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4 Ways to Grow Natural Hair

There are many products that promise to beautiful hair and thick. However, before buying expensive products, you should consider it. Try the following home-based products, which are no less effective to make hair grow faster. Quoted from Medic magic and wolipop, four solutions with ingredients that can be found in the following, effective way to grow hair.

Olive oil

Useful products that can be found in almost every kitchen is olive oil. Olive oil not only improves hair growth process, but also can nourish your scalp condition. Put four to five drops of olive oil after shampooing and massage the scalp. Instead, do it at night so that the olive oil content is absorbed in the scalp. In the morning, wash your hair thoroughly.


Another way to grow hair with egg yolk. Apply egg yolk on the hair and scalp. Then, massage the scalp for 10 to 15 minutes. After that, wash your hair using shampoo to clean, so as not to leave a fishy smell in the hair. It's good, do this process three to four times a week.

Coconut milk

One of the most popular techniques used to promote hair growth is the application of coconut milk into the scalp. Apply 300 to 500 ml of coconut milk into the scalp and hair, cover hair with a warm towel and let stand for 15 to 20 minutes. Then rinse with cold water. With this treatment, the hair will be softer and shiny. When done regularly, it can be seen significant results in hair growth. Perform this process three to four times a week.

Coconut oil
Dandruff can inhibit hair growth. To get rid of dandruff and hair grow faster, you can rub coconut oil on the scalp to the hair. Make sure all the hair roots exposed to oil palm. If this process is done every day, then within 15 days, the dandruff will be gone and will get the hair roots strong, so that hair growth can be faster.

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Various kinds of bone disease

There are many types of diseases including inflammation of bone joints, tumors and degenerative diseases some of which are included in the category of silence disease / illness quietly because the symptoms of the disease does not feel or seem real to people starting experience and can indirectly lead to a variety of things to make someone dies.

In many cases of bone disease is the most common bone loss / osteoporosis can lead to fractures that make a person must always be a lying position so that sewage disturbed respiratory tract and lung infections there that cause people to die. According to some studies that the risk of death for people who suffer from bone loss with people who suffer from breast cancer even more than the number of patients who suffer from cervical cancer.

The cause of bone disease

Various kinds of bone disease is very diverse and of course the cause is also certainly vary
  • Congenital abnormalities, eg osteogenesis imperfecta, Marfan syndrome, syndrome Aperts, etc.
  • Inflammation / inflammation, either specific like tuberculosis osteomyelitis, osteomyelitis sypilis, and non specific.
  • Trauma, assorted broken bones due to accidents and so on.
  • tumor, a variety of benign and malignant tumors, including the primary and secondary in this class.
  • Degenerative. This disorder can be primary due to the aging process, or secondary to other bone abnormalities. Examples: low back pain, cervical pain, neck shoulder arm syndrome, etc.
  • Others. Included are the diseases which can not be classified in the above categories, such as avitaminosis, metabolic abnormalities (such as bone disorders in hyperparathyroidism, etc.), bone abnormalities is not known why

Type of bone disease the most common:
  • Osteoporosis is a condition in which the bones brittle as bone density decreases so that bones become brittle and easily broken. Osteoporisis generally caused by lack of calcium intake on bone
  • Arthritis is the inflammation of the joints which gives pain and sometimes a change bones position. One famous example is rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Ankylosis is a disorder of the joints can not be driven menyababkan joints where the ends of the bones seemed to unite inter
  • Osteomalacia: These diseases cause bones to become weak due to deficiency, vitamin D or errors of metabolism in the body. As with osteoporosis, osteomalacia also potentially make rapid bone fractures.
  • Rickets is often experienced by children who are growing. Bone formation in patients with abnormal rickets, which is a buildup of calcium in the bones due to eating too much dairy calcium or due to solar radiation.
  • Rickets is a disease of bone that occurs due to lack of vitamin D that generally lead form crooked leg bones to form the letter O or X.

Early Symptoms of HIV Disease

HIV following signs of a general nature that we can recognize easily:

  • Weight plummeted more than 10% in a month, or a thin suddenly without apparent cause.
  • Prolonged fever by more than one month.
  • Decreased consciousness and neurological disorders.
  • Dementia / HIV encephalopathy.
  • Suffering from chronic diarrhea that lasts more than a month, this causes the body weak and dehydrated.

In addition there is also a common symptom of early symptoms of HIV AIDS that are special can you identify the person affected by HIV-AIDS disease, following the early symptoms of HIV disease AIDS which is specifically that:

  • Strong and cough continuously for more than one month.
  • Zostermultisegmental herpes zoster and recurrent herpes.
  • Also arise progressive chronic herpes simplex.
  • There fungal infections repeatedly on a woman's genitals.
  • Generalized dermatitis.
  • Kandidias oropharyngeal.
  • Generalized lymphadenopathy.
  • Cytomegalovirus retinitis.

Nutrient content in cassava

Nutrient content in cassava - cassava or many also called cassava that has been widely recognized as a staple food and the leaves can be used as sayuran.Singkong is producing carbohydrates as a staple food rice and leaves are rich in nutrients.

Cassava or manioc is an annual species of tropical and subtropical family of Euphorbiaceae.

Cassava became known in South America and has been developed since the days of man prasejarah.Bentuk-modern form of cassava have been cultivated species can be found growing wild in southern Brazil.

Cassava is now very memasyarakat.Disamping can be consumed directly by simply steamed or boiled, cassava is also a very flexible material that can be made a variety of different kinds of cassava kue.Kue most familiar is gethuk lindri / gethuk and cassava.

How to choose a good cassava
  • Cassava peel a little. See the color, if the color is yellowish cassava species that are better than the white.
  • Break a little tip, look - well, if there is a blue section should
  • Do not selected. Cassava has long kept it tends to emit blue or black stains caused by enzymes that are toxic poliphenolase.
  • Many people choose a wrap cassava from the ground. If the soil has not dried cassava means means they are new, certainly no stains.

How to cultivate cassava

When cassava is processed must be washed to remove soil that sticks in cassava roots. After that cassava can be peeled. How to peel pretty easy, just slice the middle lengthwise, then pull up part is peeling off at all of the cassava.

Wash your back so clean cassava.

If not treated, first soak the cassava
so that the color does not change. What must be remembered, cassava tuber texture is hard enough, so if you want to change the confectionary menhadi must be processed first
such as steamed or shredded. When cassava was about to be mashed like to make getuk, cassava steaming should be done to really - really soft. In order to be polished using a fork or boxed in a mortar (stone mortar). What must be remembered, preferably mashed cassava while still hot.

Nutrient content in cassava

Cassava Nutrition 206 g.
  • Water 122.94 g
  • Energy 330 kcal
  • Energy 1374 kj
  • Protein 2.8 g
  • Total lipid (fat) g 00:58
  • Ash 1:28 g
  • Carbohydrate, by difference 78.4 g
  • Fiber, total dietary 3.7 g
  • Sugars, total 3.5 g
  • Calcium, Ca 33 mg
  • Iron, Fe mg 00:56
  • Magnesium, Mg 43 mg
  • Phosphorus, P 56 mg
  • Potassium, K 558 mg
  • Sodium, Na 29 mg
  • Zinc, Zn 0.7 mg
  • Copper, Cu 0206 mg
  • Manganese, Mn 0791 mg
  • Selenium, Se mcg 1.4
  • Vitamin C, total ascorbic acid 42.4 mg
  • 0.179 mg thiamin
  • 0.099 mg Riboflavin
  • Niacin 1.759 mg
  • Pantothenic acid mg 0.022
  • Vitamin B-6 0.181 mg
  • Folate, a total of 5.6 mcg
  • ~ Mcg folic acid
  • Folate, food mcg 5.6
  • Folate, DFE 56 mcg_DFE
  • Choline, a total of 48.8 mg
  • Betaine 0.8 mg
  • Vitamin B-12 ~ mcg
  • Vitamin B-12, added ~ mcg
  • Vitamin A, IU 27 IU
  • Vitamin A, RAE 2 mcg_RAE
  • Retinol ~ mcg
  • Vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol) 12:39 mg
  • Vitamin E, added ~ mg
  • Vitamin K (phylloquinone) 3.9 mcg
  • Fatty acids, total saturated g 0.152
  • Fatty acids, total monounsaturated 0.155 g

Benefits Apples

Efficacy Benefits of Apples for Health - Apples is one type of fruit that is preferred by most people. Sweet and fresh taste of the apple makes a lot of people liked it though probably without realizing the benefits of the apple itself.

Well, do you know the health benefits of apples for us? Apparently so many benefits of apples. And perhaps, this is also what makes the market price of an apple is more expensive than any other fruit. Price of local apples as apples and apples imported poor are generally more expensive.

Benefits of Apples:
Some properties of the apple are as follows.

1. Protecting bone
2. asthma
3. Preventing Al-zheimer
4. Lowering cholesterol levels
5. Preventing lung cancer
6. Prevent Breast Cancer
7. Preventing colon cancer
8. Prevent Liver Cancer
9. controlling diabetes
10.Mengurangi weight

Apples Ingredients:
In the world of health benefits apples can help a diet or lose weight. By eating one apple can reduce your calorie intake by 15%. Preferably before meals you eat 1 apple because it can reduce the calories you roughly 185 calories. So that their average per month then you can throw as much as 0.68 kg or 9.07 kg per year.

