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Broken Bones and Bone Cancer

Human bones strong, just imagine our body parts became the backbone of the body, the body is capable of supporting the load 30 times more severe than supported by brick. The strongest part of bone is bone dry, it is able to withstand the load of 3600 pont. Imagine if the human body without bones, we could not stand up straight.

Bones can become a buffer and supports the body because the bones contain collagen. Collagen is a protein which contains phosphates and minerals Kalsum, because the substance is capable of supporting the body's bones.

Like a tree trunk with a wood and strong, does not mean the bone to avoid things that are not desirable, eg fractures due to violence or an accident even bone can be affected by a disease that causes a lapuh, even bone can be affected by cancer.

Therefore, the bone should be treated properly, can be set up and maintain food and exercise regularly, and avoid things that can harm bones. The bone is divided into two, namely:
  1. Cortical, is part of a strong and solid, is located on the outside of the bone.
  2. Trabecular, are part of hollow bones that make up the structure.

Why Broken Bones Can Return Restored?

Bone fractures can be caused by many things, eg a fall from a ladder accidents, violence, and so forth. Each fault has a unique designation in accordance with the type patahannya. Type of fracture infarction, this designation when the fractured bone, with terpatah partially stems, while the others are just crooked. If more than two patahannya called comminutiva crumbling or fracture. Meanwhile, if patahannya penetrate the muscles and the skin is called a compound fracture.

The fracture can recover, why can? If we imagine a broken timber can be reconnected, connect it with string or by using adhesive. But what about the bones, that is inside the body.

How to restore the bone somewhat resembles a recovery on broken pottery or ceramics. Part of the fault should be put back together to fit. The difference, in ceramic materials needed glue as ingredients that can help make the fragments can be attached, while on the bone, doctors do not require glue for the bone itself capable of developing connective tissue.

This is the special ability of bone fractures and soft tissue when patahannya around it becomes cracked and cracked, some tissue will be damaged and destroyed. Then, around the end of the entire fracture and soft tissue can be re-attached because of the assistance of frozen blood and lymph nodes or lymph.

After a few hours of the fault arises connective tissue cells and ulai new patahannya recover. Cells containing calcium will react quickly, between 72 to 90 hours. And all these cells create tissues that connect the two halves.

In the developed network was put more calcium materials. At the time of broken bones, calcium is needed because it is able to turn into normal bone in just a period of several months. Therefore if a broken bone, the doctor is always wrapped the broken part with the cast, it is to prevent not to the ends of the plates that move around.

What Causes and Symptoms of Bone Cancer

Not many people know that cancer does not only attack the breast, skin, liver, etc., but the cancer can strike bone. Therefore need to know about bone cancer information. Although it is rare, but since the early need to know the characteristics and symptoms.

Bone cancer is different from the bone disease osteoporosis. Osetoporosis usually affects people who are elderly, whereas bone cancer usually affects children and adolescents, but this does not rule out the affected adults, are especially vulnerable to adults who have Paget's disease

There are two types of bone cancer. First, secondary bone cancer or metastatic bone cancer. Cancer is caused by previous cancer in the body, which eventually spread and attack the cancer to the bone.

Second is the primary cancer, the bone cancer originating or due to the bone itself. Were included in the primary bone cancer are multiple meiloma, fobrosarkoma, osteosarcoma, kondrosarkoma, histiositoma Fobrosa, and malignant lymphoma of bone.

Symptoms of bone cancer, consists of several phases, namely:

1. Pain

The pain of bone cancer usually occurs in the neck or back. However, the pain may radiate gets another body. The pain of bone cancer can cause continuous pain, which can lead to discomfort.

Development occurs in the location of abnormal growth, pain occurs only in the rear, because the inflammation and iritasinya remain in the rear, but if you've hit a nerve, pain tasa then diffuses out, the pain gets spread-parts of the body.

2. Body becomes weak

As a result of an interruption implus spine, the patient will become weak and feeble. Inflammation of the brain can lead to not work well with the foot, and this is evident in the symptoms of a patient being unable to walk, holding or reaching for something.

3. Reduced sensitivity to something
The spinal cord is part of the central nervous, and if this part can lead to inflammation touch sensitivity is reduced. For example: in touch fire or ice is no longer felt cold and heat.

4. Incontinence

Incontinence symptoms similar to the symptoms of the body becomes weak, which can lead to weak controls on the bladder and bowel.

5. Paralyzed

Symptoms of bone cancer can cause paralysis. Paralysis it can be anticipated depending on how much severity.

Used to do the medical examination of bone cancer is bone merontgen estimated cancer, chest x-rays in order to find out if the cancer spreads to the lungs, bones track spread to other parts using Bone Scan, with examination of the blood of the alkaline phosphatase serum and biopsy needle or open biopsy to check for histopathology.

Treatment of cancer of the bone, can be done in two ways: by way of medical treatment and herbal or traditional. In medical treatment there are three phases, with surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy.

Treatment of bone cancer depends on the type of character and severity, and distribution, it could be three ways of treatment are needed more than one or all three. Treatment with surgery performed on bone cancer that has not spread to remove tissue that contained the cancer and that is around.

Treatment with radiation therapy is a treatment that uses radiation energy that cancer cells are not enlarged. In his radiation therapy damage the cell's DNA, so the cancer can not develop themselves. While chemotherapy is not only discouraging but removes only the cancer cells. In chemotherapy treatment sometimes causes hair loss.

Bone cancer can be prevented, by some means and should be done early, namely:
  • Treatment on bone, can be diligent in the morning sun.
  • Healthy lifestyle by eating four of five perfectly healthy, especially milk which contains a lot of calcium.
  • Exercise regularly, for example by running or doing exercise. Due to a lot of sporting bodies that automatically moves the composition of the bone will be solid.
  • Do not eat too many foods that contain substances karsiogenik.
  • Do not drink beverages containing alcohol.

Throughout life people will experience bone growth and repair, so there is always a chance to avoid, so as not to be late this can be done by providing good food intake, which required bone, to avoid those things are like unwanted bone cancer. And more able to guard against accidents and acts of violence which could lead to fractures.

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