biotransformation occurs quickly, a drug can not be used in the clinic as effective levels can not be maintained (acetylcholine). Methacholine and karbakol is drug synthesis results reflect a longer dibiotransformasi. The most important tool is the excretion of the liver and kidneys. Excretion of the drug can occur in the original form and the form of metabolites.

Knowledge on this is essential for toksiologi in the state of intoxication, a way to enhance diuresis can only function when the drug in question in the urine in an active form. Parameters required to investigate the movement of drugs in the body is the plasma concentration, half-life, the characteristics of distribution, biotransformation and excretion products.

Importance of Maternal Nutrition Needs

 Illustration of the nutritional needs of pregnant women

Who would not want to have a healthy baby and intelligent? All mothers would want their babies born healthy and smart. For expectant mothers, pregnancy period is the time used to create a healthy baby, which of course is to meet the nutritional needs of pregnant women.
The main requirement that must be considered is the nutrition for your baby during pregnancy. To fulfill the nutritional needs of pregnant women will determine the condition of the baby to be born. Because of the importance, expectant mothers vying attention to nutrition during pregnancy, especially in the early days of pregnancy.

The fact is, based on the various research scientists, if pregnant women consume nutrient-rich foods, can prevent the baby from developing heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and certain types of cancer.
Nutritional needs of Pregnant Women

Nutrition is not only needed by the baby. Pregnant women also require nutrients for pregnancy awake. Required nutrients in the form of maternal folate (vitamin B9), calcium, iron, pyridoxine (vitamin B6), vitamin D, and cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12).

Meanwhile, the nutrients a baby needs in the womb is a lot of DHA contained in marine products, gangliosida (GA), folate, iron, FE, FEA, and choline.

Folate is needed by pregnant women to reduce the risk of birth defects of the brain, spinal cord, and cleft lip. In addition to reducing birth defects, folic acid is needed to form the brain tube and spinal cord.

In addition, folate is necessary for fetal brain development. For mothers, folate may reduce the risk of anemia and reduce levels of homocysteine ​​in the blood. Folic acid can be obtained from milk.

Nutrients can also be obtained from the foods you eat. Yogurt, chicken, beef, eggs, and dairy products from cow's diet, high in protein, calcium, and iron. All content of the nutrients in these foods are needed for growth and development of the fetus.

Do not underestimate the orange juice. The orange juice was rich in folate. With the addition of vitamin C, can help you absorb iron from food elements, such as spinach and black beans that contain lots of fiber. Please note for pregnant women, during pregnancy, does not mean you are eating for two.

That must be considered is nutrition. If it gets overweight, usually causes a longer labor and delivery, high blood pressure and gestational diabetes. Instead, when eating, just until you do not feel hungry. Do not until you feel full or stuffed.

The facts show that pregnant women only need about 200-300 extra calories per day extra. It was needed in the second and third trimester of pregnancy.

Infant Nutrition Gives Tips on Ingredients
  • Avoid alcohol as it will cause the child's learning disabilities, hyperactive behavior, and aggressive.
  • Fulfill your need for iron because during kehamailan iron requirement will increase two-fold to about 30 mg per day. Iron can help the distribution of oxygen through the mother's blood circulation increased 50 percent with adequate iron intake.
  • Do not eat junk food and reduce intake of caffeine by consuming 200 mg of caffeine every day may increase the risk of miscarriage.
  • As much as possible, you eat organic food because it is free of pesticides, it is definitely safe to eat.
  • Do not underestimate drink plenty of water and foods that contain fiber, particularly fruits and vegetables. Drink at least 8 glasses every day. Eat at least 25-35 grams of fiber a day.
  • If you eat seafood, do not eat fish containing mercury, such as shark, king mackerel, and swordfish. Choose safe from mercury, such as tuna fish as much as 12 ounces each week.

Importance of Healthy Foods

Currently many outstanding types of instant food or fast food. What kind of food one is most popular because cooking methods that are practical and easy to get everywhere. Such foods consumed by a lot of busy people who claim to not have much time to cook or eat.

Instant foods and fast food as it really is not the kind of healthy food that is safe to eat because they do not promote health, instead of these foods can cause high risk of disease.

The pattern of human life is increasingly busy is one reason many outstanding instant food. Since there is no longer time to cook, so busy people better eating fast food or instant.

And with such a lifestyle, being one of the causes of unhealthy living. Irregular lifestyle and rarely exercise makes a person susceptible to disease.

In the state of the world that has developed very quickly, of course influence the pattern of human life as well. Technological advances trigger easier and busy man. Busyness as complacent with the advancement of technology makes people lazy.

If people are lazy to move, to eat lazy, and lazy to interact, then the pattern of his life will be chaotic and unhealthy. Due to lack of movement and rarely exercise, the body will feel tired and exhausted epat. Plus by eating fast food, so the body less receptive nutritional intake. In addition, lazy interact with other people's heart and mind are not comfortable and stress.

When these things happen, then our body will ache after a long time. The body and mind experience health problems. This is not a good thing to create a healthy lifestyle.

Although human life is busy, it's not a reason to not be able to live healthy. All people can be healthy depending on himself. Is orng it can set the time to make a healthy and regular life pattern.

Unhealthy lifestyles and irregular not only experienced by the adults, but children can also suffer from it. Activities of a child is now very solid. Time to go home and get together with the activities of adults who go to work, which is to go early and go home late.

Intense activity, can lead to the child's life pattern is irregular and unhealthy. As a result, the child is much easier ill and impaired growth.

Intense activity should continue to be supported by a healthy lifestyle, so that the pattern of her life balanced. With a full schedule of activities, healthy living through diet can be accomplished, by choosing healthy foods for the kids or yourself.

What kind of food today many kinds, especially the food for the children. Selective in choosing food is needed. The food is sold without a clear composition is better not to be consumed. The contents in these foods is not clear, whether healthy or even make our bodies sick.

Awareness of healthy living must start from ourselves and to be sustainable, so that a healthy lifestyle a habit. Despite intensive activity, because it was used with a healthy lifestyle, then his life will be healthy and regular. Accustomed to take the time to exercise, choose healthy foods, and socialize with others, it has become a healthy lifestyle.

With a healthy lifestyle, no matter how busy man will always be healthy physically da spiritually. Awareness of healthy living can also make the environment around a healthy and regular. Life will feel comfortable and safe.

With this explanation, it is clear that a healthy diet is very important for people, especially for pregnant women who are in need of more nutrients than usual.

For pregnant women, diet and regular life is also required. A regular diet by eating a healthy and full of nutrients that the body condition and the state of the fetus healthy. Thus, mothers can give birth to a healthy baby and a healthy state of her mother.

Regular pattern of life is also needed by a pregnant woman. If a pregnant woman is working, then it is time to take a break to watch and also the time for exercise must also be there.

Activities undertaken by pregnant women should not be too heavy, but it also should not be too much silence. To that end, a regular pattern of life must be done by a pregnant woman.

Nutritional needs of pregnant women should be fulfilled by a healthy diet and regular, as well as a regular lifestyle as well. Thus, the state of pregnant women and babies in the womb and give birth to healthy babies healthy.

Breastfeeding Infants Born

Breastfeeding Infants Born
Breastfeeding a newborn child is the desire of every mother, especially Mother's Milk is the most complete food that contains the nutrients a baby needs.