Well, says the health benefits of apples for which we can share this ditulisan. Articles on this apple sourced from various internet search results. If you have the other benefits of apples, please diinfokan also through comments. Oh yes, apples are also suitable to serve the pudding mix so well?

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3 Tips Caring for Ear

Many of us are often clean the ear using a cotton bud, but has long been known that clean the ear with a cotton bud is wrong. These will be explained in more detail how to care for the right ear:

  1. Do not scrape the wax using a cotton bud. Because it is not clean dirt, but increasingly pollute the ears. Dirt will be entered into the ears. The ear has its own mechanism that will automatically eject droppings. For Muslims wudoo 'is the perfect treatment for the ears.
  2. Chewing food properly is also very important, because the movement helps in the process of spending earwax. To feel in detail, try chewing gum
  3. Occasionally try to do therapy candles, because it will clean up the dirt that no ears. Learn how to do the therapy candles, then you can try it yourself at home.

Apart from the above, ane also take some tips from the article neighbors, the following tips:

  • Do not ever scratch when itchy ears. Itching can be caused by eczema or psoriasis. Immediately to the doctor to get treatment
  • The pain that arises not only because your ear problem, but could be because you are suffering from joint pain sore throat or neck. But, when you feel pain in the ears, you should consult your doctor.
  • Your hearing could be reduced due to aging. However, if the age is not the cause, immediately consult your doctor. Sudden hearing loss could be due to damage to the hair cells.
  • Listening to music loudly and for a long time can damage the hair cells. As a result, your hearing was gradually reduced.
  • When traveling by plane sometimes even ear ache. To lessen the pain, you can hold my nose and blow gently ears. Or even sometimes be the solution evaporates.
  • Do not worry about the discoloration of your earwax. Texture and color can be different for each person. Can be soft or hard, can be orange or brown. However, if it is green and thick, mark your ear infection. And it should be treated immediately. I took from

A few tips to care for your ear

This 5 Kinds of Material For Brightening Face Naturally

Pollution, exposure Matari, and many other factors can indeed
make the skin color becomes darker. To make it clear again, some natural ingredients can be selected. What is it?

Potatoes not the natural ingredients that are foreign to the skin. Parutlah potatoes, then squeeze or puree. After that, apply on face to dry. Once dry, repeat the process until you reach the three layers. Let stand up to 15 minutes then rinse with cold water. The second way: Peel the potatoes and thinly sliced, then stick to the face and leave on for 15 minutes. After that, wash the face. Potatoes contain an enzyme that can catecholase
help brighten the skin.

The enzyme papain contained in papaya is very beneficial for the skin. This enzyme can help accelerate
and skin cell turnover process. In addition to brighten the face, an enzyme that is believed to be black blemishes. Combine papaya is mashed with honey. Use a clean cloth and soak it in warm water.
Squeeze a clean cloth and then spread the mixture on top of the fabric papaya. Put a cloth over the face washed. Let stand for 20 minutes then rinse with warm water. Finally, rinse with cold water to close the pores. Use once a week to get fair skin.

Green leafy vegetables are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. In addition to brighten skin, cucumber can also be used to lighten underarm skin blackened. Paste the grated cucumber juice on the face and neck. To effect a fresh, store cucumbers in the refrigerator the night before. Blackened eye bags can be easily overcome with a cold cucumber slices and fresh. Slice cucumbers crosswise and cover your eyes with cucumber pieces. Let stand for 15-20 minutes while you relax.


Rice has long been known as Asian women beauty secrets. Combined with milk, rice can be the face of natural lightening ingredients. Mashed rice to a powder and mix with milk or water until thick enough. Like using a stick to the face mask. Let stand 15-20 minutes then rinse with cold water. Rice contains PABA (para aminobenzoic acid) is high. PABA can serve as a good sunscreen. In addition, the rice also contains acids that act as antioxidants ferulis and allantonin that can accelerate skin repair process.


Lycopene in tomatoes serves as a natural skin lightening. Eating tomatoes can also mengurangsi skin sensitivity to UV rays can damage the skin. Lycopene in tomatoes can make the skin brighter, protected from
free radicals, and increase the production of natural sunscreen to the skin. To lighten underarm skin blackened, cut the tomatoes in half and stick it in a circular motion in the underarm. Do this for 15 minutes then wash. This ritual can be done every day.

As for the face,

grated tomatoes to be used as a mask. Let it dry and then stick it back up to form three layers. Let stand for 20 minutes then rinse with cold water. Do this treatment regularly for maximum results.

10 Ways to Naturally Whiten Skin Body and Face

Many women who crave white skin. It's nothing, really white skin makes us more fit to wear any color (although the dark-skinned can choose any color origin confident enough). In addition, the white skin can supposedly make others forget about your other shortcomings.

You are dark-skinned, was also able to get the skin a brighter, cleaner, and healthier, although not necessarily be white. Meanwhile, for those of you who are white or tan, but do not have time because of busy treating the face, there is an easy way to brighten your skin naturally. Here are some of them.

Here are 10 Ways to Naturally Whiten Skin Body and Face

1. Sweet Pepper (Paprika)

Paprika is one of the great natural ingredients for facial your face, to create a mask of processed peppers you can whiten your face, which mask these peppers can increase the circulation of blood flow in the face. You can destroy the (mem-blender) red or green peppers to produce a paste or cream as a face mask. Apply on your face and then leave it for fifteen minutes, then wash your face with cold water. With this natural cream skin cells can be more healthy and certainly face natural white you can get.

2. Yogurt

Yogurt was able to give kelambapan for your skin. By mixing a little honey and then apply on your skin, leave on for 10 minutes and then can be cleaned with water. Mask is made from yogurt can smooth your skin, certainly nan smooth white skin is the desire of all people.

3. Chamomile

Chamomile is commonly used as a tea. However, this interest could serve as a natural ingredient to lighten skin. Chamomile also has a lot of content to address a swollen eye. You only need to dip the tea bag in hot water, and let it cool. Then, attach tea bags on the eyes. Do this for two weeks to see results.

5. Milk
You must have heard about the benefits of milk baths. But if the milk bath is too troublesome, just use milk to wash my face. Milk has a lot of ingredients that can reduce black spots on the face, and improve skin tone in a perfect way. Pour a few drops of milk on the face wash cloth and use the cloth to gently rub the face. Milk will remove dead skin cells that cover the face, and gives a new color.

6. Avocado Oil
Many women who are lazy to clean your face before bed, because it was already so tired. Well, avocado oil can help you that could not wash my face before bed. Avocado oil is effectively helps eliminate the remnants of makeup. After removing the rest of the make-up, use paper towels to absorb excess oil left on the face.

7. Lemon juice and egg white

Egg whites are often called can tighten facial skin. To improve skin tone, mix the lime juice with egg white. Use this material as a face mask. Apply lemon and egg white mask to the face and let it dry itself. After 5 10 minutes, wash your face with cold water. The results you can see after doing this routine at least a week.

8. Almond
Almonds may help reduce the dark color of the skin, so the skin will look brighter. Practical and natural way to use almond for skin whitening is by mixing almonds with milk and a little turmeric. How, in the morning, soak 4-5 almonds and saffron in the liquid milk segment. At night, remove the turmeric, then puree the almonds in milk to form a paste. Apply this mixture on the face and neck and leave overnight. After that, in the morning, rinse with cold water and wash. For optimal results, do it this way 2 weeks.

8. Tomatoes
Tomatoes are rich in vitamin C are beneficial for skin whitening. Many skin lightening cosmetic use tomato extract as its active ingredient. Well, if you want to use fresh tomatoes as a skin whitener, take large tomatoes and grated. Add 2-3 drops of lemon juice and a few drops of rose water, stirring until blended. Apply on face and neck with a brush, let stand for 15 minutes, then rinse. Do this at least once a week.

9. Papaya
Green papaya or orange to brighten the skin nutritious. Green Papaya contains the enzyme papain which is ideal for skin whitening. Way, take a tablespoon of green papaya (papaya which still hung) that have been smoothed, and a tablespoon of ripe papaya, mix. Apply on face and leave for 15 minutes, then rinse. Do this every day for optimal results.

10. Potato

Potatoes turned out to be useful to whiten the skin, you know. Potato juice can be used as a natural bleach for our skin. How, grate a potato and add a teaspoon of honey, mix and apply to the skin of the face and neck. Let stand for 20 minutes, then rinse with water. This herb is suitable for all skin types.

The above ways is a natural way of skin whitening using the traditional material of course safe to use. Hopefully the above tips, your skin can look whiter and brighter instantly. Good luck.

5 Ways a natural and healthy diet

How natural diet - Diet is an attempt to lose weight for those who have excess weight. But sometimes a lot of people misunderstand the correct diet so that what is expected is not likely to match what is available. Many people who become stressed because of failed diets so that instead of being slim even be getting fatter.

This time I will give you some ways a natural diet based on everyday experiences and based on a study for a biology student. I'll give you some ways a natural diet that we do not always bother with the ways and medicines to diet quickly.

