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Prevent Hair Loss with Tasty Food

Hair is the crown for women. That's roughly what is often echoed by many. Healthy hair indicates that she is treating her well so if there is a problem in the hair, such as hair loss, the problem will be overcome in various ways. 

In the growth phase, the hair that glistened even an indication that the nutrients that enter the body of the child quite well. Nutrients that enter the body, joined absorbed by the hair roots thus affecting the growth of the hair itself. The healthier the food is consumed, the hair will look more beautiful. 

Food with all the nutrients contained in them indeed plays an important role for health, including the health of hair. The selection of nutritious foods that can be an alternative to maintaining the natural beauty of your hair than to go to the salon. 

No Need to Maintain Healthy Hair Salon
Yes. Indeed, maintain healthy hair and prevent hair loss from such problems, do not need to go to the salon. Spend a lot of money and time spent is also not small. Better to start from yourself. The trick is living with a healthy and orderly pattern. Consumption of nutritious foods. 

The way it is the most powerful way to overcome any health problems. Make no mistake, healthy hair too needs attention, you know. And can be addressed in two ways. Unfortunately, although it is well known properties, such efforts are not so preferred so do not blame if health problems often arise. 

Do not forget that hair is also a part of the body that need the nutrients. Hair should other parts of the body that need the food to keep it growing well. Selection of proper nutrition will help you treat your hair. 

Another way to preserve or maintain the health of your hair is by washing it diligently and regularly. Wash hair at least 2 days. Use a shampoo that matches the condition of your scalp. Do not forget to rinse it clean. Because the rest of shampoo that are still left on the scalp it will give birth to new problems. 

Massaging the scalp gently while applying hair herb that has been found on the market can do to care for healthy hair. Slowly and gently massage. In order, the nutrients in these ingredients go perfectly seep into the hair roots. Do not rub your hair with a rough towel. Other than that, not too often try to dry it with a hair dryer. 

Electronic device that serves to dry the hair is indeed useful, but, not if you wear them too often. The heat generated by a hair dryer it will adversely affect hair follicles. Natural moisture every strand of hair will also erode if too much heat from a hair dryer famous. 

Preferably, use a towel dry naturally. Tap-tap and then slowly winds. Although longer dry, your hair will be protected from the problems caused by the use of a blow dryer too long and often. 

Keeping hair healthy by going to the salon every time it will make the hair slowly damaged. Nutrition hair widely available in most beauty salons use a mixture of chemicals. Fast and slow, side effects of the use of such chemicals will feel. 

If you just treat and maintain healthy hair done at home. Do it in a way that is more simple and natural. Because of the natural tendency to not have major side effects. Unless you want to change the haircut, the salon is the right place. In addition, you should consider again. 

One more thing you can do to maintain healthy hair. Avoid stress. Do not over think something up too deep and even affect your overall health. Hair loss, emaciated body due to stress, it is not a good sight, especially because you are a woman. 

Causes of Hair Loss  

Briefly mentioned above, that the cause of hair loss is lack of good nutrition for the hair, stress is not managed properly, the lack of hair hygiene maintained, as well as the use of chemical products in excessive hair. The cause of the loss did not stop there. Hormonal factors also proved to be able to influence why hair loss. 

Hormonal imbalance in the body is also a factor why the hair can fall out. When hormones are not balanced, it can lead to polycystic ovarian syndrome. In this syndrome, the ovaries produce too many other hormones. It can cause hair loss, acne, irregular periods, and cysts in the ovary disease. 

In addition to hormonal problems, loss can also be caused by factors derived genes by the father and mother. The cause is identified with the term Androgenetic alopecia. Pregnancy and thereafter also be a cause of hair loss in most women. 

Health of the affected scalp also cause further hair loss. Scalp health can be compromised due to lack of nutrition or hygiene is not maintained properly. Then, anemia or blood deficiency. Factors causing the hair loss, it is also can cause hair loss. 

Prevent Hair Loss with Food
The cause of this should be balanced with prevention. The best prevention is easy and possible for you to do is to (it was) watching nutrients into the body. Choose foods that are good if only for hair growth. Want to know what foods are good for hair health? Here's the information for you! 

1. Carrots
This bright orange colored vegetables are rich in beta-carotene. The content of beta-carotene is good to prevent your hair loss. Especially for hair loss due to dandruff, make this vegetable as a natural treatment for your hair. Other ingredients of carrots, both to keep the nature of the scalp. You can eat them raw or mixed used when making soup.

 2. Banana
Soft textured fruit and sweet contains vitamin B which serves to create a more healthy hair follicles. If the hair follicles healthy, oxygen will flow smoothly into the scalp. Thus, because of the fragility of the roots of hair loss can be overcome. 

3. Beans
Snacks containing oil, it is also good to help maintain the health of your hair. The content in the form of protein, biotin, and zinc are present in nuts are nutrients needed by the hair. So, from now on, many-many eating peanuts. 

4. Fish
The content of Omega 3 in fish is key to the health of your hair. Omega 3 works to strengthen the hair roots so the hair does not fall out easily. In addition, the content of these fish will make the natural color of hair came out perfectly. 

5. Eggs and Milk
Two of these foods is a storehouse of protein. It is very good for the health of your crown. Protein is needed by the board as one of the food. By eating lots of eggs and milk, your hair will be much more elastic, so it is not easy to break or fall out. 

6. Vegetable
Vegetables in question of course is the greens. Chlorophyll in spinach and broccoli good for the health of your hair. The content of vitamins A and C that is in green leafy vegetables, good for maintaining healthy hair and makes it shiny. 

7. Orange
Do not believe if orange can also be a good food for your hair? believe it should start now. Because the content of vitamin C in the function to form collagen, which is important for the growth and health of hair. 

Beef and Scallops  

Substance takes the hair and the beef is contained in protein, iron and zinc. Contained zinc in beef is acting to regulate glands located in the hair follicles. The content of protein in beef is also needed by the hair. Shellfish also contain zinc.
Besides a role as a regulator of the gland, zinc also acts to produce cells and set the hormones can be balanced. It is this process which will affect hair growth and health of your hair.
How? Not too hard not to "feed" your hair. After all, the ingredients are very familiar and close to your everyday life. With this, the problem of hair loss can be overcome.

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