If your baby was born normally, usually immediately after childbirth nurse will put the baby on your body, and at this time the baby will suck nipples briefly for the first time. Research shows that the most powerful sucking reflex in infants occurs in 20-30 minutes after birth.

Infants should not be given milk formula first because he would be reluctant to feed on you. Keep continuously for babies to drink milk from your breast.

Since the early weeks of pregnancy, the number of milk-producing tissue and the number of glands in your breasts begin to grow, in the last months of pregnancy-producing cells begin to swell and breast milk also started producing colostrum and you are ready to breastfeed your newborn baby.

Your baby will get colostrum its yellowish color and watery, colostrum is useful to protect babies from infection because it contains antibodies and rich in nutrients. If the baby does not immediately receive colostrum first, he will lose the nutritious substances. Colostrum also eliminate hunger in the newborn so that the baby does not need sugar or milk formula again.

Breastfeeding a newborn may be quite difficult for young mothers for the first time to have children. At the hospital when the baby is breast-fed for the first time, you may not be pleasant to sit, so you should feed the baby while lying down or lying on your side with a pillow supporting your back door again and support the head, then put a flat pillow under the baby's head, and confronted head baby towards your breast so that it is easy to feed.

To remove the baby's sucking, you can press the chin, or slip your finger into the corner of his mouth is clean, it is done so that the nipple is not sore.

Newborns have immature digestive, he can not digest a lot of food, so that the baby will often suckle almost every two hours. Therefore, nursing mothers should be able to set the time resting and eating a healthy and nutritious, it is that the mother avoid the pain being too tired, because after birth more than half of your time will run out for breastfeeding.

Baby feeding schedule is generally as follows:

  • In the first months of a baby, no feeding schedule, feed your baby whenever he wants it, it is to meet the needs of the development of the baby's body completely.
  • Newborns usually'm feeding every one or two hours and at the end of the first month when the baby is developing normally he would ask for milk between three to four hours, or about six times a day.
  • By the time he was three months old baby will sleep through the night after the last drink milk.

The duration of infant feeding is not too important because infants usually have to get all of their needs in the first few minutes of each breast smoked. To find out if your baby had enough, you can observe when he is sleeping, sleeping soundly when it is certain that the baby was getting enough milk.

Added weight babies, bright eyes, smooth skin and shiny hair can be a sign that your baby is healthy and is getting enough milk.

Here are tips on feeding the baby in order to get maximum results:
  • Wash your hands before feeding the baby as you would hug and hold your baby's mouth when finished breastfeeding. Make sure your hands and your nipple is clean.
  • Make sure your baby's diaper is dry and clean as a wet diaper making your baby uncomfortable when breastfeeding.
  • Sit or sleep in a position comfortable as possible when you are breastfeeding.
  • You can increase the production of milk with enough berisitirahat, and after that you can remove the remaining milk in the breasts after breastfeeding your baby. It can stimulate the production of breast milk.
  • You do not fall asleep during nursing time, because your baby will be missed for menyusunya schedule.
  • At the time of breastfeeding hug and rub your baby, and try to get him to talk and your heart always be happy, because this will affect your baby.
  • Before you start feeding you should drink before, because usually after feeding you will feel thirsty

Do not forget sendawakanlah finished breastfeeding your baby and carry her by leaning her head on your shoulder and pat her back slowly, this is to prevent the milk has been drunk not come out again.

Benefits of Fish Oil

Benefits of Fish Oil
Fish Oil Benefits and the Benefits of Fish Oil - Not only it contains essential fatty acids that are beneficial to heart health, but also fish oil can be beneficial to mental health, that is, those who are depressed, people with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.

Example of a good source of fish oil are mackerel, sardines, swordfish, oysters, and tuna fish. The following are the benefits of fish oil for health

Fish oil may prevent cardiovascular disease

Not only lowers triglycerides, reduces hardening of arteries, and lower cholesterol, but also fish oil prevents heart rhythm abnormalities.

Fish oil may prevent cancer

Fish oil is effective against several cancers, namely breast, colon, and prostate. The content of fish oils containing Omega 3 can help keep cells healthy and normal of a mutation to block the growth of cancer cells and cells that are not desirable.

Fish oil for cholesterol

The main benefit of fish oil is to help regulate cholesterol levels. This is because of Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and Docosahexaenoic acid (DPA) which is found in most high-quality fish oil supplements to help regulate cholesterol.

Fish oil can Streamline Body

A study in Australia has found that the diet by consuming fish oil regularly to lose weight. Fish oil can be used to treat hypertension and obesity.

Fish oil for arthritis / joint
Long-term use of fish oil can effectively reduce and prevent joint pain

Fish Oil for Eye Health

Omega 3 may protect against macular degeneration / macular degeneration (AMD) eyes and reduce the risk of dry eye syndrome.

Fish oil for mental health

Fish oil helps reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease, dementia, and schizophrenia.

Fish oil for skin and hair health
Omega 3 helps maintain the moisture of skin cells, produce collagen, reduce skin blemishes, and make a person look younger. While the protein content of the fish oil helps in hair growth and maintain the health and strength of hair.

Fish oil for high blood pressure

Omega 3 has anti-inflammatory and anti-clotting content which helps in lowering blood pressure.

Fish Oil for Asthma

Fish oil is very effective for respiratory problems such as asthma. Fish oils also help reduce asthma attacks and make breathing more smoothly.

Fish oil for memory, focus, and the power of thought
Fish oil also improves blood flow and may affect hormones and the immune system, it also make the brain function better.

Fish oil can overcome Acne

Fish oils are effective for acne because it contains EPA.

Fish Oil for Pregnancy
Fish oil good for pregnant women because of the presence of DHA that helps the development of baby's brain and eyes. Fish oil also helps avoid premature births, low-weight infants and miscarriages.

Benefits of Ginseng

Benefits of Ginseng
Efficacy of Ginseng - Ginseng Benefits Ginseng and Gynecology

is one of the plants from Korea which is known throughout the world. Today many herbal manufacturers incorporate a number of elements in the content of ginseng products. Of the health benefits of ginseng for these are much in demand by the public.

Trend taking ginseng has been started since the first until the consumption of ginseng was continued through to the present, but among the world's various types of ginseng, Panax ginseng Korean ginseng is the best quality. No wonder then that Korea is said to be the best place to plant ginseng. It could be because Korea has four seasons, the temperature is right, good soil, and just get annual rainfall, making ginseng planted there to give good quality.

For health benefits of any Panax ginseng is said more than the ginseng grown in the U.S., Japan, or China for Korean Ginseng contains saponins more.

Content of Ginseng

Containing Ginsenosida

Saponin in ginseng refers ginsenosida, references to distinguish it from the usual saponins found in seasoning such as garlic and onions. Saponins can reach a maximum level in the sixth year after planting ginseng, but the quality will drop after the seventh year.

Ginsenosida is what can help boost immunity, lower stress levels, and increase blood circulation. Many studies have shown that ginseng also helps fight cancer, improve heart function and slow the aging process.

Benefits of taking ginseng in the form of tea is an effective way to supplement the diet with a potent herb. Ginseng tea can improve the health and performance of the body.

The benefits of ginseng tea also helps reduce fatigue due to glycogen conserve and encourage the body to use fatty acids for energy. Only it is advisable to consult first before taking them.