How natural diet

1. Keep health
Healthy diet is closely related to the problem of people who have a certain disease has the potential to become ill and may have a thin body and overeating. Avoid stress and alcohol in order to improve your health. Too much sitting can also make the stomach to be bloated and overweight.

2. Eat regularly

Eat regularly every day to make your body work as scheduled. Your body would not be surprised if you suddenly receive food in the stomach. Avoid eating snacks at any time, for without you realizing it if you could just eat snacks has been eat without feeling full. Besides eating when hungry and stop before satiety as sunnah the prophet SAW was a natural diet. Why? for eating when hungry means you put food when your body really need it, so the body will not be excess energy. Conversely when to stop eating before satiety means we make food excess body because the body should be filled out by each 1/3 of food, drink and air to breathe.

3. Diligent fasting

Fasting can make the body regulate energy consumption patterns and food supplies, but it also can make the body use stored energy reserves during fasting. The body will use the energy reserves while fasting day. So the person who is fasting can still have energy while not eat more than 12 hours.

4. Regular exercise

Exercise can burn calories and fat in the body. Some specific types of exercise to burn fat quickly and can burn fat slowly. That is why the athletes on average have the perfect body and the balance between height to weight. Jogging sports holiday can be an easy exercise choice and cheap.

5. On the move

Remember you that when a person's body to be slim is on school days. Why? school for high school especially their average weighted minds continually - again. Thus deplete their energy, in addition to solid activity at school from 7 am to 2 pm to make children participate sma depleted energy reserves as well. My experience in high school so, unlike the case when entering the college and the workplace where the pressure will be less than the weight of the students or office workers sometimes be increased more than in high school.

Supplement: Dietary difficult for those who have children obese because fat genes will be reduced in children and difficult to change. But the bottom line is that a natural diet to maintain health and diet, not reducing the amount of food. Good luck good luck.

3 Ways to whiten skin fast naturally

3 Ways to Whiten Skin - Having white skin for most people asia is a pride in itself. So they sometimes perform a variety of ways to whiten skin. No wonder when the skin whitening products is very demand. I take an example in the country of Indonesia woman will look beautiful in the eyes of the opposite sex if they have white skin. Although the face of a mediocre but whites still will be the glance of the weaker sex.

Believe it or not see for yourself. Therefore, be thankful for the women who are already basically have white skin color because the dominant people of Indonesia have a brown color. But what if adna appeared to have a dark skin color and want the color of your skin is white? .

Choosing to use cosmetics is not the best way because it has dangerous side effects, besides skin color will turn white naturally. Do not be afraid, because now many natural and easy way whiten skin. Consider the following steps.

3 Ways to Whiten Skin

1. Use Lime

Lemon Extract has begun to be used and added to produj beauty products for skin whitening. However, using natural extracts of lime is better and safer. How to whiten skin using lemon juice, take some lemon juice, slices and squeeze the water and mix with chicken egg white. After that, apply a mixture of lemon juice throughout the skin was like bleached. Use a paint brush to get better results, then let stand for 15 minutes and rinse with clean water.

2. Fruit Yam

Fruit yam has been clinically proven to whiten the skin, it also encourages the skin whitening products maker to add yam extract into the product. But the fruit is rather difficult to obtain because bengkoang men are not very frequently used. How to whiten skin using a yam the same as using citrus. Yam puree fruit to taste and make a mask for the skin to apply a section on putihkan.

3. Milk Bath

Activities milk bath was not for style-gayaan, it has particularly milk bath for skin whitening properties, but to be able to milk baths of course we need a big expense, especially if you have to do it regularly. Usually they are often bathing milk is having a fat wallet, if you are curious you can try it at all times and feel the benefits.

That's three ways whiten skin naturally, if you do it regularly then you will get better results anyway.

5 Important Facts About HIV / AIDS

WHO launched a number of new AIDS drug users who continue to grow up to many times.

SPREAD OF HIV / AIDS increasingly alarming alone. WHO launched a number of new AIDS drug users who continue to grow up to many times.

To be free of disease, you have to find interesting facts about HIV / AIDS. Among them:

1. HIV does not discriminate

Since the HIV epidemic began 20 years ago, stereotypes circulating in the community about HIV are gay men, drug users and commercial sex workers who get that label. In fact, everyone can get HIV, from old age, young, rich, poor, women, men, and children, and from a variety of professions.

2. Oral sex not as safe as thought

Oral sex is often considered as a way of "safe" sex. In fact, based on research, infected body fluids such as semen and vaginal secretions that contain high concentrations of the HIV virus can enter the bloodstream through the mucous membranes of the mouth.

3. Do not just worry about pregnancy

Many teenagers believe, the only risk of unprotected sex is pregnancy. Therefore dipakailah birth control pills, oral sex and ejaculation outside to prevent pregnancy. In fact, a lot of things to worry about than pregnancy the presence of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) such as syphilis, herpes, including HIV that can be life threatening.

4. Sometimes people do not say, and we do not know the real truth

Think of a moment in the above sentence. How many people who admit that they are suffering from HIV / AIDS if asked by his new partner? How many people are recognizing their sexual lives when they are just getting to know someone? How many people really know their HIV status and the health status of the people who were with them before? A statement "My partner does not have HIV" can only be accepted if accompanied by proof test HIV negative. Ask clearly their HIV status and ask them to do the tests as evidence.

5. There is no cure for the killer

Although people with HIV / AIDS (PLWHA) can live longer thanks to antiretroviral drugs, these drugs do not cure. If any of these drugs protect against opportunistic infections is not a "shortcut" of HIV infection. Ot even cause side effects such as diarrhea, excessive fatigue, flushing, nausea and vomiting.

Facts About HIV and AIDS

The problem of HIV / AIDS have long been an issue with that continues to suck the attention of various circles, especially the health sector. But the fact is a lot of information and understanding of these health problems are still unknown by the public further.

What and how HIV / AIDS, the following will be presented the facts about HIV / AIDS is sourced from the department of health. HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is the virus that causes AIDS. HIV present in the body fluids such as blood, sexual fluids (semen or vaginal fluids that have been infected) and breast milk that has been infected. While AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) is a syndrome immunodeficiency caused by HIV. People who develop AIDS very easily infected by various diseases because the immune system of patients has decreased.

HIV can be transmitted to others through some reasons. First, sexual intercourse (anal, oral, vaginal) the unprotected (without a condom) with a person who has been infected with HIV. Second, Syringes / piercings / tattoos are not sterile and used interchangeably. Third, get a blood transfusion containing the HIV virus. Fourth, HIV positive mother to her baby while in the womb, during birth or through breast milk (ASI)

HIV is not transmitted through normal social relationships such as shaking hands, touching, regular kissing, hugging, use eating and drinking utensils, mosquito bites, swimming pool, use the bathroom or WC / Toilet equal to or live at home with people living with HIV / AIDS ( PLHIV). PLWHA are living with HIV or AIDS. While OHIDA (People living with HIV or AIDS) the family (kids, wife, husband, father, mother) and friends of people living with HIV or AIDS.

The vast majority (over 80%) of HIV infection affects the productive age group (15-49 years) mainly men but the proportion of women with HIV are likely to increase. Infections in infants and children, 90% occur from mother with HIV. Until a couple of years, a person with HIV do not show clinical symptoms of HIV infection. However, the person can pass on to others. After that, AIDS began to grow and show signs or symptoms.

Clinical signs of AIDS. First, the weight loss of more than 10% in 1 month. Second, chronic diarrhea that lasts more than 1 month. Third, more prolonged fever of1 month. Fourth, decreased consciousness and neurological disorders. Fifth, Dementia / HIV encephalopathy.

Minor symptoms include cough lasts more than 1 month. Dermatitis generalized itching. The existence repeatedly multisegmental Herpes zoster and recurrent yeast infections in female genitalia.

HIV and AIDS can affect anyone. But in vulnerable groups are at risk of contracting HIV causes AIDS, that is:

People who behave sexually with multiple partners without using a condom.

Injecting drug users who use needles together.

Sexual partners of injecting drug users, and infants whose mothers are HIV positive.

HIV can be prevented by breaking the chain of transmission, ie, using condoms during every sexual risk, do not use needles together and where possible not breast-feed the child when the mother is HIV positive. Until now there is no medicine that can cure Aids. But there is a cure for the HIV virus that suppresses the development of quality of life of people living with HIV is increasing. This medicine should be taken throughout life. So you should be more vigilant against the disease.

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Edible Oils and Your Health

Why Fried Cause Cancer?

In 2002, Eden Tareke colleagues from the University of Stockholm-Sweden, announced the results of research on acrylamide. Acrylamide is a carcinogen formed in heated foods.

According to the study, carbohydrate-rich foods such as potatoes, cassava, yams, bananas, rice, etc., when fried will decompose, and then reacts with amino acids to produce compounds carcinogenic (cancer-triggering) called acrylamide.

Likewise baked goods. Moderate food raw, boiled, or steamed not experience such a reaction, so it does not produce acrylamide. If anything, the levels are very small.

