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Color Blind Test, are you color blind?

Color Blind Test now one of the important points in the process of recruitment of employees and students in some majors course. Well if you color blind??? This question may be answered by this article please refer to my friend.

Color blindness is a disorder caused by the inability of the eye cone cells to capture a certain color spectrum due to genetic factors. Color blindness is also caused due to genetic factors from parents that one or maybe both of them are color blind too. Are the colors seen only in black and white only?

Most people would think that the "world" Color Blind people that there are only two dull colors, namely black and white dah. But it turns out wrong, because there are different kind of people with color blindness. There's also why people who are color blind can see colors beyond black and white. To learn more see the discussion below.

Type Color Blind 

*1. That Trikromasi eyes change color sensitivity level of one or more cone cells in the retina. Type of color blindness is often experienced by people.There are three classifications of derivatives on trikomasi: 

1. Protanomali, a known weak red color blind
2. Deuteromali, green color will be difficult to be recognized by people 
3. Trinomali (low blue), a condition in which the blue color difficult to identify the patient.

*2. Dikromasi That is the situation when one of the three cone cell no.There are three classifications of derivatives:1. Protanopia, red cone cells do not exist so the brightness of the red color or combination of less2. Deuteranopia, the retina does not have cones sensitive to green3. Tritanopia, blue cone cells are not found.

*3. Monokromasi Monokromasi actually often regarded as a color-blind by the public. This condition is characterized by the total damaged retina in response to color. Only black and white that can be accepted retina.

Causes of Color Blindness Color blindness is a condition that is genetically inherited. Carried by the X chromosome in women, color blindness passed down to her children. When people are color blind, their eyes are not able to produce the overall pigment required for normal eye function.
Are You Color Blind? Follow Test below:

Look for a box, circles and stars on the card below:

In three seconds, find a circle, a square or a star from the image below. about

3 Look carefully at the picture below. Then try to find one picture of objects in the image above on an existing image below.
This answer:
Answer 1: Anyone can view the image square, stars and circles.
Answer 2: People with color blindness can only see the square image.
Answer 3: People with color blindness will not see any pictures.

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