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Ideal Stomach Care

It has a slim and smooth stomach a dream woman. Various methods are used to obtain these ideal conditions.

Ranging from the traditional way that is safe, to liposuction and the use of chemical drugs. Obviously, you want to perform maintenance ideal stomach, without causing side effects.

There are two ways you can do to care of your stomach, the maintenance of internal and external maintenance. Each will have many different ways, from the way, cost, time, and side effects caused.

Treatment of internal abdominal
  1. Drink water as much as possible. Plain water will not give side effects such as stomach fat, when you consume it in excess.
  2. You could be drinking herbal teas or herbal products that contain ingredients that can aid digestion and blood circulation, so that the skin becomes taut belly.
  3. Whenever possible, avoid fatty foods and high carbohydrate, so that you do care stomach optimal success.
  4. Instead, multiply to consume protein foods, such as fish, chicken, egg whites, and beans. In addition to healthier, you will get the stomach you want.
  5. Expand also eat fruits and vegetables. So in addition to comfortable in the stomach, it is also good for the skin of your abdomen.
  6. You can also take anti-cellulite capsules. Cellulite is a cause of skin surface appears textured like orange peel, which is actually the fat accumulated in the body. The cause of cellulite is excess fat between the skin and muscles. If the body is not muscular, mean fat has no foundation, so that the fat between the skin swell. As a result, the surface appears rough skin, the appearance of cellulite.
  7. In the abdominal treatment, try to avoid snack foods, including foods or beverages that contain alcohol.
  8. Doing exercise regularly. Although many people are aware of the importance of exercise, but still rarely able to take the time for this activity.
  9. Creating a balance between work and leisure, and always think positive. If you are just busy with your work, then you will easily overcome by stress, which may affect eating patterns are irregular and unhealthy foods.

Care stomach externally

Apart from the body, you also can perform maintenance from the stomach outside your body. Among them are:
  1. Scrubbing in order to raise the dead cells that clog pores. This method helps reduce the lines in the abdomen.
  2. Doing massage in the abdomen with olive oil, which serves to help destroy belly fat.
  3. Anti-cellulite cream on the belly.
  4. Doing body steam or sauna bath. This is a way to streamline care other stomach your stomach.
  5. Performing Acupuncture therapy. It aims to stimulate the brain, hunger and should be done regularly.
  6. Perform Liposuction is suctioning the fat under the skin. How this is done by expert doctors and the high cost.

Well, it depends on how you will choose which one. As much as possible, try from internal abdominal treatment, which does not cause side effects.

Practical Tips Nail Care

Every woman must have longed for the gorgeous and beautiful nails. To get it, is actually not difficult, as long as it will do well nail care.

In caring for your nails, you do not always have to pay expensive to go to a salon and a manicure.

All it takes is patience. You can do it naturally and traditionally care for your nails.

Here are some tips to get beautiful nails:

You can do nail care with lemon. You simply rub the juice into the surface of the nail for a few minutes. In this way, you will get beautiful nails and brilliant.

Meanwhile, to strengthen nails, and remove the dirt in between them, then you just do nail care with starfruit. The trick, rub the surface of the nail and starfruit to the surrounding skin. Next, wash with warm water so that the dirt can be lifted.

Before doing the dirty work, such as dusting or gardening, first plug the nail into the soap bar. It is useful to prevent dirt embedded in the nail and easier to clean. It does not hurt you are wearing gloves, giving the body or hand moisturizer before wearing it.

Well, if you want to eliminate the less savory aroma of your nail, then you just do nail care by mixing grated turmeric with coconut oil. Then, drop the desired place. Next, wipe with a warm towel.

If you suffer from brittle nails, the nail care using onions. Rub garlic on your nails as often as possible. After that, wipe nails with a warm towel.

You can also use another alternative by rubbing olive oil on your nails, whenever you have time. Do not forget, enter the content of calcium and vitamin A in your diet everyday.

While that is not easily broken nails and a moist, use papaya latex for your nail care. How, you simply paste papaya latex on your nail, and then clean it with a warm towel.

It is better you leave your nails free from nail polish to make it breathe. Put the body or hand cream on the skin near the kitchen, and put on after washing hands or dishes.

Oh yeah, avoid lingering in the sun or swim too long, because it can make your nails become dry. Always use a moisturizer to keep your nails and cuticles. Lastly, do not forget to save your manicure equipment in an enclosed to protect it from germs that can cause infection.

Things you need to avoid in nail care:

  1. Do not use nails to do the work that only a pair of scissors, such as unplugging straples.
  2. Do not cut your nails short if you have.
  3. Do not cut nails with scissors.
  4. Do not wash clothes or equipment with hot water.
  5. Do not bite my nails.
  6. Do not clean your nails with sharp objects
  7. use a nail brush to clean it.
  8. Do not use your hands to come in contact with detergent for too long.
  9. Do not remove paint nails with sharp objects, you should use liquid nail polish remover.

How the Good Foot Care

Foot is the lowest part of the body. Perhaps because of that, many of us rarely notice skin of our feet. Little or chiropody would do as he took care of facial skin.

In fact, the foot is also a gift from God already should we care as quickly as possible. If your feet are lovely and well maintained, so we will also look more clean and beautiful, and increase our confidence.

Here are some foot care tips that you can do:

  1. If you feel sore and tired feet, make a solution consisting of 2 tablespoons of sea salt to 1 liter of hot water. Enter a few tablespoons of Alfalfa Extract Menthol. Spices are categorized as soy beans which is great for healthy skin and bones. Do not forget to dry the feet thoroughly.
  2. Nursing a broken leg can be removed using papaya latex. How, thinly sliced ​​papaya fruit is still green skin up to exit sap. Rub on the soles cracked, which had previously been cleaned first. Perform this treatment before going to bed or after a shower.
  3. You also can perform maintenance by soaking feet in warm water with salt (salt will be better with Essential mixed spices). Use essential oils which gives a calming fragrance like typical monggrass, Ginger, Citrus and Tea Tree efficacious, to brighten the foot, eliminating fatigue, and preventing heels dry and cracked.
  4. You can heal foot blisters with red onions. The trick, cut the onion in half, dip into coconut oil and apply on the sore leg. If it is cured, apply first before wearing shoes red onion.
  5. To eliminate the odor in the feet, foot care you can do is to rub a lime wedge on the feet.
  6. If the legs and other body parts were swollen, take miyana leaves, mixed with fennel leaves and onions, then mash until smooth. Glue on the body and legs were swollen.
  7. For pregnant women whose feet were swollen, foot care is done by drinking sugarcane juice that is old as often as possible. Or, can a corn dryer boiling water 1 cup every day. Hair corn boiled with 2 cups water. Can also make a dough consisting of kawak acid, yeast tape, and a little water. Combine all three ingredients together, then knead until evenly mixed. Apply mixture on the swollen foot at bedtime.
  8. To avoid dry feet, tail cut cucumber and let it out sap. Rub the gummy tail on foot. Do this several times in a row. Foot skin will be smooth.
  9. Foot care for rough and jagged heel, then you can brush with a soft brush, scrub with a pumice stone. The legs are tired you will feel comfortable. In addition, the legs being clean and fragrant. Upon completion, clean and dry. Then, use a lotion that suits your skin type, do this on a regular basis will undoubtedly your feet healthy and beautiful again.