Research on rats showed that acrylamide cause tumors, DNA damage, nerve damage, interfere with fertility, and cause miscarriage. A plate of fried potatoes are cooked at a temperature of 220 oC containing acrylamide approximately 2500 micrograms.

In mice, the number is already causing gene mutations. What would happen if every day we eat french fries, crackers, fried banana, fried cassava, fried tempeh, fried-fried or others?

So, what we mean at all should not eat fried foods? It's okay, as long as not too much and know tips healthy. Because after oil is also needed in the metabolism of our body, in the amount of not more than 5-10 ml / day (1-2 tablespoons). So how healthy tips?

Fried Itself

One of the tips healthy eating fried foods is a way to fry their own food. With fry itself we can always use new oil. The oil used for frying never expected to still be free of acrylamide and other carcinogenic substances.

Also, we can set the temperature at the time of frying oil that is not too hot and fried lift the maturation time being, let alone burn before it gets too brown.

Temperature during frying oil over medium heat, averaging 180-220 oC. The lower the temperature, the less acrylamide is formed. Conversely, the more heat the more acrylamide it.

In addition, the heated cooking oil is too high will be oxidized and polymerized substances produce free radicals and trans oils (trans fatty acids) that are harmful to health and cause cancer.

Cooking oils turn into trans oil marked with the smoke from the pan, changing the color becomes darker, it smells rancid / stinging, more viscous fluid, as well as causing itching / irritation of the throat. But there is also a trans oil naturally without going through the frying process, ie the fat of ruminant animals.

Used cooking oil (cooking), when reused more easily damaged than new oil. It's easier and faster smoky blackened though the temperature is not too hot. The habit of cooking food vendors are using the oil very much, very hot (up to 300 0C), with a big fire (again and again to black), so we get the result fried crisp and dry.

Indeed, the renyak more enjoyable, but also more carcinogenic compounds the "bonus" of his. Fried foods will absorb the oil in the vicinity. Food becomes oily, and carcinogenic compounds in oil also helped get into our bodies.

With frying itself, we can set the temperature not too hot, which uses heat, and use less oil that is not too much of acrylamide and other carcinogenic compounds formed and joined absorbed into the food.

And do not forget before the meal, oil remains attached to the food we take in first to use paper or tissue. But tips fry itself and limit the amount of fried food that is eaten is not yet sufficient to prevent cancer. Especially if you already have cancer, should be more cautious in the future. Cooking oil used must be safe.

Safe Cooking Oil

There are many types of cooking oil which is often heralded safe for health, but it actually has the potential dangers. Which obviously is not safe cooking oil. The oil has been used so many times already contain acrylamide, free radicals, and trans fatty acids.

Moreover, if the color is brown, and the texture is creamy. The more heated, the higher the content of carcinogenic compounds in it.

The molecular structure of the oil also has an important influence. According to Iwan T. Budiarso, Based on the presence or absence of double bonds in their molecular structure, the oil can be divided into three groups, namely:
  • Oils with saturated fatty acids (saturated fatty acids)
The role of saturated fatty acids for human health no doubt. Saturated fatty acids would increase the HDL (good cholesterol) which acts maintain stable blood vessels, lowers LDL (bad cholesterol), increase insulin secretion and glucose consumption so that blood sugar levels can be stabilized.

Saturated fatty acids such as found in breast milk (lauric acid) and virgin coconut oil (Virgin Coconut Oil / VCO). Its stable and not easily oxidized. Therefore, the VCO will not release free radicals that can damage the body.
  • Oils with monounsaturated fatty acids (mono-unsaturated fatty acids) or multiple (poly-unsaturated fatty acids)
Unsaturated fatty acids have carbon double bond atoms are easily decompose and react with other compounds, to obtain a stable composition in the form of saturated fatty acids. The more the number of double bonds that (poly-unsaturated), the easier it is to react / change the oil. Unsaturated fatty acids (omega 3, omega 6, omega 9) is often promoted has many benefits, including lowering bad cholesterol (LDL) and prevent heart attacks. Abundant in vegetable oils such as olive oil, soybean oil, canola oil, sunflower oil, palm oil, etc..

Oils with unsaturated fatty acids better consumed directly without being processed / heated first. When used for cooking, can be used for stir-fry cooking because heat does not last long. If used for frying, unsaturated fatty acids it is easier to form acrylamide, free radicals, and harmful trans fats because it is easy to react. In addition, the amount should not be more than 4 grams a day.
  • Oils with trans fatty acids (trans fatty acids).
Trans fatty acids are found in many animal fats, margarine, butter, hydrogenated oils, and formed from the frying process. Besides carcinogenic, trans fats raise levels of bad cholesterol, lower good cholesterol levels, and lead to premature babies.

Besides distinguished by its molecular structure, the oil can also be distinguished by the long-short carbon chain. Among others:
  • Medium Carbon Chain Length
Oil with a short carbon chain and is able to be directly absorbed by the body without going through the digestive process convoluted. Immediately taken to the liver to be converted into energy to improve the functioning of the endocrine glands, organs, and tissues of the body. Privilege that makes the oil with a short chain and are not cause health problems. Pancreas, pencernan channel, and the heart works less.

Virgin coconut oil (VCO) is that 92% of oil it has a carbon chain length medium (medium chain fatty acids = MCFA). Fifty percent of them are as lauric acid found in breast milk, which can kill a variety of bacteria, viruses, and parasites. In addition, lauric acid contained in coconut oil can also strengthen the body's natural immune system. Molecule consisting of 12 carbon atoms bound saturated (no double bonds).

  • Long Carbon Chain Length
Vegetable oils are generally classified as long-chain fatty acids (Long Chain Fatty Acids = LCFA), which consists of 18 carbon atoms or more. Large molecular size, so that needs to be processed first into small fatty acids and free fatty acids in the form that can be absorbed through the intestinal wall.

Having escaped from the bowel wall, free fatty acids are reassembled into lipoproteins was then taken to the liver. There converted into energy, cholesterol, and the rest dumped into fatty tissue. Well, the cholesterol and fat that is the cause of many chronic diseases, degenerative diseases, and cancer. Therefore, the use of oils with unsaturated fatty acids such as vegetable oils, only 4 grams a day is recommended.

According to research, the most content of LCFA / long-chain fatty acids is safflower oil (78%), followed by sunflower oil (69%), and canola oil (31%). LCFA content of the olive oil around 9%, and the lowest is coconut oil (2%).

Considering the information above, we can conclude that the safest cooking oil for our body, it is virgin coconut oil (VCO). While vegetable oils such as olive oil, canola oil, palm oil, vegetable oil and other types, it is better consumed directly or just for sauteing.

Used Cooking Oil Dangers to Your Health

For those who like fried foods now there is news to be more careful to eat foods using cooking how to cook in advance, use cooking oil repeatedly will give a bad impact on your health due to the high level of saturation, some literature explaining that cooking oil used repeatedly can be triggered from a variety of cancers.

Some health experts recommend using cooking oil not more than three (three) repetitions.

Cooking oil is an option because it is cheaper, but the actual use of used cooking oil is very dangerous to health.

Based on the research, have found indications of disease caused by fried foods using cooking oil, such as coronary heart disease and even cancer. This is what ought to be cautious.

Repeated use of cooking oil at high temperatures will cause the hydraulic fat into free fatty acids are easily oxidized, so that the oil becomes rancid and form trans fatty acids can lead to health problems associated with the metabolism of cholesterol, high blood pressure, and heart

Not only that, the repeated use of used oil will also form acrolein is a compound that causes intense itching in the throat and cause coughing. And that is not less dangerous, this oil is a carcinogen that can cause cancer.

Therefore, experts recommend eating foods that contain saturated fat less than 10 percent of the daily intake. Sources of saturated fats generally come from fat meat, milk fat, butter, lard, coconut oil, palm oil, and palm kernel oil.

In addition, every time you want to fry food, start frying process at the correct temperature. The oil is used for frying should range between 175-225 degrees Celsius

Used Cooking Oil danger Recurring

Used cooking oil for frying repeatedly can be hazardous to health because the oil constituent compounds can undergo physical changes and chemical changes.

Repeated use of cooking oil usually found in stalls or places that sell other fried foods.

Cooking oil that has not been used is composed of unsaturated fatty acids or fatty acids containing double bonds. The degree of oil unsaturation decreases with increasing temperature even heating can lead to fatty acid chains broken into free radicals that are harmful to health.

Based on research conducted at the oil heating for 30 minutes at temperatures above 125 degrees Celsius could lead to the emergence of novel compounds that are toxic to the body from breaking the chains of fatty acids. One of the compounds that are toxic trans 2-hydroxyl oktenal (HNE). This compound is very dangerous because it is easily absorbed by the body and toxins bersifar (toksit) of biomolecules in the body such as DNA and proteins. besides continuous heating oil terhadapat can produce also some other compounds that are toksit of the body that is 4-hifroksihekseksal, 4-hidroksioktenal and hepta 2,4-dienal.

Therefore, the use of cooking oil should be considered so as not to be used repeatedly. For stalls or places where fried foods should be noted that the use of oil once or twice used had expired so it can be added again in the new oil, not one liter of oil used once.

Although harmful to health, cooking oil can be used to make biodiesel fuel by transesterification reaction, even based on research conducted several parties biodiesel cooking oil is more environmentally friendly than diesel.

Spying Danger Cooking Oil For Health

FOOD processed, fried food is always tempting. Even though it looks tempting, use of cooking oil during the cooking process, it can also backfire for health.

Experts suggest eating foods that contain saturated fat less than 10 percent of the daily intake. Sources of saturated fats generally come from fat meat, milk fat, butter, lard, coconut oil, palm oil, and palm kernel oil. In addition, every time you want to fry food, start frying process at the correct temperature. The oil is used for frying should range between 175-225 degrees Celsius.

Reducing the types of fast food can also be the best solution. Processed fast food, fried food usually contains trans fats.

Trans fats are fats that occur during the process of partial hydrogenation of unsaturated fats during the cooking process. Trans fats are also commonly known as synthetic trans fats or fats industry. Fat can affect the increase of bad cholesterol (LDL) and lower good cholesterol (HDL), which can cause a variety of cardiovascular diseases such as heart disease.

As a recommendation choose olive oil. Olive oil contains unsaturated fatty acids that can lower bad cholesterol and also tringserida without lowering good cholesterol.

Efficacy Melon Juice

Who does not know a melon? So, is there anyone of you do not like? Did you know the usefulness?

Some states do not like just because it smells fragrant melon. They said eating fruit that tastes like no perfume fragrance. However, for some people who like the melon fruit, fresh fruit is very reasonable, lots of water, cool, peel and even new cupboard has not cooled in ice. Sweet and fragrant.

People often eat this fruit directly, just peeled the skin. There is also a small cut just eaten. Ice fruit sold or served at a party is often mixed with melon. In fact, melon is perfect when the juice is very nutritious because it implies you know, to relieve the burning sensation in the stomach.

Jus Melon - Melon Fruit Origin

Melon (Cucumis Melo L.) is a fruit crop, including the family Cucurbitaceae, which says a lot coming from the Valley melons Hot Persian or Mediterranean area which is the border between West Asia to Europe and Africa. And this plant eventually spread to the Middle East and to Europe.

In the 14th century melon brought to America by Columbus and eventually cultivated extensively in Colorado, California, and Texas. Finally melon spread all over the world, especially in tropical and subtropical regions, including Indonesia.

The types of melon are known are:
  • Melon Christianism (1850)
  • Sill Melon Hybrid (1870)
  • Melon Surprise (1876)
  • Melon Ivondequoit, Miller Cream, netted Gem, Hacken Sack and Osage (1881-1890)
  • Honey Rock Melon and Improved Perfecto (1933)
  • Melon Imperial (1935)
  • Melon Queen of Colorado and Honey Gold (1939)
Melon fruit used as food fresh fruit with vitamin A and C are quite high. Melon Orange is rich in beta carotene. If combined with lemon juice, they help eliminate uric acid. Good to help eliminate lung cancer, obesity, Crohn's disease, and stomach upset.

Melon is a fruit that grow in subtropical climates and contain high sugar and lycopene, which serves as an anti-cancer. Red and orange melon also contains caroteroid that can protect the body's cells against free radical damage and can also be converted into vitamin A in the body. Vitamin A is needed to maintain the skin's immune system healthy eyes. Melon is known as the fruit that contains high water content. A slice of melon with a glass of water. Melon also contains vitamin C.

Jus Melon - Melon Fruit Types Can Be Made Juices

Melon melon juice can be turned out to consist of some kind. During this time we do not know if munkin melon also has its own kind. So what are the types of melon melon juice can be used as is? Here are some types of melon:

Musk Melon

The fruit is round with an average weight of 1-1.8 kg. Her skin was rough and berjaring or grooved, yellowish, orange flesh and there is also a bright-green. An example of this type is the melon from the Italo-America.

Cantaloupe Melon

The fruit is round slightly oval with an average weight of 1.2-1.8 kg. Rind smooth or berjaring, whitish green, orange flesh, high sugar content and aroma is not sharp and can be retained for long. melon in the French example and Sakata Charantais 144.

Winter Melon

The fruit is oval with an average weight of 1.5-2.5 kg and slow maturity. Fine fruit leather stripes or striped, green-yellow-puith milk, flesh hard, bright white-green color, high sugar content, crisp aroma and can be retained for long. Examples of this type of melon that has long cultivated a group Casamba and Honey Dew.

Oriental Sweet Melon

Oval melon fruit, average weight 0.4 to 0.6 kg. Fruit skin smooth, pale green to whitish-yellow putihan.Daging buanh very sweet, aroma and taste less sharp. This plant is easy to adapt in hot humid climates.

Melon Juice - The Harum Manis and Rich Benefits

When we drink this melon juice, taste cool and fresh it up to the stomach. Try and look for a moment, you will prove to yourself that our stomach feels good, cool, and we feel a mild stomach. Melon can also relieve heartburn or ulcers.

Melon fruit contains Vitamin A, B, and C. Efficacious for smoothing the skin, eyes healthy, our immune system increases, we are not easily tired muscles working well, we are not susceptible to the flu, and anti oksidannya enough to help prevent ourselves from excessive oxidation. If we are eating melon, of reactions that causes the skin to wrinkle easily preventable.

Some proteins are also present in melon. Every day we have to consume protein. Generally, animal protein be our choice, while vegetable protein is better than hewani.Kandungan protein calcium and phosphorus can be obtained at the Melon. As a mineral, calcium and phosphorus in the form of melon salt solution is alkaline, because the calcium to form cations and anions forming phosphorus.

Melon nutritional content is 15.00 mg calcium, 25.00 milligrams of phosphorus, 0.5 mg iron, 34 mg vitamin C, 640 mg IU Vitamin A, and 0.03 mg of Vitamin B1. Melon contains an anticoagulant called adenosine so as to stop the clotting of blood cells that can lead to stroke or heart disease. Meanwhile, the carotenoid content of high melon fruit can prevent cancer and reduce the risk of lung cancer because it is the main compound attackers cancer.

Calcium ions in water is stable, while the phosphate ions are less stable because it reacts with water, which is known as hydrolysis. Therefore, the melon is alkaline so as to neutralize excess stomach acid. These minerals can also cure constipation. Increased stomach acid needs to be lowered due to interfere with digestion.

Other days are still encouraged to eat fruit, can be varied. Instead, if one day we did not get to buy fruit, we need to be varied with the vegetables, because the fiber and minerals we need.

Melon contains an anticoagulant, which adenosine. Therefore melon can prevent coagulation (clotting) of blood cells which can lead to stroke in people with high blood pressure and heart. Melon also contains carotenoids is high so as to prevent cancer, especially lung cancer.

Melon has a very good diuretic power so that it can cure kidney disease and severe eczema and acute. If combined with lemon, melon can eradicate uric acid. For people who suffer from the above, should consume melon juice every morning. Vary your melon juice with milk, it would be delicious.

Melon on Melon Juice Benefits for Health

Melon fruit in the melon juice when we routinely consume highly nutritious for health. Above has been described in broad outline what benefits melon in melon juice. So what are the benefits of a melon in particular for our health?

Not much different from other fruits, melons benefits for health also not small. Water content that would be useful to give a lot of fluids in the body. Remember, every day our body needs at least two liters of water. And because it was fresh and cold, melons are also able to give a sense of cool in the body.

Mineral content melons able to remove the acidity of the body must be removed because it can interfere with digestion, particularly in the stomach organ. He is also able to cure constipation. In addition, the content of anticoagulant called adenosine to stop clotting of blood cells that can lead to stroke or heart disease. Being a high carotenoid content in melon fruits can prevent cancer and reduce the risk of lung cancer.

In addition, the melon has a very good diuretic power so that it can cure kidney disease and severe disease and acute eczema. If combined with lemon, melon can suppress the uric acid.

As for the often exposed to canker sores, do not be bored to eat melon, because the disease can also be prevented by combining it with other fruit. For example, apple or grape tomatoes. Additionally through the abundant water content, melons can diuretic. Upshot melon benefits for our body health are:
  1. As anticancer.
  2. Exhaust system helps to prevent constipation.
  3. Reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke.
  4. Prevent blood clots.
  5. Reduce the risk of kidney disease.
  6. Eczema cure.
  7. Prevent and cure heartburn.

Melon Juice Recipe

Sari Melon Juice Longan


100 grams of melon, cut into pieces
100 grams of longan, cut into pieces
60 g green beans, cut into pieces
60 ml of water
1 tbsp honey
1 tablespoon lemon juice / juice
3 pieces of ice cubes

How to Make:

Insert pieces of melon, litchi, green beans, water, lemon juice, and ice cubes into blender jar. Puree until smooth then strain. Pour the juice into a glass and drink immediately.

Cucumber Melon Juice

  • 200 g diced melon
  • 2 young cucumber, cut into pieces
  • 100 ml syrup melon
  • 1 orange juice, take the water
  • 100 ml of ice water
  • Ice cubes to taste

How to Make:
  • Put all ingredients in blender.
  • Process until smooth
  • Pour into glasses and serve for 3 servings.