Steps for Facial Care

Facial treatments are one of the important skin care. Not only because the face is the body part that is often seen, but because the skin is the most sensitive skin than other parts.

The influence of hormones on the skin
In her adolescence, growth hormone production increases. Moreover, the oil gland production also increased. Facial skin becomes more sensitive and cause problems such as acne.

However, as you age, growth hormone production and declining oil glands. The skin tends to become dry and wrinkled. Therefore, skin care facial skin care should be a priority, for both men and women.

Skin type

In doing facial treatments, it is important for us to know your skin type. Below, there are some skin types, namely:
  • Oily skin
    Oily and acne-prone skin has large pores. There are two types of oily face, that is:
  1. Oily whole face
  2. Oily combination (only in the chin, nose and forehead)
  • Dry skin
    Dry skin tend to be rough and wrinkled with age becomes easy.
  • Sensitive facial skin
    Sensitive facial skin that react to chemicals. It can cause irritation and redness
  • Normal facial skin

Facial treatments daily

There are three basic skin care steps that should be routinely performed, namely:

1. Cleaning
    Complete facial cleansing:
  • clean your face with cleansing milk and cotton
  • Wash the face with a special soap facial

2. Refresher
Once cleaned, the face stamped freshener (toner) to refresh and cleanse skin impurities remaining in the cleaning process.

3. Humidification
Whatever your skin type, moisturizer is important to avoid dehydration of the skin. Facial skin became supple and smooth.

Facial treatments according to skin type

Facial skin type of each owned by different people so we need a more specialized facial treatments according to skin type.

Oily skin care

  • Perform regular facial cleansing. Excessive oil on the face can cause acne.
  • Reduction of oil content. Make a face using a solution of hot tea on a regular basis.
  • Avoid the use of oil-based cosmetics. Use water-based cosmetics and non comedogenic.
Sensitive facial skin care
  • Choose the right care products (hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic). Sensitive facial skin that react to chemicals. As a result it may cause irritation and redness problems
  • Perform facial treatments using products made from natural or unnatural. Instead, the product tested first to see the reaction to the skin.
  • Avoid the use of make-up too often.

Dry skin facial treatments
  • Use a special soap for dry skin and do not use toners that contain alcohol.
  • Use moisturizer regularly to keep the skin moist.

Various kinds of facials at beauty clinic
  •  Facial
Facial care routine that includes such basic steps:
  1. cleaning
  2. scrubbing
  3. evaporation or massage
  4. making blackheads
  5. mask
  • Therapy
Facial treatments that use laser technology or electrical waves, usually intended to smooth the skin, reduce wrinkles, and improve blood circulation.

Important tips in skin care:

  • Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables because they contain vitamins and antioxidants that are important for healthy skin.
  • Choose an appropriate skin care products according to skin type.
  • Clean your face every morning and evening regularly.
  • Use sunscreen when you go outdoors to protect skin from the sun.
  • Use of moisturizer is highly recommended to retain moisture, especially for those aged 25 years and over.

Hand Care

Hand Treatment with Simple Way

Often we are oblivious to the maintenance of the hand, as we take care of our face.

Though, no doubt, you most often use your hands to move every day. Contact with various objects, dirt and even chemicals. Organ hand also includes the easiest to see.

To get a smooth skin and beautiful hands, you do not have to go to the salon. Treatment arms, you can do it yourself with a simple, easy and fast, and inexpensively. So, here are some tips to get your hands soft and smooth:

  1. To remove dirt on the surface of the hands, use warm water and soap with a high moisture content to wash your hands.
  2. Pour warm water into a bowl and soak your hands for 10 minutes. Take 2 tablespoons of honey and rub on both hands a few times. Soak your hand back into the bowl before.
  3. The next hand care, put soap containing a moisturizer on washlap, then massage your hands. Rinse hands with warm water and dry with a towel.
  4. Apply a moisturizer or hand body lotion twice a day on both hands, especially at bedtime, while doing massage to the skin to absorb the moisturizing cream. Choose a moisturizer with the best quality, which is to contain nut oils, because it is easily absorbed into the skin and hands were soft and smooth.
  5. Treatment other hand, follow the steps on the first point, then rub rose water on hand. Perform a gentle massage on your hands. Besides making the skin feel soft hand, also gives a refreshing scent.
  6. You can also soften your hands with a little oil Almond into your laundry tubs. Water is able to soften the skin, because the oil will keep the moisture content of the skin of your hand.
  7. To get rid of dead skin cells, you can dissolve sea salt mixed with Lemon. You can rub this mixture with unused toothbrush in hand. If you do it regularly twice a week, then you will get a soft hand skin, skin free of impurities.
  8. For added softness, further treatment is to wash your hands all over your hands with warm water, then use washlap hands and rub gently. When your skin starts to look damp, apply a mixture of one teaspoon of honey and one teaspoon of olive oil.
  9. Enter your hands into a small plastic bag, then put in cloth gloves and let stand for thirty minutes. Conductive heat will help the absorption of this hand treatment.
  10. How can you apply the following. Heat one cup of milk in the microwave for 30 seconds or until warm, but comfortable to the touch. Soak your hands for five minutes to strengthen nails and hydrate skin. The content in milk not only contains lactic acid, an alpha hydroxy acid that can peel off dead skin cells with a gentle, but also contains calcium which is useful for strengthening nails that break easily.

There is no reason to neglect your hands. Begin to care and treat equally to all members of your body, including your hand treatment.

Kinds of vitamins and their benefits

Vitamins are organic compounds that are needed by the body because it serves as a staple that can not be produced by the body for the metabolism of every organism.

Kinds of vitamins and their benefits

Range of different vitamins and vitamin benefits to our health.

Vitamin A

The usefulness of vitamin A are as follows:
  • Maintaining eye health
  • Prevent Infection
  • Supporting the growing body of
  • Maintaining healthy skin

If there is a deficiency of vitamin A is the characteristic cinya eyes become red, and if left it can continue in blindness. Vitamin A to prevent blindness contained in bananas, papaya, liver, cooking oil, vegetables, tomatoes and carrots.

Vitamin B

Also beneficial for eye health and prevent mumps. Vitamin B is found in rice, wheat, meat, liver and green leafy vegetables.

Vitamin B-1, B 6, B-12

Useful for pain cure vitamins found in vegetables such as spinach and tomatoes. There is also the fruit eg banana, papaya and citrus. Vitamins are also contained in the eggs, milk and meat.

Vitamin B2

There is an ingredient in foods containing Vitamin B1

Vitamin B6

There the corn and yeast.

Vitamin C

Contained in fruits, vegetables and the main one is orange. If deficiencies are it will suffer Scorbut the bleeding of the gums, gut, skin, muscle, and will also susceptible to infection.

Vitamin D

There the eggs, butter and milk. vitamin D deficiency will cause bones to become weak and a person wants to sit alone. To overcome this is by giving vitamin D and lots of sunbathing under the hot mataharri morning.

Vitamin E

Benefits of vitamin E is to prevent skin disease, is useful to close the wound and prevent / treat infertility. Vitamin E There are liver, whole grains, fruits, vegetables and nuts. Materials contained on this vitamin butter or cumin oil.

Vitamin K

Vitamin K is found in spinach and kale, vitamin K deficiency Someone if the injured blood flow is difficult to stop.