Benefits and efficacy of a date

Benefits and efficacy of palm fruit, palm fruit usually accompany during bullshit fasting. dates are also often used to break the fast. because the content of which is owned palm can restore our stamina during fasting.

Usually when breaking we are encouraged to consume sweet foods and beverages. return it to us for berpuasa.salah stamima only by eating a date. Well you certainly wonder why a date.

This time I will share information about the benefits and efficacy of a date for your body.

  • Palm fruit as a source of energy. in this case is caused because dates contain glucose were very tinggi.maka very suitable dates during Ramadan mindless consumption to replace the calories we were berkurangg after fasting all day.
  • Dates are also efficacious menlancarkan metanolisme body as sugars, fats and, vitamins are very useful for smooth metabolism. And also suitable for people who are dieting,
  • Can prevent and fight heart disease because dates contain niacin. Therefore, if you want to have a healthy heart multiply consume dates. Soak a date overnight with water and then drink the concoction 2x a week.
  • Without us knowing it apparently dates can be used to treat diarrhea and stomach cancer have no side effects other than palm easily digested.
  • Dates can also be used to treat diseases associated with the colon. This is caused because dates contain a functioning nicotinic control bacteria in the gut.
  • Additionally dates are also very powerful in use as an antidote to alcohol, scrub and soak dates for one night.Then use the herb as an antidote to alcohol.

That's the benefit of a date. hopefully this article useful for you all.

Benefits and Efficacy of Dates For Health

Dates are not only used as a delicious Iftar menu, besides being Prophets Sunnah breaking the fast with dates, dates turned out to contain many benefits and is good for the health benefits you know. Just now, we are somewhat rare to find a date in the market but at the supermarket fruit and dates remain available even if not the month of fasting.

Benefits and Efficacy of Dates fruit:
1. Tamr (dried dates) serves to strengthen the intestinal cells and may help expedite the urinary tract because it contains fibers in charge of controlling the rate of bowel movements and strengthen the uterus, especially when giving birth.

Recent research states that fruit ruthab (wet dates) has the effect of controlling the rate of movement of the uterus and increase the period systolenya (contraction of the heart when blood is pumped into the arteries). In fact Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala commanded Maryam bint Imran to take a date when it will bear, because the glut of palm fruit also makes a slightly increased uterine contractions regularly, so Mary gave birth to her easily. Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala says. "And goyangkanlah kearahmu base of the palm, tree: It will undoubtedly ripe dates to you, so eat, drink and have warned you. If you see a man, say, 'Indeed I have fasted for Rabb bernadzar Most Gracious, so I will not speak to any human being this day "[Maryam: 25-26]

Al-Hafiz Ibn Kathir rahimahullah brought the word 'Amr ibn Maimun in his commentary: "There is nothing better for postpartum women except wet dry dates and dates"

Doctor Muhammad An-Nasimi in his book, Ath-Tibb an-Nabawy Ilmil wal Hadith (II/293-294) said, "Lessons learned from this noble verse in medicine is that pregnant women who give birth was in dire need of drinks and foods that are rich be elements of sugar, it is because of the contraction of the muscles of the uterus when a baby will issue, even more so if it takes a long time. The content of sugar and vitamin B1 is helpful to control the rate of movement of the uterus and increase the period sistolenya (contraction of the heart when dippompa blood into the arteries). And both elements are contained in ruthab (wet dates). Ruthab sugar content in very easy to digest quickly by the body "

Maturity dates are very rich in calcium and iron elements. Therefore, it is highly recommended for women who are pregnant and about to give birth, even Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala commanded Maryam Al-Adzra (virgin) to eat while being postpartum (after delivery). The iron and calcium contained ripe palm fruit is sufficient and necessary in the formation of breast milk. Levels of iron and calcium contained palm fruit can replace the power is depleted mothers during childbirth or breastfeeding. Iron and calcium merpuakan two effective and important element for the growth of the baby. The reason is, these two elements is the most influential in the formation of blood and bone marrow.

2. Ruthab (wet dates) prevent bleeding for women during labor and accelerate the process of positioning the womb as usual before the next pregnancy. This is because fresh dates contained oxytocine hormone-like hormone that can help the process kalahiran.

Oxytocine hormone is a hormone that helps one of its functions when women or female animals giving birth and breastfeeding.

3. Facilitate the delivery and assist the safety of the mother and baby.

4. Cells calming nerves. Dates, both tamr and ruthab can calm nerve cells through its effects on the thyroid. Therefore, doctors recommend to give a few dates in the morning to the children and the elderly, in order to better mental state.

5. Stewed dates to smoothen the urinary tract.

6. Dates can be used as a tool Ajwah ruqyah and prevent interference jin.

7. Dates are highly recommended as a meal to break the fast. There are things that have been defined in the field of medicine that the sugar and the water is the first people need to hold fast after a period of eating and drinking. Reduced glucose (glucose) in the body can cause constriction of the chest and disorders of the bones. On the other hand, less water can weaken and reduce endurance. This is different from the fasted immediately fill his stomach with food and drink when breaking. And it takes three hours or more so that digestion can absorb these sugars. Therefore, people who eat food and drink when fasting can still feel the phenomenon of weakness and disorder-physical disturbance due to lack of sugars and water.

8. Dates to prevent stroke

9. Palm fruit is rich in mineral substances that neutralize the acid salts, such as calcium and potassium. Dates are the best foods to neutralize existing acid in the stomach due to leave the rest are able to neutralize the acid after chewed and digested arising from protein such as fish and eggs.

10. Palm fruit contains vitamin A which is good where he can maintain eye moisture and foresight, strengthen vision, bone growth, fat metabolism, immunity to infection, skin health and soothe nerve cells.

11. Dates are the fruit, food, medicines, drinks as well as sweets.

Subhanallah. The beauty of islam correctly, How Allah Rahman and uterus, and as evidence Rahmatan lil 'alaminn, Anyone who takes a date indiscriminately will get the same benefits, and for a Muslim to eat Dates and worship to GOD Almighty intended diseertai intention imitate the Prophet SAW in addition to healthy of course rewarding.  Allahu 'alam

Rubella and Pregnancy

Rubella or more commonly known as German measles is an acute viral disease that attacks both children and adults, including pregnant women. However, the problem is an infection in pregnant women can be transmitted to the fetus that can cause disability in children.

What are the symptoms of rubella?

Red spots caused usually start from the face and spreads to the trunk. While the involved lymph nodes and enlarged lymph nodes usually located behind the ear (postauricular), neck (Suboccipital) and neck (cervical).

Compared to children, if this virus affects adults typically experience more severe symptoms. May be accompanied by inflammation of the lining of the eye (conjunctivitis), severe colds (coryza) and rheumatoid arthritis (arthritis). Arthritis is more common in women.

But generally these infections usually do not show clinical symptoms mean. Symptoms that appear only as fatigue, loss of appetite, slight fever. The virus is spread through close contact (close contact) between individuals such as with people who live at home. Coughing and sneezing can also help spread the virus if the person is already infected.

Why should be prevented before pregnancy?

If you are planning a pregnancy you should consult your health professional related to this disease. You are the blood that may indicate whether you are immune (immune) against rubella or not. If the first you've contracted the virus or been vaccinated containing components of this virus, your body will respond by forming substance memhabisi antibody to the virus. If later, you return Rubella virus, your body already recognizes. With this introduction, your body will quickly respond to kill the virus before the virus is causing disease in your body.

This antibody is a substance that can be a benchmark if your body is potent enough to be immune to Rubella virus. Normally, antibodies in your body will be tested several times. If you keep the number of antibody tests in recent times, showed infection occurred long ago and you can breathe relieved to proceed to the stage of pregnancy. But if there is a change, maybe you are still in a state of infection. Recommended that you carry out treatment before proceeding to the next stage.

However, if the result is negative, it means you have not been affected by this disease and your body is not immune. Then it is highly recommended to do Rubella vaccine at least one month before you step up to the stage of pregnancy. Rubella vaccine is usually combined with mumps and measles vaccine called MMR (Measles, Mumps and Rubella)

What if I was pregnant?

If you are already pregnant, but has not been tested for rubella immunity, immediately contact your health care professional. Your health care professional will test your blood as described above. If you are immune, you can continue your pregnancy in stride. However, if you are not immune, a lot of things you should consider. First, MMR vaccine can not be given if you are pregnant. What you can do is avoid exposure as much as possible against this disease.

Avoid to go out to places that you can not make sure the occupants are not attacked by the Rubella virus. Avoid also to travel abroad in the country where a lot of the Rubella virus.

Make sure your children have also been getting Rubella vaccine (MMR). Adult family members also need to follow certain that they were immune to Rubella, otherwise there is a chance for them to explain to you.

Immediately ask to be vaccinated after delivery for the prevention of pregnancy if you have not been vaccinated. The vaccine is quite safe given during breastfeeding. Just to keep in mind, you should not get pregnant again for a month (approximately 28 days) after the vaccine. It is your part to prevent pregnancy at this time.

If exposure to rubella virus occurs in the first four weeks of pregnancy in women who have not been immune, can cause fetal infection Congenital Rubella Syndrome called (CRS). Classic signs arising in the infected fetus in early pregnancy is cataracts, heart disease, deafness and other symptoms. This is due to the formation in early pregnancy the child's organs.