Lip Treatment

Healthy Lip Care Tips

A dream of every woman to have a healthy and beautiful lips. One of the characteristics can be seen from the humidity. When lips feel dry, not infrequently of us were soon wet her lips with saliva (saliva).

In fact, this step actually cause the lips lose moisture and dry, due to one of the enzymes in the saliva. Therefore, it is important for you to know the right lip care.

Dark lips treatment

If you have dark lips and want to get beautiful lips with bright colors, use a lip mask specific to cosmetics outlet. Besides cleaning also serves to maintain softness. Frequently consuming fruit and a balanced diet.

Dry mouth treatment

For those who have problems with dry lips, do not try peeling because it would add insult to injury. Use special lip scrub exfoliation function perform

Speckled brown lip care

Lips also sometimes speckled brown when exposed to heat. The best advice, use a treatment cream that has melanin to protect the skin of the lips

Chapped lips Treatment

Protect your lips from bad weather by using moisturizing cream on the lips. Consumption of vitamin B and C are. Apply coconut oil on the lips before bed. Compress lips with warm water 3 times a week.

Here's an important step for healthy lip care:

  1. Reduce the habit of wetting her lips with saliva.
  2. Consumption of 8 glasses of water per day in order to maximum health, and use a lip balm that contains vitamin A and C
  3. Consumption of vegetables that contain vitamin C especially high.
  4. In order to get the best results lip care, try not to smoke!
  5. Protect your lips from the sun by using a lipbalm, especially before applying lipstick.
  6. Perform a light massage on the lips with a special creamy lips and dab a little on the lips at night for natural protection.
  7. Clean lipstick before you go to bed with a special cleaning lips and do not forget to apply lip balm as protection.
  8. To create a relaxed lips, lip care what you can do to make a natural mask with papaya juice is thick. Put in a soft towel and rub gently around the lip. Let stand for 10 to 15 minutes, rinse and apply lip balm. Papaya contains enzymes that function and can help slough off dead skin peeling lips and polished.
  9. Soak a black tea bag in warm water, then tap-tap on the lips for three minutes. This will increase the level of moisture in the skin of your lips.
  10. To get the perfect exfoliating, you can also apply a thin layer of toothpaste evenly across your lips. Allow a few moments, and rub the soft toothbrush and gently twist to your lips.
  11. Natural lip care can also use honey, so that the surface smooth lips. How, apply a thin honey on the lips before bed. Then rinse with water in the morning.

Eye Care

Best Advice in Eye Care

Eyes are a very important organ. Without eyes, then we will be difficult to do many things. Walking, working, enjoying nature, look away, and many more.

Imagine if one day we could not see. Or, in a few minutes. Surely life is difficult to live. Therefore, make eye care is a necessity to do. Not only healthy, but also beautiful of course.

Here are some suggestions that you can do for your eye care:

  1. Every morning after waking up, fill your mouth with water, close your eyes and expose it or flush your eyes about 10 - 15 minutes. Do not wash the eyes with hot water.
  2. Do not wash your eyes and face when the body is sweating, especially after hard physical exercise or after a bronzed sun and heat.
  3. In doing eye care, as much as possible, avoid staring at something on a continuous basis, particularly on objects with long distances. Occasionally kejapkan or rest your eyes if you feel heavy or tired. Avoid saw an object under bright sunlight for a long time. Avoid reading, writing or working with eyes in improper light, or when the light is not enough.
  4. Wake up before sunrise. Did not sleep at all at night and sleeping after sunrise would membayakan eyes. If begadag unavoidable, drink a cup of water every half hour.
  5. Protect your eyes from dust, smoke, scorching sun and strong winds. If you can not avoid, eye care you can do is to blink your eyes and gently massage your closed eyes with your palms.
  6. Perform eye exercises by moving the eyeball in all directions ie, right and left, up and down, and rotate clockwise and counter-clockwise. Regular eye exercises help maintain perfect eyesight.
  7. Constipation can weaken your eyesight. So, do the chapter regularly and clean including the proper way to care of your eyes. Avoid too much desire or anxiety, sadness, anger, mental stress, because it can harm the eyes.
  8. Rub the palms of your hands for 30 seconds and gently place the warm palms on the eyes closed.
  9. One teaspoon of Triphala powder in a glass of water enter and let stand overnight. In the morning, strain the water and wash the eyes with water.
  10. Putting one drop of honey in each eye once a week, it is beneficial for your eye care, especially in the function of cleaning the eye.
  11. Drink plenty of water will help eliminate fatigue. When dehydrated, especially in air-conditioned, the body starts storing water as a defense. This adds kelebaman around the eyes.

Eat foods that contain vitamin A, C, and E every day; eating sour fruit, green vegetables, tomatoes, spinach, chicken and milk. You can eat cabbage and carrots raw or juice, it is very beneficial for your eye care.

Hopefully the above tips useful eye care for you. Good luck

Eye Care Tips For More Sustainable

The eyes are the window to see the beauty of the world, the beauty of the colors of the rainbow, the beauty of the smile people we love, the beauty of the sky adorned with stars and a full moon. It is true that we treat the eye? Have we keep eye to avoid injury? Here are some tips on caring for your eyes to eyes more durable.

Importance pair of eyes

Have you ever imagined a day goes by without using your eyes? Of course you feel it is only darkness everywhere. Eyes are the windows were breathtaking. These terms are found to be excessive. Because of a pair of eyes, able to voice your true heart's content. Sedihkah, grief, gembria ria, or disappointment, even anger that ignited. All radiates from your eyes.

So can you conclude that a pair of tiny eyes belong to you, it is an important thing that you should keep the rest of your life. As much as possible do not get injured. So you can continue to enjoy the beauty of nature, to see the baby smile, watching loved ones and see a variety of other virtues in life.

The eye is a pretty little thing, and also important. Therefore in order to maintain the beauty of it, it does not hurt if you're always looking for tips on caring for eyes. In order for your eyes to an old preserved.

Part of the Eye

Your eyes as part of the five senses that complements your body needs. Among the other five senses. Eyes occupy the functions and duties as a seer. That is one of the overall function of the other senses. Namely auditory, olfactory senses, the sense of taste, sense of smell and sight senses.

Eyes are the senses of sight and the function to see. See everything, all of which are creation of God. Be on guard for your eyes as well as possible, and use it to see the fine.

Eyes also called organ. That is the organ of vision, the duty to detect the light. Actually that was done by eye as the simplest task, namely to identify dark or light conditions in the surrounding environment.

While the eyes of the more serious tasks and complex is, to recognize an object and give a visual sense. In three-dimensional and four-dimensional.

Therefore, a diligent search for eye care tips is very good, to maintain the health of your eyes. The most important is the natural eye care. That is by eating carrots or drinking carrot juice, and diligent eating vegetables and fruits that contain vitamin A.

The following are the parts of the eye, consisting of two:
  • Part of the eye (eye organ) outside.
  1. Your eyebrows, which have the function to keep sweat. So that sweat does not slide into the eyeball.
  2. Your lashes, being able to filter out the light from the light received.
  3. Eyelid function and protective cover for the eyes.
  • Part of the eye (eye organ) deep.

Organ or part of the eye in the eye is a collection of organs working together to deliver the light. From the light source to the brain, to be digested by the human nervous system.

Parts or organs of the eye are:

White eye wall, which is the part of the eye with a thickness of about 1 millimeter. And on irensi muscles, increased to 3 millimeters thick.


Functioning as a receiver of light coming from the light source.

It is the outermost part of the eye that receives light. Coming from the light source.

Function as a regulator of focus light, so right jatiuh in retinal yellow spots. The lens also forward light paa retina of the pupil. When looking at distant objects automatic eye lens thinning. And when looking at near objects, eye lenses thicken automatically.

Pupil and iris

Pupils measure the quantity of light, which passed from the cornea into the pupil of the eye. Automatic pupils dilated in a dark room, and narrows in bright room conditions. Then the width of the iris surrounding the pupil affected. Which serve as the diaphragm. Iris is seen as part of the color on your eyes.

Light onto the retina forward optic nerve. And is the organ terpeka eyes to light. Especially the so-called yellow spots.

Optic nerve

Nerve connections between the ropes with cone cells in the retina, to the brain.

Eye Care Tips
  • Lack of vitamin A can lead to night blindness. When a blind eye can be ignored. Blindness can be prevented by eating vegetables and fruits that contain lots of vitamin A, in addition to prevent it by consuming lots of fish.
  • Read distance of at least 30 cm, with a 60 Watt light, comes from behind. Reading with the lights dim and done while lying down can change the eye axis.
  • Learning to be disciplined within viewing distance of the television set, which is five times the diagonal size of the screen.
  • Protect your eyes from dust and sand splash. Luka by sand on the black sphere eyes (cornea) can be ulcers, and blind. So do not be rubbing your eyelids if smth sand, so that the cornea is not scratched and become injured.
  • Pink eye infection contracted when a red eye disease was endemic. Things you can do is keep the patient as an outbreak of red eye, do not swim in public pools. Almost all contagious eye infection.
  • To avoid bintit, do not hold or touch the eyeball.
  • Do not carelessly holding or rubbing-ngucek eyeball. Use a handkerchief or tissue to wipe my eyes.
  • Protect your eyes from exposure to chemical liquids (soap) when showering.
  • Do not let your eyes are exposed to the sun is too strong, the radiation computer, staring at the sun directly, and so forth.
  • Be careful about using eye drops.
  • Do not use eye drops without instructions from your doctor.
  • Eye drops for an eye infection should be immediately discarded (as eye drops that have great potential to be used to contain the disease.
  • When the eye after exposure to dust, rain, eyes should be cleaned with a solution of Airin (boorwater)
  • Eyes need to rest after a long work. Concentrate on reading a book, riding a bike or driving a car, menontot television, staring at a computer screen for hours, take pause. During the pause, seek more of the all-green look to repel the eye fatigue.
  • Eating lots of carrots as a source of vitamin A, it does not cure nearsightedness. Visual acuity can not be addressed by it. The most efficacious drugs is glasses.

Enjoy and appreciate the beauty of the world through the eyes of the Lord loans. Keep and eye care is easier than cure after the disease. Praktekanlah some tips on caring for your eyes, so your eyes remain preserved until you close your eyes later.

Easy Ways to Reduce Breast Fat

Not a few women who are willing to spend money for the sake of enlarging breasts. But there are also women who disrupted by the large size of her breasts so choose surgery. Though the fat around the breast can be reduced.

Breast contains fat cells that can only be reduced but not eliminated. Many women who have upper body weight because a lot of the fat content. As a result, if you want a body shape that is okay, it is important to lose weight and stay fit.

Options to reduce breast surgery is expensive. There was also a pill to shrink the breast. But the drugs can cause dangerous side effects such as eliminating the milk ducts, sore nipples, or breast pain.

If you have fatty breasts because the size of your breasts, then you want to reduce the size and fat in the same time, you can use the ideal method that does not cause side effects and do not need surgery.

Here are some natural ways to reduce breast fat as reported by Boldsky on Thursday (18/10).

1. Lower the weights. Body fat can make you look fat and short. Thus, check your weight and if you overdo weight, lower your weight.

2. Diet. To lose weight, you must eat the right foods. Junk food and fried just add weight. Include fat burning foods and fruits such as garlic, green peppers, cabbage, lemon, berry. These foods burn calories and fat in the body.

3. Sports. You can not get to the original body shape or reduce body weight without exercising. Exercise every day in order to lose weight. Try cardio training by targeting your upper body, especially the shoulders, chest, and abdomen.

4. Train the muscles. To reduce the fat in the breast, try pressing the chest, shoulder, and arm muscles. Push-ups, pull-ups, and rowing is an exercise to tighten breast size and reduce fat deposits.

5. The right bra. Reduce fat and shape breasts saggy breasts can be done by wearing the right bra, that is not too tight or loose.

Tips Reduce Belly Fat In Men

Tips Reduce Belly Fat In Men | How To Lose Fat ~ The Excessive fat accumulation in the abdomen tends to affect the surrounding organs and can increase the risk of type 2 diabetes. Men are more prone to the accumulation of fat in the abdomen, so it would take extra effort to get rid of it.

The most widely applied solutions to overcome this problem is to do multiple sets of sit-ups a day. By exercising the abdominal muscles can certainly get rid of the fat in the abdomen, but he can lose excess weight without crunches origin followed other tips well.

1. Burn more calories than you consume
The main rule to get rid of body fat is to burn more calories than the amount of calories you consume. This also applies to the excess fat in the abdomen.

By burning at least 500 calories a day, men can lose weight at a steady pace until one kg every two weeks. Therefore, you need to manage your calorie intake and physical activity. Cardio activity is essential for burning calories, such as sprinting and swimming.

2. Choosing foods that contain carbohydrates with a glycemic index (GI / glycemic index) low
Carbohydrate intake is very important for your body to stay powered during the move. But not all carbohydrate foods good to eat, choose foods that contain complex carbohydrates.

Simple carbohydrates will only increase the accumulation of fat around the abdomen is often obtained from foods such as donuts, cakes, biscuits, pasta, white bread, and the like. Examples of complex carbohydrates are consumed are derived from fruits and vegetables, whole grains, brown rice, some beans and sweet potatoes.

Complex carbohydrates is processed at a slower rate than simple carbohydrates. But simple carbohydrates cause insulin spikes that cause your metabolism to slow down and carbs are stored as fat in the abdomen.

3. Increase water intake

Consumption of at least 5 liters of water each day. One third of that amount should be consumed as soon as you wake up in the morning. This will make the body avoid dehydration throughout the day and make organs function better.

Water intake can also work as chitterlings and prevent you from eating too much. Make sure you drink water at least half an hour before eating and do not take drinks over time because it can inhibit the digestive process.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Cause Loss of Appetite

Loss of appetite usually experienced by the sick. But the loss of appetite is not merely because of the pain could be a side effect of some medications, including eating disorders because they want to raise or lower the weight.

Though appetite required to meet energy and nutrients needed by the body. But circumstances sometimes make people lose their appetite.

Appetite is a complex regulatory system, which is intended to meet the body's need for energy and nutrients. Many factors are involved in creating and maintaining appetite for ideal weight.

The problem may be excess appetite appetite (hyperphagia) and lack of appetite (anorexia), which led to the rise and rapid weight loss.

Loss of appetite anorexia alias sometimes the term is often used to indicate an eating disorder. Anorexia is a decrease in desire, sensation or stimulation to eat.