The factors that most determine the level of disability in infants is when the exposure to infection. If it occurs in the first 3 months, 50% of infected fetuses likely come, but if it occurs in the second 3 months, only one-third of babies infected will likely follow.

Concerning Rubella Vaccines

Rubella vaccine is usually given to children under two times, ie at age 12-15 months and 4-6 years. However, if the vaccine is given outside the time this vaccine was safe on the origin of the distance between the first and second vaccine over 28 days.

Rubella vaccine is very safe in healthy people. The vaccine is very useful for protecting exposed to rubella, especially during pregnancy. One source said his successful rate reached more than 95%.

It will probably pops redness or swelling or pain at the injection vaccine. Some people may have a fever or reddish blotches. It may also cause joint pain in a few days.

Its not advisable given the vaccine are those symptoms difficult breathing or skin disorders or a history of swelling in the mouth after rubella or MMR vaccine before. Not recommended as well in people who have diseases related to the immune system such as HIV-AIDS sufferers.

Beware of Rubella Virus For Pregnant Women

Not only virus that haunts Toxoplasma pregnant women, but there is a virus that Rubella is also very dangerous for pregnant women. Rubella Virus attack is not just pregnant women, but the effects caused by these viruses should be wary of pregnant women because it can cause miscarriage, impaired fetal growth, up until the time of the birth abnormalities. And finally, while there are allegations that the Rubella virus that attacks pregnant women can cause a child to develop autism.

For that before planning a pregnancy you should first detect the presence or absence of the virus in the body by doing a series of tests called TORCH test. But for a woman who has been exposed to rubella virus during pregnancy before getting pregnant so instead he has immunity to the virus, the mother's immune to Rubella virus that came out of it with so ketubuh fetus, the fetus will not be exposed to Rubella until then the child was born and one year old.

Rubella or German Measles commonly referred to different measles which only attacks the respiratory tract and sometimes attack the nerve cells as well. Rubella can affect the nerves or parts of the brain which then gets new skin manifestation characterized by a red rash like measles Rubella biasa.Virus usually live in areas of tropical, subtropical, or also the area that has the spring. This virus will die in cold temperatures is -20 degrees Celsius, and the incubation period of the virus is mild flu symptoms to appear red spots may occur during the period 7 to 20 days.

The virus does not require an intermediary in the transmission, but through patient saliva splash or direct contact with patients, can be transmitted by air. The virus can also be transmitted through body fluids such as sweat. If a strong immune system, the virus will die, and vice versa if the weak immune system, the virus will persist in the body.

At the beginning of the adult symptoms of a mild nature did not even arise. Rash (redness of the skin) at first appear on the face and neck and then spread throughout the body, and lasts 3 days. And the palate raised red spots. For women of childbearing age can undergo serological test for Rubella. Vaccinations should not be given when the mother is pregnant or for people who have impaired immune systems due to cancer, corticosteroid therapy or radiation. If you do not have antibodies, and a new immunization may be pregnant 3 months after injection.

Fruit of Good and Bad Make Your Diet

Basically, all the fruit is healthy, but if you're on a diet there are some pieces that should be avoided because they contain high levels of sugar, and of course very harmful even derail your diet process.

Here are some pieces of good and also bad for your diet process:

Fruits are good for diet

1. Berries
Blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, all packed with antioxidants and vitamins. These fruits also contain lots of fiber and has a glycemic index (GI) is generally low around the 20's.

2. Fruit Cherries
Cherry fruit similar to berries in terms of its antioxidant value. This fruit has natural sugar content is slightly higher, but carbohydrates are very low and are an important source of fiber. The glycemic index of about 22 cherries.

3. Fruit Apples and Pears
These fruits low in sugar and contains a number of important fiber. Apples and pears are the best way to satisfy the desire for sweetness, with GI 38.

4. Fruit Peach and Apricot Fruit
With the same nutritional value as apple and pear, this fruit is a smart way to get a good dose of vitamin C and fiber. Peaches and apricots have a GI of 30.

Fruit is not good for the diet

1. Dates
Dried dates contain the highest sugar content of any fruit. Dates have a glycemic score of 103, higher than pure glucose glycemic memikiki 100. When you're on a diet, try substituting the dates with dried fruit such as dried apricots or raisins which has a glycemic index 50's.

2. Fruit Melon and Watermelon Fruit
Melon and watermelon contains a very high fruit sugar (GI 65 melon and watermelon 100).

3. Pineapple Fruit
Perhaps not surprisingly, the pineapple has a score of high blood sugar because it tastes sweet. Pineapple glycemic index is 66, which is considered moderate stage (moderate).

4. Mango and Papaya Fruit
Although not as sweet as pineapple, mango and papaya sugar levels are moderately high glycemic index of 55.

Well, the fruit already know what is good and bad for your diet process? So even healthy fruit, but should still be picky when you're dieting ya ... Hopefully useful.

Kidney and urinary tract diseases in children

Kidney and urinary tract diseases in children, Generally they assume that kidney disease was only found in adults. In addition, if the doctor said their child had kidney disease, so that they are thought her son would be undergoing surgery or dialysis. It comes from their question that often arises is: "Does my child surgery doctor? "Or" Is my child going on dialysis? '

The question asked parents to appear due to a lack of understanding by parents about kidney disease and urinary tract in children. To that end, in this paper, we present a glimpse of the anatomy, function, and diseases of the kidney and urinary tract in children.

Know kidney

Every man has 2 (two) kidneys, located in the waist area, in the angle between the spine and ribs curved rear, one on the left and one on the right. Each kidney large about the size of a clenched fist. In each kidney, there was 1 vascular net (artery), 1 blood vessels (veins), and 1 in the urinary tract (ureter). Arteries coming from the heart to carry blood to the kidneys, and blood will undergo a screening process.

After undergoing the screening process, which has been filtered dialir blood through the blood vessels (veins) out of the kidneys and back to the heart. The results of the screening process before going out in the form of urine through the ureter were removed, and passed into the bladder. Once the bladder is full, people will feel the urge to urinate.

The kidneys have a very important part in regulating kidney function is called renal functional units (nephrons). Each kidney has 1 million nephrons. In the nephron is the process of filtering the blood and urine formation

Kidneys obtained from the blood of 25% each time the heart pumps blood. Every day, as many nephrons had produced about 180 liters of fluid filtered kidneys, but the average number of human urine is 1-2 liter/24 hours. This means no re-absorption of an approximately 170-liters of filtered fluid and into the blood vessels, and this absorption occurs in the nephron

Renal Function
Kidney is a vital organ with the primary function of maintaining fluid and electrolyte balance in the body. Renal function include:
  1. Removing the rest of metabolism or processing of nutrients, especially protein
  2. Set the amount of body fluid
  3. Maintain the electrolyte balance in the body
  4. Participate in the formation of red blood cells
  5. Regulate blood pressure
  6. Regulate calcium balance
By looking at kidney function, it can be understood about what happens if the kidneys are not functioning anymore. Patients will have increased processing residual protein (the smell of urine), swelling, water little or no urine, weakness or cramps due to electrolyte disturbances, pale from anemia, high blood pressure, bone loss or osteoporosis. Additionally, it will happen impaired brain function, heart, and other body parts.

Symptoms of kidney disease

Kidney and urinary tract diseases are very many kinds. Each of these diseases cause symptoms alone, so the symptoms of kidney disease depends on the type of illness. Some of the symptoms of kidney and urinary tract diseases that are often found in children include:
  1. Fevers
  2. Redness or bloody urine
  3. Swollen eyelids, legs (edema)
  4. Bulging belly (ascites)
  5. Urinary disorders such as painful urination, Anyang-anyangan (little urine and pain), urine dripping, a little amount of urine, the amount of urine a lot, bedwetting
  6. Severe abdominal pain (colic)
  7. Pain in the lumbar region
  8. Hypertension or high blood pressure
  9. Pale
  10. Exit powder or stone during urination
  11. Bone disorders
  12. Skin disorders
  13. Short stature
  14. In newborns: yellow, vomiting, diarrhea, fever, fussy
  15. Etc.



AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) is a disease caused as a result of the reproduction of the HIV virus (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) in the human body, in which the virus attacks the white blood cells (CD4 cells) that cause damage to the immune system. The loss or reduction in body resistance makes the patient very easily infected by various diseases including mild illness.

The HIV virus attacks the white cells and makes it a breeding ground for viruses. White blood cells are necessary for the immune system. Without the immune system when our bodies are attacked by the disease, body is weak and unable to fight the disease that comes and consequently we may die even if exposed to influenza or the common cold.

When the human body is exposed to the HIV virus does not directly cause disease or AIDS, but it takes a long time even years for HIV to cause AIDS or HIV positive are deadly.

HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, can be transmitted from an infected mother to her baby. Without treatment, approximately 30 percent of infants of HIV-infected mothers become infected as well. Mothers with high viral loads are more likely to transmit HIV to their babies. However, no viral load is low enough to be considered "safe". Infection can occur at any time during pregnancy, but usually happens just before or during labor. The baby is more likely to be infected if the delivery takes longer. During childbirth, newborns exposed to the mother's blood. Drinking milk from infected mother can also infect the baby. HIV-positive mothers should not breast-feed their babies. To reduce the risk of infection when the father is HIV-positive, a lot of couples using sperm washing and artificial insemination.