This could be caused by the symptoms of disease, disorder or condition that may require medical attention to prevent the exhaust system of the body.

What can not be separated from the problem is the loss of appetite digestive system. As reported Healthblurbs, Monday (05/10/2010), some digestive problems that cause loss of appetite, namely:
  • Ulcer
  • Gastritis
  • Diverticulitis (inflammation or infection of one or more diverticula in the digestive tract)
  • Crohn's Disease
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Ulcerative colitis (sores or inflammation of the colon)

Infection can also cause people are not hungry, and loss of appetite. infection can cause loss nafus eating disease is acute or chronic diseases caused by viruses, bacteria, parasites or fungi, among others:
  • Influenza
  • Mumps
  • Syphilis
  • Pneumonia
  • Chickenpox
  • Laryngitis
  • Yellow fever
  • HIV / AIDS
  • Enteric fever
  • Wormy (from hookworm)
  • Food poisoning (E. coli enteritis)
  • Coxsackie disease

Or even caused by diseases such as severe enough:
  • Cirrhosis
  • Hepatitis
  • Lymphoma
  • Heart failure
  • Liver disease
  • Appendicitis
  • Renal failure
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Chronic Renal Failure
  • Cancer (lung, liver, kidney, ovary, cervix, stomach, and pancreas)

Loss of appetite is also caused by the side effects of some drugs such as cocaine, morphine, antibiotics, amphetamines, methamphetamine, chemotherapy drugs, cough and nasal congestion (decongestant).

Some psychological conditions, diet and lifestyle is also a relevant factor causing loss of appetite, namely:
  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Anemia
  • Alcohol
  • Migraine
  • Vitamn B12 deficiency
  • Pregnancy (first trimester)

If you experience a loss of appetite for a long time or a few days, consider taking a multivitamin, to make sure the body remains healthy.

Colon Function, Anatomy and Histology

As it so for those of you who do not know the function of the colon here will describe the function of the colon, anatomy and histology.

Colon Function

Bowel function is
  • saving and elimination of food waste,
  • maintain fluid and electrolyte balance by absorbing water
  • degrading bacteria.

Once you know about the function of the colon below will explain the anatomy and histology of the colon.

Anatomy and Histology

Macroscopic colon can be divided into six parts, the cecum, ascending colon, transverse colon, descending colon, sigmoid colon, and rectum. The sixth section histologically indistinguishable. The main characteristics of the cecum, colon, and rectum are not formed as intestinal villi, has a long and shaped gland tubuli simple, do not have asidofilik granular cells (cells Panneth), and having a lot number of lymphatic nodules.

Histological colon generally contains kripta Lieberkuhn the longer and straighter the tunica mucosa as compared with the small intestine. Cylindrical epithelium of the large intestine and contains far more than Goblet cell intestinal lamina propria of colon consists of reticular connective tissue and lymph nodules. As in the small intestine, the tunica muscularis mucosa of the colon consists of a layer of inner circular and outer longitudinal layer. The tunica mucosa composed of loose connective tissue, fat, and Meissner plexus. On the outside of the tunica mucosa of the tunica muscularis are the tunica externa and serosa. The tunica serosa consists of mesothelium and connective tissue subserosa.

The function of the appendix

However, more who believe that the human body has been designed with very advanced. There can be no organ created without having a specific function. Does not make sense when the appendix was created simply as a decorative organ.

In the Scientific American article dipubliskasikan, Loren G. Martin, who is an expert of the Oklahoma State University expressed an opinion about the function of the appendix. According to the appendix have a role in the fetus while in the womb.

Current 11 week old fetus, endocrine cells were observed in the appendix. These cells produce several peptide hormones and biogenic amines, which plays a role in homeostatic mechanisms in the fetus.

When born then grow up, he believes the appendix still play a role in the body's immune system. The appendix is ​​the site of lymphoid tissue buildup from birth until the age of 20-30 years.

The accumulation of these networks help the maturation of white blood cell one of the B-lymphocytes. Moreover, it also plays a role in the formation of one of the antibodies immunoglobulin A (IgA).

Not only that, in 2007, researchers from Duke University Medical Centre found new evidence. Quoted from the ABA, Wednesday (05/05/2010), the appendix is a nest of bacteria that play a role in recovery after bowel disease.

In normal conditions, the human digestive system is full of good bacteria that help break down food. However, a large number of bacteria that die when attacked by diseases such as dysentery or cholera.

According to the study, in the appendix of this condition has a role for the population of good bacteria. Besides being a place to hide from the attacks of the disease, also to breed.

Until now, a variety of studies to reveal another function of the appendix is still underway. Because if it does have a function, prevention of appendicitis should be higher priority than surgical removal.

Food Sources of Vitamin D is to Eat

Vitamin D is essential for bone health. A recent study also showed that food sources of vitamin D can prevent depression. Apart from fresh milk, vitamin abundant in fatty fish and mushrooms.

At the moment the weather is changing, the body will be vulnerable to the flu. Except for vitamin C, vitamin D also contributes to the body's defense against fever. Many sources of vitamin D that can be consumed directly from the diet, such as the following:

1. Fatty fish

Fatty fish is the best source of vitamin D. There is in salmon, tuna and mackerel. Fatty fish can be consumed with a side dish of fresh fish daily.

2. mushrooms
Fungi can produce vitamin D naturally when exposed to ultraviolet light. Although most widely grown in the dark, but there are also some types that grow in the sun.

3. milk
Fresh nutritious beverage also known to contain vitamin D. Milk is fortified with some vitamins can also be derived from soy milk and rice.

4. orange juice
This release thirst than drink rich in vitamin C was also good sources of vitamin D. We recommend drinking a glass of fresh orange juice every day.

Types of Healthy Foods Rich in Nutrients

Today, many types of healthy foods needed by humans because of the need for healthy living increase. People want to have a healthy body, in addition to a regular lifestyle, sufficient exercise, as well as eating a healthy diet.

Healthy Life with Healthy Food Types
Currently many outstanding types of instant food or fast food. What kind of food one is most popular because cooking methods that are practical and easy to get everywhere. Such foods consumed by a lot of busy people who claim to not have much time to cook or eat.

Instant foods and fast food as it really is not the kind of healthy food that is safe to eat because they do not promote health, instead of these foods can cause high risk of disease.

The pattern of human life is increasingly busy is one reason many outstanding instant food. Since there is no longer time to cook, so busy people better eating fast food or instant.

And with such a lifestyle, being one of the causes of unhealthy living. Irregular lifestyle and rarely exercise makes a person susceptible to disease.

In the state of the world that has developed very quickly, of course influence the pattern of human life as well. Technological advances trigger easier and busy man. Busyness as complacent with the advancement of technology makes people lazy.

If people are lazy to move, to eat lazy, and lazy to interact, then the pattern of his life will be chaotic and unhealthy. Due to lack of movement and rarely exercise, the body will feel tired and exhausted epat. Plus by eating fast food, so the body less receptive nutritional intake. In addition, lazy interact with other people's heart and mind are not comfortable and stress.

When these things happen, then our body will ache after a long time. The body and mind experience health problems. This is not a good thing to create a healthy lifestyle.

Although human life is busy, it's not a reason to not be able to live healthy. All people can be healthy depending on himself. Is orng it can set the time to make a healthy and regular life pattern.