B. Transmission of HIV / AIDS from mother to infant

HIV is found in body fluids, and most commonly found in blood, semen and vaginal fluids. In other body fluids can also be found, such as breast milk and saliva, but the amount is very small.

Some 75-85% of virus infection occurs through sexual intercourse (5-10% of them through homosexual relations), 5-10% due to contaminated syringes (especially injecting drug users are used interchangeably), 3-5% may occur through contaminated blood transfusions.

HIV infection is mostly (over 80%) affects the productive age group (15-50 years), especially men, but the proportion of female patients tended to increase.

Infections in infants and children 90% occur from HIV + mothers. about 25-35% of infants born to HIV-infected mothers will be infected with the virus through infection occurred during pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding.

With antiretroviral treatment in the last trimester pregnant women, the risk of transmission can be reduced to 8%.

HIV-positive mothers can reduce the risk of the baby contracting with:

1. Antiretroviral drugs (ARVs)

The risk of transmission is very low when antiretroviral therapy (ART) use. Transmission rate is only 1 percent when mothers on ART. This figure is approximately 4 percent when mothers taking AZT during week six months post pregnancy and infant zidovudine given during the first six lives.

However, if the mother did not use drugs before his labor, there are two ways you can halve this transmission. AZT and 3TC used during labor and for the mother and baby for a week after birth. One dose of nevirapine during labor, and one dose for the baby 2a € "3 days after birth. Combining nevirapine and zidovudine during labor reduces the transmission to only 2 percent. However, resistance to nevirapine can develop in up to 20 percent of women taking the tablets when they are pregnant. This reduces the efficacy of ART used later by the mother. This resistance can also be spread to the baby when breastfeeding. However, short-term therapy is more affordable in developing countries.

2. Keeping it brief time parturition

The longer the process of birth, the greater the risk of transmission. If the mother is taking zidovudine and had a viral load below 1000, the risk is almost zero. Mothers with high viral load can reduce surgical risk by using Fault.

3. Avoiding breastfeeding

About 14 percent of infants infected with HIV through infected breast milk. This risk can be avoided if the infant is given breast milk substitutes (PASI, or formula).

However, if replacement feeding is not given correctly, another risk to the baby is intense. If the formula can not dilarut with clean water, or cost issues causing the amount was not enough formula, breastfed babies better. The worst was a mixture of milk and PASI. Perhaps the most suitable way for most women in Indonesia are exclusively breastfeeding (not interfering with PASI) during the first 3-4 months, then replaced with a formula exclusively (not mixed with milk).


When tested for HIV, the majority of babies born to HIV-positive mothers showed positive results. This means no antibodies to HIV in their blood. But babies receive antibodies from their mothers, in order to protect his immune system so fully formed. So a positive test result early in life does not mean the baby is infected.

If babies are infected, the immune system will make antibodies against HIV, and HIV testing will continue to show positive results. If the baby is not infected, the mother's antibodies will disappear and the test became negative after about 6-12 months.

Another test, similar to the viral load test can be used to determine whether the baby is infected, usually a few weeks after birth. These tests, which look for antibodies and not the virus, currently only available in Jakarta, and the price is quite expensive.


New research shows that HIV-positive women who are pregnant do not get any sicker than non-pregnant. This means that being pregnant does not affect the health of HIV-positive women.
However, short-term therapy to prevent transmission to the baby is not the best choice for the health of the mother. HAART is the standard treatment. If a pregnant woman takes medications only during labor, the possibility of the virus in the body will become resistant to the drug. This can cause problems for the future treatment.

 A pregnant woman should consider all of the possible problems related to ART:

  • Do not use both ddI with d4T in treatment was due to a combination of lactic acidosis can lead to a high rate.
  • Do not use efavirenz or indinavir during pregnancy.
  • If the CD4 count over 250, do not start using nevirapine.
  • Some doctors suggest that women stop treatment during the first trimester of pregnancy.

  • Primarily through unsafe sex (without a condom) with a partner who has been infected, either through vaginal, oral, or anal (Anus).
  • Using needles used in people infected with the HIV virus.
  • Receiving a blood transfusion infected with the HIV virus.
  • Pregnant women infected with the HIV virus will be transmitted to the baby.


A person who is exposed to the HIV virus in the early onset generally do not provide the typical signs and symptoms, the patient is only experiencing a fever for 3 to 6 weeks depending on the immune system to make contact when the HIV virus. Once conditions improve, people affected by the HIV virus will remain healthy in a few years and slowly declining kekebelan body / weak to fall ill with recurrent bouts of fever. One way to get certainty is to undergo HIV antibody test especially if someone was already doing activities that risk HIV virus.

The signs and symptoms seen in patients with diseases such as AIDS are as follows:
  • Respiratory Tract. Patients experiencing shortness of breath, stop breathing for a moment, coughing, chest pain and fever stricken bleak other viral infections (pneumonia). Not infrequently diagnosed in the early stages of HIV disease AIDS suspected tuberculosis.
  • Gastrointestinal. Patients with AIDS show signs and symptoms such as loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting, often experiencing fungal diseases of the oral cavity and esophagus, as well as having a chronic diarhea.
  • Body weight. Patients experiencing also called wasting syndrome, body weight loss of up to 10% below normal due to disturbances in protein and energy systems in the body as it is known as malnutrition as well as impaired absorption / absorption of food in the digestive system resulting in chronic diarhea, conditions tired and weak underpowered.
  • System Persyarafan. Interference with the central persyarafan resulting in less memory, headaches, difficulty concentrating, often looked confused and slow response limbs. At the end persyarafan system (Peripheral) will cause pain and tingling in the hands and feet, which is less tendon reflexes, always had low blood pressure monitor and Impotence.
  • System Integument (skin Networks). Patients having an attack of chickenpox virus (herpes simplex) or carar fire (herpes zoster) and various skin diseases that cause pain in the skin tissue. Others are experiencing hair tissue infections of the skin (Folliculities), dry skin mottled (outer layer of the skin cracks) as well as eczema or psoriasis.
  • Urinary tract and Reproduction in women. Patients often experience vaginal fungal disease, it is a sign of early HIV infection. Injury to the urinary tract, and compared disease syphillis Men the more numerous women who suffer from smallpox. Other people with AIDS are women likely to have inflammation cavity (bone) known as pelvic term 'pelvic inflammatory disease (PID)' and having irregular periods (abnormal).


Five basic ways to prevent HIV-AIDS penluaran namely:
  • No pre-marital sex or oral sex free either vaginal, anal sex with an terinfekasi
  • Mutually faithful, only to have sex with a legitimate partner.
  • The use of condoms can reduce but not eliminate completely the risk of contracting HIV / AIDS.
  • Reject drug use, particularly injecting drug.
  • Do not use needles.
  • Avoid sexual contact until the completion of antibiotic treatment.
  • Suggest also our sexual partners to be checked in order to prevent further infection and prevent transmission
  • Women prostitutes to always check themselves regularly, so if the infection can be quickly treated properly
  • Control of sexually transmitted diseases is to improve the safety of sex contacts by using prevention efforts.


In spite of many countries continue to researchnya in addressing HIV AIDS, but until now there is no cure AIDS including serum or vaccine that can cure people of the HIV virus causes AIDS. The purpose of the provision of drugs in patients with AIDS is to help improve the immune system, improve the quality of life for the They were known to the HIV virus in an effort to reduce the number of births and deaths.

Antibiotics are the treatment for gonorrhea. Sexual partners should be examined and treated as soon as possible when the diagnosis of gonorrhea. This applies to sexual partners in the last 2 months, or sexual partners during the last 2 months when there is no sexual activity. Many antibiotics that are safe and effective for treating gonorrhea, N.gonorrhoeae eradicate, to stop the chain of transmission, reduce symptoms, and reduce the possibility of residual symptoms.

The main choice is penicillin + probenecid. Antibiotics can be used to treat gonorrhea, among others:

1. Amoxicillin 2 g + probenecid 1 g, peroral
2. 2-3 grams Ampicillin + probenecid 1 g. Peroral
3. Azithromycin 2 grams, peroral
4. Cefotaxime 500 mg, intramuscular injection
5. Ciprofloxacin 500 mg, peroral
6. Ofloxacin 400 mg, peroral
7. Spectinomisin 2 grams, intramuscular injections
These drugs are given in a single dose.

Treatment of Pregnant / lactating

In pregnant women can not be given drugs known as quinolones and tetracyclines. Recommended is the provision of drugs known as cephalosporins (Ceftriaxone 250 mg IM as a single dose). If a pregnant woman is allergic to penicillin or cephalosporins should be not be tolerated Spektinomisin 2 g IM as a single dose. In pregnant women may also be given Amoxicillin 2 g or 3 g oral probenecid 1 g orally added as a single dose given at insulating N. gonorrhoeae were sensitive to penicillin. Amoxicillin fatherly recommended treatment if accompanied by infection C. Trachomatis.