Unhealthy lifestyles and irregular not only experienced by the adults, but children can also suffer from it. Activities of a child is now very solid. Time to go home and get together with the activities of adults who go to work, which is to go early and go home late.

Intense activity, can lead to the child's life pattern is irregular and unhealthy. As a result, the child is much easier ill and impaired growth.

Intense activity should continue to be supported by a healthy lifestyle, so that the pattern of her life balanced. With a full schedule of activities, healthy living through diet can be accomplished, by choosing healthy foods for the kids or yourself.

What kind of food today many kinds, especially the food for the children. Selective in choosing food is needed. The food is sold without a clear composition is better not to be consumed. The contents in these foods is not clear, whether healthy or even make our bodies sick.

Awareness of healthy living must start from ourselves and to be sustainable, so that a healthy lifestyle a habit. Despite intensive activity, because it was used with a healthy lifestyle, then his life will be healthy and regular. Accustomed to take the time to exercise, choose healthy foods, and socialize with others, it has become a healthy lifestyle.

With a healthy lifestyle, no matter how busy man will always be healthy physically da spiritually. Awareness of healthy living can also make the environment around a healthy and regular. Life will feel comfortable and safe.

Types of Healthy Foods

Healthy foods are foods that can meet the nutritional needs of the body, including carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, and essential minerals such as calcium, iron, and many more. A healthy diet is the best covering four of five perfectly healthy, consisting of rice, vegetables, side dishes, fruit, and milk. Here are some examples of healthy foods based on the nutrients needed by the body.

1. Carbohydrate

Carbohydrates are an important component for the body because carbohydrates are a source of energy that our body needs to move and do activities. There are two types of carbohydrates in foods, simple carbohydrates and complex.

Foods with simple carbohydrates that contain lots of sugar and less fiber, can cause obesity on the body. Examples of foods with simple carbohydrates are as follows.
  • White rice
  • Corn
  • White bread

While foods with complex carbohydrates carbs are foods that can not be filtered by the body and just leave fibers. Fiber is good for the body, so it is believed to reduce the risk of obesity. Examples of healthy foods with complex karbohodrat, is as follows.
  • Brown rice
  • Oatmeal (oats are high in fiber)
  • Oat bread

2. Protein
Proteins function as enzymes needed in the chemical reactions that occur in the body's metabolism. There are two types of proteins that are needed by the body, the animal and vegetable protein. Healthy foods are foods that contain both proteins. Examples of sources of vegetable protein, which is as follows.
  • Sweet potatoes (potatoes, sweet potatoes, cassava)
  • Similar beans and legumes (peanuts, beans, soy, etc.)
Examples of sources of animal protein, which is as follows.
  • Meat (beef, mutton, chicken)
  • Milk
  • Freshwater fish and saltwater fish (tuna, anchovies, milk, etc.)

3. Fat

Other healthy foods are foods that contain fat. Fat is good for the body is a lot of unsaturated fats found in nuts, olive oil, seeds (sesame, sunflower), avocado, or fish.

Saturated fats or often called bad fats / dangerous, often to be found in processed animal products, such as meat and bowel (liver, lungs, intestines, etc.). This type of fat is not good for the body because it increases blood cholesterol.

Therefore, you should not eat meat for protein needs, but you should not eat them too often because these foods contain bad fats.

4. Vitamin
Healthy foods are foods that contain lots of vitamins, good vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and vitamin K. Various vitamins are very important to support the health of the body, increasing endurance and maintenance of our body organs. This vitamin needs can be met by eating fruits (apples, guava, orange, melon, etc.) and vegetables (kale, spinach, carrots, broccoli, etc..)

5. Mineral

There are so many kinds of minerals needed by the body, such as calcium, potassium, and iron. These minerals can be found in milk and other dairy products (cheese, yogurt), fruits, and vegetables.

6. Fiber

Actually fiber did not contain specific nutrients that can nourish organs, such as vitamins or minerals. However, fiber is essential to help the body's digestion. We get a lot of fiber in fruits, vegetables, and oatmeal (high fiber whole grain).

Healthy foods are foods that contain substances that have been mentioned above. Therefore, the menu is good for consumption is the menu that contains six elements (carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, and fiber).

Not only that, to be healthy, we must pay attention to the portion that is right for our menu. For example, not too much emphasis on eating meat and vegetables. This can be very useful for the body.

In addition, how cook should also be considered. Raw foods are cooked too long or cooked can cause food to poor nutrition.

Consider the types of healthy foods to support healthy living. Begin to yourself to live a healthy lifestyle. After that, invite others to do it.

Thus the explanation of healthy living through healthy foods. Hopefully the information provided can benefit you, especially for the health of your body. A healthy lifestyle and regular is the desire of all people. Start of ourselves.

Healthy Food For Body Type

The food is not only consumed as satisfying the tongue, but also must be able to satisfy the body, in terms of good food consumed dilidah not necessarily comfortable for the body. Your body as the controller should not be selfish, if you want a healthy life and body, start today to consume foods that are rich in calories and nutrients.

According to health experts, the key to healthy living is to eat foods with balanced nutrition, so from now on you are the selecting and sorting Types of Healthy Foods itself. All kinds of healthy foods for the body as long as you regularly consume. And healthy foods that currently accompany your life can be divided into two categories, which are rarely popular healthy food and healthy food are favored.

Types of Healthy Foods That rarely favored

For example, healthy foods that are not convenient for the tongue is a kind of bitter foods such as Pare, papaya leaves and cassava leaves. All three meals were not much like it, but if you are researching properties,

  • Pare is a plant that is widely available in Asia, Africa and America can inhibit HIV-Aids virus, a virus that is lethal. Pare also be producing beta cells in the pancreas to produce insulin. Moreover it can be enriched pare menngontrol glucose in the blood, so that the situation will become normal and controlled.
  • Papaya leaves are believed to fight cancer and prevent typhoid. Because the papaya leaf itself contains many substances that are necessary for the body, such as vitamins A, B1, calories, protein, fat, carbohydrate, calcium, phosphorus, iron and water.
  • Papaya leaves can also prevent vaginal disease, a disease that is often experienced by women. Can aid digestion, increase appetite, prevent dengue fever, and menstrual pain.
  • Cassava leaf, the leaf is actually not how bitter, but many people do not like it. And usefulness is great for people with arthritis, antibodies to dengue fever and cough. Besides cassava leaves are also believed to cure rheumatic in people who are elderly.

Third vegetables above only as an example, how the actual food was not tasty very beneficial for health.

Healthy food type that is very popular

What kind of food is spoiling the tongue. Not as in the example above. Healthy foods are much favored generally present in ripe fruits, vegetables, and are devoid of bitterness in animals such as meat and eggs. But wait, that healthy food can be called unhealthy if you're not good in the process. For example, fried food, fried foods can create fat deposits in the body. You can cholesterol disease and cancer.

In addition, healthy food becomes unhealthy if you consume too much inside. For example meat, meat is a food that is rich in fiber. But what happens if you consume it in excess, you may be exposed to uric acid, cholesterol, cancer, and many other deadly illnesses.

So it's not healthy food lies in the type of food, but how you can work it into a healthy and nutritious diet. Additionally consume in moderation and control it all with regular exercise and enough sleep. Definitely a healthy diet and even then it will feel healthy for the body.